Housekeeping: The Next Tech Q&A Column is Here [UPDATED]

Cary Hubbard
by Cary Hubbard

From the Editor: Cary Hubbard is going to be taking your tech questions and trying his best to help you out. Expect his column to run each Friday. Please email him here. UPDATE: I screwed up and forgot to link his email. This is now fixed. Take it away, Cary: Greetings, as I’m new to TTAC I’d like to introduce myself before handing the keys over and letting you, Dear Reader, set the course of this column with your technical questions.

My name is Cary, and I have been turning wrenches on automobiles from as close to home as Detroit and as far afield as places that haven’t existed since the fall of the Berlin Wall when I was a kid. I’ve worked for high-end independent shops and was the head of my own for over eight years.

This work has been a sort of in-depth on-the-job educational program. It has given me a unique understanding of how things of a mechanical nature truly work. I’m all about taking a deep dive into everyday chores like changing the oil on a Toyota Camry or rebuilding the Citroen-derived brakes on a vintage Bentley. With every job, I strive for an intimate understanding of the problem.

It’s a privilege to share what I’ve learned over the years with others; I hope my knowledge will be able to help you get your cars back on the road with no more busted knuckles and swearing than absolutely necessary.

Drop me an email with a Technical question, and I will answer it to the best of my technical ability.

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Cary Hubbard
Cary Hubbard

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