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2021 Chevrolet Silverado. Image: Chevrolet

I spent the first part of this morning out of the office, putting miles on a test car before it went home. When I returned to my desk and caught up on emails, I saw one from Chevy PR labeled as a teaser for 2021 Chevrolet Silverado news.

I found myself excited. Not just because news about upcoming product is often exciting, but because perhaps Chevy was addressing our biggest complaint about its trucks – the interior. We’re not the only group of scribes to hammer the trucks’ cabins for being nice enough but well behind the times, and I even heard a while back that we’d see updated cockpits in the various Silverado trims soon.

Alas, when I opened the email, I saw it was about a different part of the truck – the tailgate. Apparently, Chevy has plans to introduce the Multi-Flex tailgate on the 2021 Chevrolet Silverado.

Details are sparse, but a video shows that the tailgate has six configurations, and it’s a safe bet it will be very similar to the MultiPro offered on the GMC Sierra.

That means the tailgate will be able to be used as a bed extender, or a step, or a load stopper.

We’ll know more next week, when Chevy makes it all clear to us. We’ll know what six functions it has, and hopefully what trims/models it will be available on and perhaps even a price.

Still haven’t fixed that interior, though.

[Image/Video: Chevrolet]

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19 Comments on “Chevrolet Has Big Truckin’ News – A New Tailgate Awaits...”

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    Probably very useful but this truck looks very odd from behind. Too many cuts, too many lines, too many creases…but again, I am not an automotive designer.

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    Truck manufacturers should have done stuff like this decades ago.

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      Why introduce anything new when people buy the old stuff?

      Why offer upgrades for your existing truck when I can sell you a new one?

      GM/Ford/RAM: Not Stupid. (They have a plan, even if you think they don’t.)

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    MRF 95 T-Bird

    How about bringing back the neat functional side lockers like what were on the first Nissan Titan or the larger ones that were an option on 70’s era F-series Fords.

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    Now if they would only make one to fit my current Colorado.

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      That was my reaction, too.

      I have a 2010 GMC Sierra Hybrid. I’m not trading this truck in for a new tailgate, because I’d have to pay a few dozen grand to give up my favorite feature.

      But, GM could sell a variant of this tailgate designed to fit existing truck for a couple of thousand dollars.

      Another place where GM could make money off of old GMT900s is reasonably seat upgrades. If you look at used trucks for very long, you’ll see that seats are a major wear point — and very modular. But, nobody replaces the seats on these things. If they priced replacement sears at the dealer so that they cod be replaced every 125k miles or so seems like a way for everyone to win.

      It seems that GM is leaving money on the table by not selling upgrades into its existing fleet. My truck is 10 years old, and less than half used up — and I would seriously consider buying backported features, but I’m not about to trade it in.

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        The first backported feature I’m adding to my truck is Android Auto. But I’m buying that from Pioneer, not GM, because GM doesn’t backport and sell features for their old trucks.

        After that, a upgraded tailgate could be an option. Except that GM doesn’t backport and sell upgrades for their old trucks, so I probably won’t buy one.

        GM is leaving money ln the table. So, that money goes into a savings account for my EV pickup. [Shrug]

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          Of COURSE they don’t “back port”, they want to sell you an all-new truck instead for much higher profit (which is why they’re going bankrupt… again!)

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          Art Vandelay

          GM absolutely “backports”…and are honestly among the best of the OEMs for this and always have been.

          They went to the trouble of developing a timing cover with provision for a distributor so you could run a modern Gen 3 (LS) small block in whatever old GM product you owned. They have been excellent about making streamlined engine and transmission control packages available to get modern powertrains in old vehicles at reasonable cost (Yeah, not always cheap, but go price that sort of thing for your Ford or MOPAR).

          Aftermarket audio? That has always been a thing. Nobody has ever made features available in the manner you describe. I am no GM fan, but if there is anything I envy as a Ford fan it is how easy they make it to put their modern powertrains in older bodies. Nobody does it better.

          Do you think when you get that electric truck that if the next generation has some trick tailgate like this yours doesn’t that Tesla/Rivian/Whoever is going to “backport” it for you? Once again, a domestic automaker gets held to some stupid standard we don’t apply to others.

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    I personally love the stairsgate but anecdotally a lot of my truck owning friends scoff at it.

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      They scoffed at motorcars when buckboards were de rigeur.

      Why worry about what others think if it meets your needs and desires?

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        “Why worry about what others think if it meets your needs and desires?”

        Because of personal insecurity.
        But even with that I’d still go for the Multi-Pro if buying a GM truck.

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          But you still have tailgate-theft to worry about.

          And it adds ~$1000 to the MSRP for trucks so equipped.

          First seen on the GMCs last year, I believe.

          Nice to have, but I would prefer the retractable side steps/running boards so short people can egress easily.

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            Art Vandelay

            This is one of those things that I see as useful, but certainly not a deal breaker. I can’t see shelling out a grand for it but if it was part of a package of other stuff I wanted anyway I’d probably get it but I wouldn’t go seeking it out.

            On the short bed crew cabs I see this as handy though…but not 1000 dollars of handy.

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            Don’t worry. The aftermarket will come to your (emotional) rescue. Yes long before GM cares to.

            The aftermarket has the resources and drive to improve upon and outclass the OEMs (for less), now that the Genie has left the bottle.

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    How did we ever manage before this stuff? I’ll keep on managing I guess. I’m too much in love with base trucks and can still climb mountains.

    But GM sure flipped after ridiculing “The Man Step” incessantly. Also did GM mention this tailgate is made from that crazy expensive and insanely rare material called “Aluminum”?

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    GM truck re-designs usually grow on me over time………still waiting on this one.

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