GM to Dealers: Fight Ferrari (and Porsche, Audi, & Macca)

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy
gm to dealers fight ferrari and porsche audi macca

We all know GM takes the C8 Corvette Z06 very seriously; putting that particular engine amidships surely took an act of divinity and Alfred P. Sloan himself. But a recent inside look at dealer training materials provided to sales hacks shows just how seriously they're taking the thing - pitting it against a $300,000 Ferrari.

We'll gloss over the notion that the same people taking this dealer training are also very likely responsible for learning the finer points of squeezing a sub-prime customer into a $20,000 Trailblazer. So, too, will we task the B&B with eviscerating the script which suggests a $300k Ferrari F8 Tributo suffers from any sort of turbo lag. The answer is 'B', by the way.

The McLaren 720S also starts around $300,000 which is a sum roughly triple the '23 Z06. It's flung across the Earth at tremendous speed by a twin-turbocharged 4.0L V8 that producing 710 horsepower and 568 pound-feet of torque which is only a 30hp walk from the Z06 and its 5.5L naturally aspirated octopot. Sales mooks needed to answer ‘C’ here to earn a cookie.

Which brings us to the R8 and 911 GT3 (answers 'A' and 'C', if you're wondering). The former is priced in the $150k - $200k range depending on options and roof choice, while the Parsh roughly splits that difference. These are still a world away from the Z06 in terms of MSRP but are at least in with a shout unlike the Fezza and McLaren.

It cannot be argued the new C8 Z06 provides world crushing performance for a fraction of the cost attached to the European heavyweights but we idly wonder about this sales training which treats the 5.5L flat-plane crank supercar in a similar way as a run-of-the-mill volume crossover. There is ample room to pass judgement on these sales tools and their suitability in dealing with real-world Z06 customers - but we'll let you tear them apart in the comments.

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  • Herman Herman on Jul 28, 2022

    Die Corvette C8 Z06 ist die BESTE im Supersportwagensegment für Kunden, die ihr Geld sinnvoll ausgeben. Ich würde niemals T$300 für einen Ferrari, Porsche oder Lamborghini verschwenden. Was ist so teuer an einem Porsche 911, Ferrari, McLaren oder Audi R8? Nichts massenproduziert und nur jahrelang optimierte Technik. Übrigens wissen Sie, dass ein BMW M8, der mit dem 5er identisch ist, so teuer ist wie ein Audi R8 und doch ist der Audi R8 ein Sportwagen, der weniger als 1,6 Tonnen wiegt. So sind Supersportwagen auch Leichtgewichtsautos. Wie wird es mit den EV-Sportwagen sein?

    Wie lange wird der Kunde diese Supersportwagen für T$ 300 fahren?

    Nicht lange, denn das sind Marketingpreise, die Kunden kennen müssen, damit die Leasingrate für maximal 15 Monate kalkuliert werden kann. Dann zurück zum Händler und der nächste kommt.


    Ich denke, die Corvette C8 Z06 Verkaufspreis ist absolut vernünftig und es ist kundenfreundlich für Leute, die mit legalem Geld wie mir bezahlen! Die Technik mit dem komplett neuen 5,5L V8 Flat-Plane Kurbelwellenmotor N/A ist genial und hat sich im Motorsport bewährt! Nur Corvette bietet das!

    Also viel Glück GM mit dem Verkaufsmarketing!

  • Big John Big John on Aug 01, 2022

    I used to own a Ferrari (1996 F355 Spider). Very cool car to own until it needed to be serviced. The last V-8 engine out service for the F355 cost me $ 16 K USD and there was nothing wrong with the car, just that the engine drive belt needs to be changed every 5 years.

    A few years back I purchased a new 2016 C-7 Z06 convertible (650 hp and 650 lbs. of torque) from a supercharged 6.2 L V-8. Corvettes still deliver great bang for the buck. I still have that car. Recently, I finally got my new mid-engine C-8 Stingray Convertible. Great handling, great quality control, everything about the car is top-notch. Bullet proof engine and extremely well made (Top quality materials in the entire car).

    The only thing the car needs to completely perfect is a little more power. The new Z-06 version should fix that. And that is why I am on a waiting list for a new Z-06 Corvette. I will continue to drive my current Elk Hart Blue mid-engine C-8 Corvette and thoroughly enjoy it. We should all live long enough to drive and enjoy the latest Corvette. You will NOT be disappointed. The European Exotics offer their owners entry into a small, select club at a high price. The latest Corvettes (and soon the new Z-06) offer their owners even better performance and much lower entry price. Hard to beat that point in these times.

  • Dusterdude The suppliers can ask for concessions, but I wouldn’t hold my breath . With the UAW they are ultimately bound to negotiate with them. However, with suppliers , they could always find another supplier ( which in some cases would be difficult, but not impossible)
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