Lexus Brings Inspiration Series for ’24 LC 500

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

lexus brings inspiration series for 24 lc 500

While there is value in writing about a luxurious two-door coupe planned for very limited production, we’re really just taking this news as an opportunity to run a photo of the perpetually gob-smacking Lexus LC 500.

As my father would say: “That’s a proper car.”

And he’s right. You’re looking at a low-slung two-door beast over 187 inches long, weighing almost 4,400 pounds, and powered by a 5.0-liter V8 engine good for 471 horsepower. Acceleration to 60 mph from rest takes a reported 4.4 seconds, though this thing’s sumptuous interior guarantees luxurious comfort for far longer than that amount of time. It’s like an ultra-modern take on this writer’s sorely missed Lincoln Mark VII, though without all the rust holes.

Lexus says the Inspiration Series sets itself apart with those front bumper canards and a carbon fiber fixed rear wing spoiler that’s exclusive to hardtop variants. Yes, the Inspiration Series trim will be available on the convertible, as well. Also on board is a Torsen limited-slip differential and performance dampers out back which are said to improve handling responses. Hardtop versions adopt the convertible’s underfloor braces while also adding a carbon fiber roof. It is reasonable to think those two items will roughly cancel each other out in terms of added and removed weight.

Yer tee time buddies will have not seen this particular color combination before, showing up as a combination of Polar Surge Satin paint and Deep Blue upholstery. The convertible gets a blue ragtop if you’re wondering. That exterior finish is of the matte variety, so be certain the valet parks this thing in a good spot. Black finishes are obvious on items like the side mirrors, front grille surround, and 21-inch wheels. There’s a smattering of carbon fiber type material in the cabin, plus a serialized number plate.

The 2024 LC 500 Inspiration Series is expected to arrive in dealerships early this autumn with 125 units available in North America.

[Image: Lexus]

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  • SPPPP SPPPP on Aug 16, 2023

    “That’s a proper car.” - Precisely! I want one of these, but convertible, please!

  • Kcflyer Kcflyer on Aug 16, 2023

    If only I could trade that spare kidney for one. As Mike said, in red.

  • SCE to AUX "scheme" appears 5 times in this story. We get it.I don't understand the concern. Many, many EV credits have passed to dealers/mfrs in the decade since since Cash For Clunkers, and did so for leased EVs. I've leased two EVs, and the Federal subsidy went straight to the mfr - not me. The dealer took that figure off the sale price.You'd think the dealers (especially Nissan) had never seen this before - how ridiculous.Tell you what, dealers - advise your mfrs you'd rather not take the risk, and see how that goes.
  • Crtfour It's long before the first recall?
  • Oberkanone You get a workout driving an Opel GT compared to driving experience of today. No power steering, manual transmission, and just getting into and out of the car requires extreme physical flexibility. I favor the Saab Sonett III over the Opel GT. If I'm buying a tiny two seat 1972 odd car I'm going all in.
  • Lou_BC Ford's on strike. Using photos of Fords is like crossing a picket line. ;)
  • Lou_BC Not my problem. Buying anything on credit is a risk for buyer and seller.