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There are swaths of London that are famous for drawing in the most ostentatious supercars in existence, often with one of them pin-balling itself down a row of parked cars in a high-end neighborhood. This is especially true in the summer months, when foreign business magnates seeking milder climates unleash their children onto the city. Someone even produced a documentary about it a few years back —  Millionaire Boy Racers — that pitted stodgy Londoners with furrowed brows against young hooligans in six-figure cars.

The real gift arising from the situation is the large number of non-serious crashes involving those ultra-premium rides that the drivers did nothing to achieve. For example, just last week a pink McLaren 570S managed to demolish itself in a 20-mph zone near Montagu Mansions. While we cannot say it was another millionaire boy racer, the fuchsia paint scheme would certainly suggest so.

According to London Fire Brigade Borough Commander Simon Tuhill, the incident was just the latest in the typical summer rush of crashes. It wasn’t more than a few months ago when a Ferrari 488 Pista slammed into a city bus in Central London, allegedly piloted by a rapper named Swarmz (some reports suggest he was the passenger and had actually rented the vehicle). However, our favorite clip occurred a year earlier when a Lamborghini Huracan Performante decided it needed some face time with the nearest wall.

To be fair, most major cities have their own online supercar crash compilations, but the United Kingdom (and especially London) seems to have more than its fair share — often occurring in areas with extremely low speed limits. That makes this guilty pleasure a little more guilt-free as the accidents rarely leave anyone seriously hurt.

While Tuhill shared images of the most recent crash involving the pink 570S, he did note that it was fairly rare to see the model turned into scrap. “We go to many incidents involving crashed vehicles but not that many where one of those vehicles is a McLaren 520 [sic] #supercar,” he wrote in a social media post. “Crews from #Euston attended this RTC on Montagu Mansions #Marylebone last week to make the scene safe after a driver lost control.”

Details are rather limited, but it seems the car lost control while exceeding the 20 mph speed limit, smacking into a Volkswagen Golf that lost its hubcaps. Considering the car can reach over 60 mph in under 3 seconds, it’s not difficult to imagine how this happened. Cold tires, a little inexperience, and a heavy right foot would be about all it would take.

If you need a distraction from the drudgery of the political news cycle, pecking around online for supercar crash compilations is a fine option. There’s no shortage of content — and we’re probably no more than a couple weeks away from another addition.

[Image: Simon Tuhill/Twitter]

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26 Comments on “Guilty Pleasures: Pink McLaren 570S Obliterated in London...”

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    Nice color. And I had no idea that flogging Mary Kay cosmetics could be that lucrative.

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    I wonder if the pink caution tape was intentional.

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    Stories like this are real life versions of those humorous car insurance commercials.

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    Given such a machine’s tie to success and ego, this was like having one’s tallywacker lopped off, if only momentarily.

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    SCE to AUX

    “If you need a distraction from the drudgery of the political news cycle, pecking around online for supercar crash compilations is a fine option.”

    So true.

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    MRF 95 T-Bird

    During the past few pandemic ridden months in the NYC metro region I’ve noticed more than a few super cars like the McLaren, Lamborghinis and AMG GT on the road. Thankfully the drivers and owners seem to know how to drive them.

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    R Henry

    My guilty pleasure has been Vice Grip Garage on youtube.

    My fave installment is here:

    It helps if you have Minnesota farm boys in your family, as I do, as the humor takes a bit of time to fully appreciate. But this guy is VERY worth watching!

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    Wow .

    Meanwhile, in South Central Los Angeles, the kiddies / drunks / hop heads have been hitting parked cars along the boulevards at high speed almost daily .

    The carnage is incredible and right now they’re not towing wrecked / abandoned vehicles, many of the smashed ones are old campers , motor homes and what – not that broke folks are living in, they’re _still_ living in them after the crash .


    • 0 avatar

      I have been in LA many times but never dared to visit anywhere close to down town.

      • 0 avatar

        I can dig that .

        I came here and began to look around, I’d landed in the San Gabriel Valley and after I began meeting the locals there they’d breathlessly tell me to never, _EVER_ go South or East of down town as I was sure to be killed .

        Then they began to warn me away from the various projects, here in L.A. the projects are grim indeed but they’re also very nice ~ all two story buildings well spaced out with lots of trees, grass and playgrounds etc..

        Where I came from the projects were 30 floors high, always four buildings jammed as closely to – gether as possible, no grass just broken concrete or dirt and one of the four buildings was always boarded up .

        I was so naive I thought “well, these are better than the rusty trailers I lived in for a while” .

        Every place has a community, some times you have to dig for it a bit .

        Down East everyone is angry and hard to meet but once you make a friend, they’re your friend for life .

        Out here in La La Land everyone’s friendly but they’re also very self centered, one has to watch one’s back at all times .

        I like it here but I’m a Mechanic who specializes in older machines and I enjoy my own company , few here seem to .


        • 0 avatar

          “Where I came from the projects were 30 floors high, always four buildings jammed as closely to – gether as possible, no grass just broken concrete or dirt and one of the four buildings was always boarded up .”

          You just described living quarters in a big city in Soviet Union. The reason – it was and is cheap to build. And you got that for free – a gift from government. One good aspect of socialism was free housing, free education and free healthcare. And job security for life.

          • 0 avatar

            Da, Komrade ;

            Nevertheless I’ll pass, America has done me well .

            I got a free public education, that I’m poorly educated is my own hard headed fault .


        • 0 avatar

          Nate, your post about SoCal, old cars, and the gritty parts of town reminded me of this Youtube channel. This man seems like he has a good heart but no filter. You’re going to get his opinion even if NSFW.

          • 0 avatar

            Thank you .

            ? Was there one particular video you wanted me to watch ? .

            I watched the one with hm talking to kids at the beach, you notice the one young man who espoused racism was a typical coward who refused to repeat him self or be shown on camera because he knows that racism is fear and cowardice writ large .

            I don’t watch a lot of videos but I am willing to learn .

            That being said, there’s no one forcing the ghetto / barrio folks to trash where they live, even a dog knows not to shit where it sleeps .


          • 0 avatar

            No, no video in particular. I just found his channel pretty interesting and it depicts a particular “milieu” that seems to intersect with the world you mentioned in your comment.

            On the one hand, he has a lot of mechanic how-to videos that are definitely coming from the poor side of town. Having been in one or two spots where I didn’t have money and needed a car fixed, I found those interesting. And on the other hand, he has obviously had life experiences that differ vastly from mine. I was watching a few DIY videos from him years ago where he was mentioning struggles he faced with racism. He seems to have a spiritual viewpoint that is very much based in a struggle against dark forces.

            I just found it interesting in a way that some of us come from very different places, and sometimes we find conflict, and sometimes we find common ground. And I saw that in his videos.

          • 0 avatar

            Yep ;

            Most have far more common ground than they’re willing to admit because they’re afraid .


    • 0 avatar

      I’m in Norcal and SF is a cesspit. A nightmare to drive. Thank God I live out in the burbs 120 miles out.

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    I don’t know if it strictly applies here, but the word Schadenfreude comes to mind here.

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    Good, more pathetic automatic scum wiped off.

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    Firestorm 500

    Richard Rawlings should buy it, fix it, and make it better.

  • avatar

    As expensive as it is, this thing will be rebuilt.

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