Toyota Drops BZ Concept at 2022 Los Angeles Auto Show

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey
toyota drops bz concept at 2022 los angeles auto show

LOS ANGELES – Lost in all the Prius hoopla is the Toyota bZ SUV concept.

The brand chose the show as a prime (get it?) opportunity to show a batter-electric SUV that could, and almost certainly does, preview a future vehicle for its lineup. Building off the bZ4X EV, this concept also showcases the use of “green” materials. The seats are made from plant-based materials, for example, and recycled materials are also used.

As is often the case with concepts like these, Toyota has decided to showcase connectivity features. There’s a voice assistant named Yui that responds to requests made by passengers, with the help of audio and visual cues. Yeah, we’d like to know a bit more detail than what the release says, too.

bZ stands for “Beyond Zero”, which is Toyota speak for a future in which alternative-fuel and zero-emission vehicles help achieve carbon neutrality (I am admitting a lot of buzzwords here for the sake of my sanity and yours). Toyota claims it will expand to have 30 battery-electric vehicles, including five with the bZ name, on sale globally. This is all in keeping with the company’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Take a gander and see for yourself.

This post will be updated, if possible, with in-person images and reaction from L.A., either later tonight or tomorrow.

[Images: Toyota]

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