GM Could Ditch Encore, Trax

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy
gm could ditch encore trax

While the market is awash with crossovers and SUVs, not all of them make the cut. According to the crew at GM Authority, General Motors is planning to axe the Buick Encore and Chevrolet Trax after the 2022 model year.

Citing unnamed but apparently well-placed sources, GM Authority says production of those two models will cease later this year. The vehicles are assembled side-by-each at a GM plant in South Korea. Alert readers will recall that Buick and Chevy started offering these vehicles about 10 years ago – they were first introduced for the 2013 model year in some markets – but have only thrown the veneer of a mid-cycle refresh at them since that time. Easing these two out of production has likely been in the works for some time since ’22 models are denuded of some trim levels and option packages compared to previous years.

These are small rigs, meant to compete at the far end of the scale in terms of size and price. Last year, they were both handily outsold by their stablemates Trailblazer and Encore GX. The former even managed to knock off the Hyundai Kona in its segment, beating it by about 100 units according to the number supplied by GMA. Nothing else in the segment seems to come close to the Honda HR-V, however, at least in terms of outright sales.

And, before you ask, the Encore GX has little to do with the Encore. In a confusing naming scheme, Buick introduced the Encore GX more recently than the Encore, applying the ‘plate to a machine that is just infinitesimally larger (think just a couple of cubic feet of extra cargo space) compared to the non-GX Encore. The fact that those two consonants sound more like a simple trim level than anything else has also added to some confusion on the dealer floor.

Looking to the bowtie brigade, expect the Trailblazer to take up some of the slack in terms of sales and attention once the Trax shuffles off this mortal coil. And bargain seekers needn’t think they can pick up a Spark after ’22 since that machine is also scheduled to depart the roster next year. This will leave the Trailblazer, whose entry-level LS trim with its 137 horsepower 1.2-liter turbo is currently priced at $22,995 in America when equipped with front-wheel drive.

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  • 3SpeedAutomatic 3SpeedAutomatic on Mar 18, 2022

    I drove a rental of the Chevy version recently. Constantly reminded of the rough 4 cylinder engine when hitting the accelerator. Even with the turbo, acceleration was so-so. Asian cars usually meant smooth engines and nice interiors. Apparently, GM-Korea didn't get the memo. In regular times, these would depreciate heavily and a used one was something you give your son or daughter on their way to college or trade school. Once they got their first regular paystub, off it goes to the dealer as a trade in. I'd imagine its pure headache once the turbo goes to hell.

    • Sgeffe Sgeffe on Mar 18, 2022

      Apparently the 1.4-liter engines underneath that fragile turbo also have issues!

  • Akear Akear on Mar 18, 2022

    Acura outsells Cadillac. What a disgrace!

  • Alan The Prado shouldn't have the Landcruiser name attached. It isn't a Landcruiser as much as a Tacoma or 4 Runner or a FJ Cruiser. Toyota have used the Landcruiser name as a marketing exercise for years. In Australia the RAV4 even had Landcruiser attached years ago! The Toyota Landcruiser is the Landcruiser, not a tarted up Tacoma wagon.Here a GX Prado cost about $61k before on roads, this is about $41k USD. This is a 2.8 diesel 4x4 with all the off road tricky stuff, plus AC, power windows, etc. I'm wondering if Toyota will perform the Nissan Armada treatment on it and debase the Prado. The Patrol here is actually as capable and possibly more capable than the Landcruiser off road (according to some reviews). The Armada was 'muricanised and the off road ability was reduced a lot. Who ever heard of a 2 wheel drive Patrol.Does the US need the Prado? Why not. Another option to choose from built by Toyota that is overpriced and uses old tech.My sister had a Prado Grande, I didn't think much of it. It was narrow inside and not that comfortable. Her Grand Cherokee was more comfortable and now her Toureg is even more comfortable, but you can still feel the road in the seat of your pants and ears.
  • Jeffrey No tis vehicle doen't need to come to America. The market if flooded in this segment what we need are fun affordable vehicles.
  • Nrd515 I don't really see the point of annual inspections, especially when the car is under 3 years (warranty) old. Inspections should be safety related, ONLY, none of the nonsensical CA ARB rules that end up being something like, "Your air intake doesn't have an ARB sticker on it, so you have to remove it and buy one just like it that does have the ARB sticker on it!". If the car or whatever isn't puking smoke out of it, and it doesn't make your eyes water, like an old Chevy Bel-Air I was behind on Wed did, it's fine. I was stuck in traffic behind that old car, and wow, the gasoline smell was super potent. It was in nice shape, but man, it was choking me. I was amused by the 80 something old guy driving it, he even had a hat with a feather in it, THE sign of someone you don't want to be driving anywhere near you.
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