Cadillac Escalade IQ Reveal Set for August

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

GM is making good on its promise to exit this decade with Cadillac offering a portfolio of fully electric vehicles. To date we’ve seen the Lyriq and uber-lux Celestiq; next up, the Escalade IQ.

Guess the word ‘Escaladiq’ didn’t play well in focus groups, then. And even the frosh in Marketing 101 know better than to bin decades of name recognition built into the Escalade nameplate, so Escalade IQ it is. And it’s still leagues better than the dunderhead alphanumeric soup foisted upon the place by Johan de Nysschen. 

A preview video has been posted to YouTube and provided the screenshots shown here, along with the expected teaser photo which is appropriately dim and dark like Gotham City. Speaking of, this Caddy will apparently be built in Detroit but shown for the first time in New York.

The official image fronts a vehicle with appropriately Escalade-y boxy proportions, plus a set of headlamps that share a design language with existing Cadillac EVs. More LEDs spread across its nose, including a light bar which proves the 1986 Mercury Sable was simply ahead of its time. The badge is illuminated as well. Brightening up the image didn’t do much, other than confirm this thing will have elephant-ear side-view mirrors and front-row seats which may have speakers built into the headrests. We’ll see.

Taking screenshots during the YouTube video revealed a bit more detail, such as a set of taillamps that continue to reach for the sky. A red lamp, probably a CHMSL, stretches the width of this SUV’s liftgate but note the new angular peak at its center which is also illuminated. The briefest of glimpses into the interior through a panoramic sunroof promises a dashboard jumbotron that seems to stretch from pillar to post. 

We won’t have to wait too long for the real thing. Cadillac says they’ll be showing the Escalade IQ on August 9 at a location in New York City.

[Images: Cadillac, YouTube]

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Matthew Guy
Matthew Guy

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  • ToolGuy ToolGuy on Jun 20, 2023

    Sweet. (Every one of these sold means lower gasoline prices for me -- lol)

    • See 2 previous
    • Tassos Tassos on Jun 21, 2023

      Vwery true, but since the loser will only sell a few units, it will NOT make a damned bit of a difference, I am sad to say.

      On the OTHER hand, the 2 MILLION TESLAS sold EVERY YEAR (and going to 20 million soon in a theater near you) will SURE AS HELL make a dent on oil demand, and, Other things being EQUAL (they won't be, OPEC will for sure cut production again to support the sagging prices), WILL lower our fuel bills a LOT.

  • Lou_BC Lou_BC on Jun 21, 2023

    Warm summer day: Drive girlfriend with IQ to DQ. Hopes: I screw.

  • NotMyCircusNotMyMonkeys dudes off the rails on drugs and full of hate and retribution. so is musky.
  • Big Al from Oz Musk and Trump are of the same ilk, except Musk's IQ is a damn site higher than Trumps. Musk like Trump is only into himself. Musk doesn't care about Trump only Musk. Musk sees more dollars if Trump wins.Hey, I'm Big Al again!3
  • Rover Sig We have a car with two fake exhausts in the bumper, but a large shiny muffler visible hanging down on one side, not aligned with the fake exhaust exits. Horrendous. I had to paint the shiny muffler with high-temp black paint to make it less visible. Exhaust pipes were meant to be round and hang below the bumper, and they can be made quiet or loud as the engineers like. But fake exhausts rank down there with fake intake vents on the side of that old Buick.
  • EBFlex Of course it does. What a silly question
  • Buickman Elon is a phony.