Thieves Swap 26 Cars From Queens, NY Dealership

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey
thieves swap 26 cars from queens ny dealership

Car thieves broke into a car dealership in Queens, New York over the weekend, snatched the keys to 26 vehicles, and took them home.

This is shortly after 20 luxury cars were stolen from a Mitsubishi dealer in nearby Jamaica, Queens. The manner of the theft was similar.

NYPD is looking into whether the same people were involved in each theft.

It's tough enough for dealers to keep enough inventory on their lots this year -- and now thieves are just brazenly breaking in and taking cars.

Yours truly doesn't always have sympathy for car dealers, but no business person wants to see their product stolen.

[Image: Daniel Jedzura/]

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  • ToolGuy ToolGuy on Nov 08, 2022

    "NYPD is looking into whether the same people were involved in each theft."

    No, the dealership personnel were involved in a different kind of theft.

  • EBFlex EBFlex on Nov 09, 2022

    I thought crime was just perception. Do we know if this really happened?

  • Steve Jacobs Steve Jacobs on Nov 09, 2022

    Luxury cars at a Mitsubishi dealership???

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    • Dukeisduke Dukeisduke on Nov 09, 2022

      According to the two Post articles, the 26 cars in the latest heist were from a used car lot ("Carsiri" in Queens), and the 20 cars taken from the Mitsubishi dealer (also in Queens) were also used cars (Acuras, Audis, BMWs, and Mercedes-Benzes, with model years between 2016 and 2019). They got into the offices, grabbed the keys, and drove off with the cars. Cops in Brooklyn have apparently recovered one of the Audis taken from the Mitsubishi dealer.

  • Ravenuer Ravenuer on Nov 09, 2022

    Anybody ever think of locking the keys up before closing?

    • Oberkanone Oberkanone on Nov 09, 2022

      There is an entire industry around providing key management systems for dealerships. Matrix, KeyMaster, KeyBox etc. Skillset of thieves to hack the systems is not rare (or inside connect) and vehicles are gone. Perhaps a series on the inside workings of dealerships is in order.