Used Car of the Day: 2007 Audi RS4

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey

used car of the day 2007 audi rs4

Today's used car of the day is a sporty Audi sedan that asks $27,500. This 2007 Audi RS4 sedan has a manual transmission and is in Pennsylvania.

This car has the Premium Package and is red with a black interior. The mileage is about 137K. The windows have a 15-percent tint and the car has a mix of aftermarket and OEM upgrades, both in terms of cosmetics and performance. Upgrades include the suspension, sway bars, brake rotors, exhaust tune, clutch, K&N filter, and more.

The seller says the car just recently passed state inspection.

[Images: The seller]

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  • TDIGuy TDIGuy on Jan 25, 2023

    You can tell by the way the ad is written that the owner thinks the mods add value and would use that to justify being called out on the price.

    No mention of the timing chain being replaced. Which S4 model is this? The one that you have to take the front off the car to reach the timing chain? Or the one with the timing belt hat is not supposed to nee replacing, but the support pieces will eat themselves over time?

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    • 28-Cars-Later 28-Cars-Later on Jan 25, 2023

      VAG: Now second and third hand Audi owners it is time to assume the service position.

  • ToolGuy ToolGuy on Jan 25, 2023

    The fire truck is pretty sweet.

  • Buickman GoneFast.
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  • Pianoboy57 I've always thought the 300D was just about the perfect car. Mine would have been green like my current Outback is. Once upon a time there was a Volvo diesel at the nearby BHPH lot. Too bad nobody rescued that one. I did have the privilege of owning a TDI Sportwagen and I would have kept my 02 Passat if it had been a diesel wagon. A few years ago I used to see older TDI Passats for sale on CL by owners who claim to have taken good care of them. Too bad you can't get a diesel in an Outback.
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