Is Teased Ferrari V12 Meant for Purosangue SUV?

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey
is teased ferrari v12 meant for purosangue suv

Ferrari has released a short teaser video of a new V12 engine. While speculation is that it will be marked for the Purosangue SUV, the company is mum.

Motor1 points out that Ferrari uses the phrase “the heart of a thoroughbred” to advertise the engine, and “Purosangue” translates into “thoroughbred.” Ferrari also says the engine is slated for a “game-changing” vehicle, and well, a Ferrari SUV is certainly a game-changer.

A new is coming. Born without compromises, unmistakably Ferrari at heart. Powered by our iconic V12 engine. Stay tuned…

— Ferrari (@Ferrari) May 4, 2022

There is, sadly, no other evidence in the teaser video that shows which vehicle the engine will go in. Previous prototypes spotted in the wild seemingly had either a hybrid powertrain or a V8 underhood. Those two powertrain choices could always be options alongside an available V12.

We’ll know this summer when the Purosangue drops. As is often the case with Ferrari, look for the vehicle to be sold in limited numbers. Pricing has not yet been revealed.

[Image: Ferrari]

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  • Garrett Garrett on May 04, 2022

    Really, a Ferrari SUV should be thought of as a GT car for the modern age.

  • ToolGuy ToolGuy on May 04, 2022

    The 'panel gap' in that building facade is big enough to drive a truck through.

  • ToolGuy ToolGuy on May 04, 2022

    Does anyone like the wrinkle finish on those valve covers?

    • Sundance Sundance on May 06, 2022

      Yep. Me. The Colombo-engines had it from the start (of course they were black, back in the days).

  • IBx1 IBx1 on May 05, 2022

    You know you're coping hard when you call a mommybox the "pureblood"