By on December 6, 2021

The snow is coming, at least for a good portion of the North American continent. This means that you might want to consider winter tires for your ride, in order to navigate snowy and icy conditions.

Problem is, a set of snowshoes for your car can be expensive.

Well, if you have a tight budget and a few minutes of time, we might be able to help.

TTAC has partnered with Bridgestone to offer up a free set of Bridgestone Blizzak tires.

These tires include circumferential grooves to reduce hydroplaning, silica to improve traction by making the tread compound flexible, interlocking sipes that provide more edges for enhanced snow and wet-weather performance without sacrificing precision handling, Nanopro-Tech that prevents the rubber from stiffening in the cold while also distributing the silica more effectively to improve flexibility and grip contact.

That’s not all! A multi-cell compound removes the thin layer of surface water to improve grip on icy roads, 3D sipes that improve overall performance by enhancing block stiffness and contact area, zig-zagging sipes that increase the number of biting edges to improve traction, and a center multi-z pattern that improves drainage and creates even more biting edges.

Some of you might believe you don’t need winter tires because you have all-season rubber and/or all-wheel drive. But all-wheel drive doesn’t help with stopping distance in the same way as winter tires do, and all-season tires don’t maximize protection in snow and icy conditions the way that winter tires do.

Winter tires are, simply put, a wise investment for our Snow-Belt readers. And we’re here to take some of the sting out of that investment with this promotion.

For the purposes of this promotion, the tires available will be either WS90s (sedan/van) or DMV2s (SUV/trucks). The tires will be shipped to the winner, unmounted, and the winner will need to have them mounted and balanced. The tires can be shipped either to the customer directly or to a nearby store for mounting and balancing.

To participate, please click here. The contest ends on December 20th, so don’t delay!

For the official rules, restrictions, and other legalese, please click: Bridgestone Tire Giveaway- Rules and Regulations.

[Image: Bridgestone/VerticalScope]

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    I have a 2001 Chevrolet Blazer with only rear wheel drive. With all season tires or terrain style tires it absolutely had no traction in the snow. I would back out of my driveway in the snow then stop to put it in drive. When in drive at an idle both rear tires would spin while barely moving the Blazer ahead and sideways at that. I would then get to the end of my street and apply the brakes it would spin-out. It was totally unsafe in the snow! I decided to buy another set of rims for the winter and had some Bridgestone Blizzacks mounted. The Blazer is now a snow monster. The neighbors now think I have a 4WD as I motor out of the sub-division in the snow.

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