Chevy Introduces Equinox EV in Three Flavors, Starting Near $30k

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy
chevy introduces equinox ev in three flavours starting near 30k

The motoring world has known about the Equinox EV for some time, ever since the company spilled some electric beans at CES in Vegas earlier this year. Now, the folks at Chevy are ready to talk specifics – including trim levels and estimated driving range.

TTAC will note here and now that we enjoy the new trend of brands choosing to include base models in the breathless media information they release – even if we know in the back of our minds it’s simply a way to get the rock bottom price in our headlines. Nevertheless, it’s good to see a 1LT presented alongside a 3LT and snazzy RS.

Digging into your first question – total range – know the Equinox EV is targeting an estimated maximum of 300 miles distance depending on trim and power configuration. The base 1LT will come standard with a 250-mile battery and front-wheel drive, with a presumably larger capacity battery bumping that total to 300 miles as an option. Layering on all-wheel drive to the 1LT will shave that number to 280 miles.

And that’s the brief for fancier trims as well, which makes things easy. Every other Equinox will be available in either FWD as standard (300-mile range) or eAWD (280-mile range). The former will crank out 210 horsepower and 242 lb.-ft of torque while ones with power at all four corners are good for 290 ponies and 346 units of twist. As for charge times, the Equinox EV can hoover up juice from a 150kW fast charger, replenishing 70 miles of range in 10 minutes per GM estimates. Standard Level 2 guts (think stove or dryer outlet at home) puts 34 miles of range back into the car for each hour it is connected to the mains.

With those details out of the way, we can report the trim walk largely mirrors existing GM products. The 1LT has kit like manually adjusted seats and an 11-inch infotainment screen, while the 2LT and 3LT have an available 17.7-incher and comforts like heated seats and dual-zone climate control, respectively. Check out the different interior trims in our photo gallery. Super Cruise is available as an option so far down the totem pole as the 2LT, which is remarkable given it was reserved for Cadillac not too long ago. That snazzy front LED light bar (the Mercury Sable really was ahead of its time, wasn’t it?) shows up on all cars except the base trim.

Chevy has set the table for a buffet of EVs: Full-size truck (Silverado EV), midsize SUV (Blazer EV), and compact SUV (Equinox EV and the now-forgotten-because-it’s-not-on-Ultium Bolt EUV). The 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV will be available in the autumn of 2023, starting with a limited-edition 2RS model. Additional details and ordering information will be available closer to the start of production. Before you ask, this machine will indeed be Hecho en México.

[Images: Chevrolet]

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  • SPPPP SPPPP on Sep 10, 2022

    It looks like a good value ... in theory. But the previous Equinox was a good value ... in theory. Until the body seams leaked and destroyed the electronics. Or a headlight bulb went out and you had to pull the entire bumper cover to change it. Or ... or ... or.

  • Cprescott Cprescott on Sep 12, 2022

    Bait and switch by Witch Barra. Gm will not be building anything near that price as long as supplies are tight. There is no reason for the company that stole tens of billions of tax free and interest free dollar to do the public any favors.

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  • Tagbert When you publish series like this, could you include links to the previous articles in the series so that we can follow through? Thank you. Edit: now I see a link embedded in the first paragraph that goes to the previous story. It wasn’t clear at first where that link went but now I understand.
  • DungBeetle62 When you're in one of these, you life in a state of constant low-level nervous about 90% of the time. But that other 10% kinda makes up for it.
  • Garrett Instead of foisting this problem on the car companies and the people who buy cars, make those who possess liquor licenses and those who purchase alcohol take on the economic cost of this problem.