GMC Teases Upcoming All-Electric Sierra Denali

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy
gmc teases upcoming all electric sierra denali

If you thought there was an explosion of competitors in segments like the compact luxury crossover game or so-called ‘four-door coupe’ SUVs, it would appear you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The number of all-electric pickup trucks is piling up like cords of wood, with the latest to show its face being the GMC Sierra Denali.

I mean, you knew GMC would ante into the table with a Denali trim, right? While they’ve already got their foot in the door with the Hummer EV (which is technically a GMC, remember) it will be the Sierra that will democratize EV motoring on the pickup truck side of GMC showrooms. After all, the Hummer will trade as a six-figure toy, one whose Launch Edition will bend the scales north of 9,000 lbs, by the way. The Sierra is going to be several orders of magnitude less expensive overall – even if this Denali variant will probably knock on the door of 80 or 90 grand by the time your friendly finance manager tacks on the p-pack and doc fees. Plus a market adjustment, of course.

GMC isn’t spilling many beans about motor and battery particulars, though it’s known that the truck will use batteries from the Ultium family and not the troublesome units that have been flummoxing owners of the Chevy Bolt. That’s the same architecture on which the Hummer EV and SUV will be based, though it’s safe to say this machine won’t simply drape Sierra clothes over the Hummer skeleton. While there will surely be plenty of shared parts, the days of just slapping a different grille on the nose and calling it a day are long gone, as evidenced by the distinctly GMC face of the rig shown in the teaser video above.

“Sierra Denali holds tremendous equity for GMC and our customers,” said Duncan Aldred, GMC vice president. “We now have an opportunity to evolve Sierra’s capabilities and technologies, as afforded by transitioning to an all-electric propulsion while also elevating the luxurious design and comfort associated with Denali.” That’s an awful lot of marketing speak to explain that Sierra (and Denali) are well-known names with a ton of brand recognition.

As for what was shown in the film, it seems the Sierra EV will have similar trick forward lighting that illuminates sequentially as the truck is being charged, along with other lamps to give the whole thing an otherworldly glow. Whether it’ll all be able to shine while bombing along I-80 in Nebraska is another question.

The truck will be revealed next year – perhaps at CES, maybe at Chicago – and will be assembled in General Motors’ Factory ZERO Assembly Plant in Detroit and Hamtramck, Michigan.

[Image: GMC]

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  • Dal20402 Dal20402 on Dec 16, 2021

    The low-volume Hummer is the bait; these trucks are the hook. Can't wait to see the first comparos between the Sliverado EV and Lightning. With luck, one of them will even get beyond "hurr durr can't get a competitive Cannonball Run time."

  • Jeff S Jeff S on Dec 17, 2021

    Not exactly an EV made for the average Joe. If the Government wants us all to replace our ICE vehicles with EVs there needs to be more affordable options. Might take the Chinese manufacturers to enter our market with more affordable EVs. I will pass and get my wife the electric golf cart she wants once we move.

  • PeterPuck For years, Ford has simply reworked existing designs originating from Europe and Japanese manufacturers, not being capable of designing a decent car in the USA.What’s the last clean sheet design from the USA? The 1986 Taurus?And they still can’t manage to get things right.why is this? Are they putting all of the competent engineers and designers on the F150? Is woke diversification affecting them, as some rumours suggest? Are they rewarding incompetence?
  • Brandon What is a "city crossover"?
  • Tassos What was the last time we had any good news from Ford? (or GM for that matter?)The last one was probably when Alan Mulally was CEO. Were you even born back then?Fields was a total disaster, then they go hire this clown from Toyota's PR department, the current Ford CEO, Fart-ley or something.He claims to be an auto enthusiast too (unlike Mary Barra who is even worse, but of course always forgiven, as she is the proud owner of a set of female genitals.
  • Tassos I know some would want to own a collectible Mustang. (sure as hell not me. This crappy 'secretary's car' (that was exactly its intended buying demo) was as sophisticated (transl. : CRUDE) as the FLintstone's mobile. Solid Real Axle? Are you effing kidding me?There is a huge number of these around, so they are neither expensive nor valuable.WHen it came out, it was $2,000 or so new. A colleague bought a recent one with the stupid Ecoboost which also promised good fuel economy. He drives a hard bargain and spends time shopping and I remember he paid $37k ( the fool only bought domestic crap, but luckily he is good with his hands and can fix lots of stuff on them).He told me that the alleged fuel economy is obtained only if you drive it like a VERY old lady. WHich defeats the purpose, of course, you might as well buy a used Toyota Yaris (not even a Corolla).
  • MRF 95 T-Bird Back when the Corolla consisted of a wide range of body styles. This wagon, both four door and two door sedans, a shooting brake like three door hatch as well as a sports coupe hatchback. All of which were on the popular cars on the road where I resided.