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Meet Sajeev Mehta
On the same day TTAC published Sajeev Mehta's less than flattering review of the Lucerne, a Buick spinmeister emailed the site to offer a cross-Canada jaunt…
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Meet Frank Williams
Frank Williams came to TTAC's attention after he cc'ed us on an email to Car & Driver. The long time C&D reader was all het up about Brock Yate's summary exe…
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Meet Jonny Lieberman
In the run-up to our June re-launch, The Truth About Cars is proud to present a new feature: the TTAC Daily Podcast. The 10-minute recordings will feature in…
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  • Cprescott Union workers are only concerned about themselves. They don't care who else gets hurt when they throw a tantrum, er, strike.
  • SCE to AUX Not sure where that photo came from, but it wasn't Canada.
  • Arthur Dailey Very few probably share my view, but I believe that the T-roof option is well worth that price.Bring back T-Tops!!!!!!!!
  • Arthur Dailey Referred to in the day as a 'mini-Corvette'.
  • MaintenanceCosts The 3rd gen acquired an unshakable reputation as a mullet-mobile, but the truth is it was one of the best car designs of the '80s, full stop. It's a beautiful car, especially in late-'80s IROC guise, which gave it the best-looking body kit bits in body color. These late RSs look heavy and all the scoops look silly.