Kia Debuts Refreshed Sorento In South Korea

Chris Teague
by Chris Teague

kia debuts refreshed sorento in south korea

Kia’s SUVs are surprisingly premium and well equipped for the price, and the automaker has had great success with its Telluride three-row. The long-running Sorento is due for a facelift after a few years on sale in its current form, and it appears it’s getting one – at least in South Korea. 

Though it’s expected to come here soon, the new Sorento is hitting its home country first. As it did with the Carnival minivan, Kia mimicked the Telluride’s muscular lines with the updated styling, though changes focus mostly on the front end. The tail lights have new shapes, and the rear bumper is slightly different than before. 

Updates in the cabin include a new dash with a large curved display panel and two 12.3-inch screens. The air vents are reshaped, and interior door panels are updated with new ambient lighting features. In Kia’s typical fashion, the interior looks more upscale than the SUV’s likely price tag affords.

Kia hasn’t given a release date or details for the North America-bound Sorento, but the Korean version goes on sale in August. We could see the new model as soon as the summer of 2024, and there will likely be hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants alongside the gas model when it arrives. 

[Image: Kia]

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  • Joe Chiaramonte Joe Chiaramonte on Jul 27, 2023

    We just completed a 3600+ mile trip in our new 2023 Kia Sorento Hybrid AWD, which we have dubbed Starship Sorento. Mileage estimates are living up to advertised numbers. On some trip segments, we saw 35-40 MPG. Of course, much less up mountain passes. Overall average, so far, 33 MPG. Not bad for a 2 ton 3 row SUV. It was surreal to see it occasionally launch EV mode at 80 MPH on the interstate.

    The ride, quiet, power delivery, extra room and absence of driver fatigue over 16 days was delightful.

    I’m glad to see Kia is sticking with the same formula and just a mild facelift in its next update.

    The hardest part was finding a dealer that didn’t want to add $4k to sticker. We drove 90 miles to find one we could buy at sticker.

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    • Bd2 Bd2 on Jul 29, 2023

      The next Telluride will be getting a hybrid with a new 2.5T system; it would be nice to see the Sorento eventually get that higher power hybrid powertrain.

      H/K need to ramp up production of their hybrids (esp. for the CUVs) as can find very few of them on the lots.

  • Joe Chiaramonte Joe Chiaramonte on Jul 27, 2023

    @SCE to AUX Yeah, we made a tough choice to sell our truck and camping trailer and stick to motel rooms for the foreseeable future. 2000 pounds isn’t much towing capacity. But, I’d get 10-11 MPG when towing, so I call it a win!

    @FreedMike We have a Kia dealer less than 5 miles from home. They only had one Sorento Hybrid, and they weren’t willing to deal at all. Thus, the long ride…

  • ToolGuy ToolGuy on Jul 28, 2023

    If Subaru ever builds a Telluride, it is over for everyone.

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    • Bd2 Bd2 on Jul 29, 2023

      More like it's over for everyone when the next Telluride and Palisade get 2 hybrids options AND a turbo V6.

  • 07NodnarB 07NodnarB on Jul 28, 2023

    Um... Maybe i need to stare at it longer but as but af now, I think that thing is kind of hideous...