Housekeeping: TTAC Gets Game-Changing Design Language

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey
housekeeping ttac gets game changing design language

When you log in to this grand old site next week, it will look different. For the first time in … well, a long time.

I know, you’ve heard talk of a redesign before. I’ve even seen mockups! But for a variety of reasons, things never moved past the planning stage.

Now, however, our corporate parents are leveraging a partnership and TTAC will be getting fresh new duds.

You probably have questions.

Here’s what I know:

  • You’ll need to reset your password after the update in order to continue commenting.
  • Old comments WILL migrate over.
  • The site will remain operational during the migration.
  • I will be monitoring my inbox and the tips inbox for specific questions from you all.
  • The migration should be complete early next week. I’m being intentionally vague on timing because unplanned things happen, but I’d expect that even if we run into problems, the migration will be complete by mid-week at the latest.
  • Old articles will migrate over.
  • Some things will change, but the basic user experience shouldn’t change too much. Comments, tags, categories — all the little things you see should remain, in one form or another. Fast facts will remain part of car reviews, for example. The site will LOOK different, but by and large, it will navigate mostly the same.

Change can be both welcome and difficult at the same time. Putting aside the business concerns and opportunities that a redesign brings, I’ve been of two minds on this. Part of me thinks it’s far past time, just from an aesthetics standpoint, for TTAC to update. While the site has changed over time — some Wayback Machine sleuthing from before the time I was a semi-regular reader shows that the site has looked different in the past, but not all that dissimilar to its current form — it hasn’t truly had a radical change, to my knowledge.

On the other hand, the current site’s familiarity sometimes seems nice and comfortable.

That said, I’ve seen how the new site will look, and the design is cleaner and less cluttered. And more modern.

I’m struggling to find a good automotive comp. I think the change is more like the C8 Corvette than say, the retro-themed Mustang redesign from all those years ago. The shape is familiar, and the mission is the same, but the engine has moved in such a way that makes the car so much better.

It takes some getting used to, though. A mid-engined Corvette? No manual?! Yet the car is better than before. Albeit a lot different than the previous gen. Or all the previous gens that came before.

I hope that’s how you’ll think of TTAC the same way — with fond memories of the past, but understanding that the new vehicle is so much better.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

[Image: TTAC/VerticalScope]

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  • Stodge Stodge on Jul 22, 2022

    I don't like that stories are shown at the end of the page I'm reading. Don't load content in the hopes that I will read it. I will load the content I want to read.

  • WealthyEccentric WealthyEccentric on Jul 24, 2022

    There are serious issues with the comments as currently rolled out (wrong number of comments, duplicate comments, comments from the wrong article if you scroll down). Also serious issues with navigation, especially if not logged in. See more. Seymour. See more. Testing what is testing. 🏁 I'm afraid I can't do that.

  • ToolGuy The [url=]XJ platform[/url] is super interesting to me, more so after owning one and working on it some (but not a lot, because it didn't need a lot). The overall size is almost perfect; add more space to the back seat (and carry it to the wheelbase) if we are starting over.One could argue, if one knew anything about vehicles, that the 4-door XJ is a major reason why U.S. fleet [all of everyone's vehicles averaged together] fuel economy is so bad in 2023.
  • ToolGuy ToolGuy can't solve all the issues raised here tonight, but this does remind me that I have some very excellent strawberry jam direct from Paris in the fridge.
  • ToolGuy Cool.(ToolGuy supports technology advancement, as well as third-person references)
  • MaintenanceCosts Oddly enough, I bought a metal-roof convertible for a bit less than $20k last year. But it's not on your list; it's an E93 335i, manual, Sport package. Really really nice car to drive, and (while it's been a short time) it's been flawless so far.
  • FreedMike IS350 all the way. The Benz and the BMW are going to be money pits.