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On Wednesday, General Motors announced plans to launch a version of Super Cruise on the 2022 GMC Sierra Denali modified to work with trailers. The hands-free driver assistance system (GM can’t call it “autonomous” because it technically isn’t) will stop being exclusive to Cadillac products and branch out into premium offerings from GMC and Chevrolet’s Bolt EV.

While unavailable until late in 2021, the next round of vehicles to be equipped with Super Cruise is supposed to see continued improvements to the system that allow for greater coverage. When the system originally launched on the Cadillac CT6 sedan, it was only eligible for use on specific divided highways for safety reasons. The greater emphasis on avoiding accidents was appreciated but it made the system seem more like a flashy gimmick than something any serious person would use on the regular. But GM has taken great strides to make sure that didn’t remain the case — hence the new trailer capabilities and ever-widening operating area.

We figured we’d see Super Cruise on the Yukon Denali first since it’s officially the brand’s luxury flagship. But sources told us that engineers just happened to complete work on the Sierra first, indicating that it’s extremely likely to appear on other Denali-badged products. Though we could have guessed that one for ourselves. At the start of this year, General Motors announced it wanted to make Super Cruise available on 22 individual models by 2023.

Increasingly prominent on Cadillac products, the feature utilizes lidar mapping, external cameras, an array of sensors, and GPS, with a driver attention system that uses a driver-facing camera to track eye movements. While that’s undoubtedly too invasive for some, it does allow Super Cruise to offer a genuine hands-free experience on over 200,000 miles of compatible roadways in the United States and Canada.

Super Cruise will be available on 2022 model-year Sierras, according to GMC. However, it’s probably not going to manifest until much later in the production run.

[Image: General Motors]

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9 Comments on “GMC Plotting Super Cruise for Sierra Denali...”

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    Should we expect to see special versions of those cheap slip-on steering wheel covers, with a cutout or window for the Super Cruise LED?

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    This is why I read this site. From now on, I’ll assume all Denali’s are hands-free equipped and duck down a side street when I see one coming.

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    I knew hands-free technology was becoming more and more popular, but this goes too far.

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    When I see all these colored lights and fancy gadgets, I see an end to the longevity of vehicles. Whatever the average age of the the American fleet is today, its close to its high point. Cars are junked when the repair of a failed component exceeds the value of the vehicle. I can only imagine the cost of replacing these radar/ultrasonic sensors, microprocessors or the main computing units. The falling price of gadgets as time goes on, does not seem to apply to replacement modules. If you need a BSM sensor or a front radar emergency braking detector to pass your state inspection, you are SOL. If you are a young, inexperienced driver and unlike us geezers, haven’t driven for 50 years without that crap, you are SOL. Even if you can use your car without functioning AEB, BSM, distance operated cruise control, the potential customer for your used sled does not like to see a dashboard full of warning lights.

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    Great; a 6000 pound truck piloted by a robot. Just what the country needs…

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      Hopefully the robot will have checked his texts and applied his eye makeup before leaving for the day. There are already too many distracted meatbots cluttering up the roads.

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    Who thought putting a LED right in the driver’s face would be a smart thing to do?

    (“When America needs a b******* idea, Ford puts it on steering wheels!”

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