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Despite urging buyers to venture far from the beaten path with its new Bronco, Ford knows the bulk of its customers will want to keep their tires planted firmly on blacktop, and chances are they’d like the car to handle some of the responsibilities, too.

With that in mind, Ford reached a deal with Mobileye to develop and provide a key element of the brand’s driver-assist hardware. Note that we’re not calling it semi-autonomous, and with good reason.

Reaching Level 1 and 2 autonomy is for any automaker looking to advertise added safety and limited hands-off driving, but neither level equals “autonomous driving.” Drivers must remain aware of the road ahead and ready to take over in an instant. Tesla’s Autopilot and General Motors’ Super Cruise are among the Level 2 systems out there.

Ford’s recently-announced Active Driver Assist will join the fray in 2021, appearing on such vehicles as the Mustang Mach-E, F-150, and other new-generation models. Helped into existence by Mobileye’s EyeQ camera-based system, the tech suite will keep an eye out for oncoming obstacles and intervene if necessary. With the Mobileye deal in the bag, the firm’s logo and name will appear on vehicles’ infotainment screens.


Beginning life as an Israeli startup, Mobileye soon captured the attention of Intel, which bought the firm in 2017.

Mobileye’s sensors and related software is an essential dance partner for Ford’s lane-keeping and lane-holding features, as well as collision warning and pedestrian detection. The features, found in the company’s Ford Co-Pilot360 driver-assist suite, spans the company’s vehicle range. Active Driver Assist will proliferate through the lineup once that system comes aboard.

“While Ford and Mobileye have worked together for years, this marks the first time Ford is committing to the company’s technology for the entire lifecycle of its next-generation vehicles,” the automaker said in a release. “Both parties will work with designated Ford Tier 1 providers to supply the technology for vehicle integration.”

[Image: Ford]

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5 Comments on “Ford Touts Expanded Partnership With Mobileye for Next-gen Driver Assist...”

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    Steve Biro

    Gad, will we be able to turn off all of these nannies and have them stay off? Obnoxious and intrusive, all of them.

    • 0 avatar

      No. The insurance companies are going to need to be able to monitor your driving at all times. Oh, you turned off the lane change assist? That’ll be an extra $20 on your next bill. All the insurance companies already offer discounts to let them spy on you with those plug in devices. It’s an easy next step for them to partner with the automakers to get that info directly.

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    It will be nice to see all the fake Mustangs, awful F150s, and downright ugly Blazers…err…Broncos being hurtled into the back of fire trucks. That’s one way to make the new Ford’s less hideous.

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    Even Tesla ditched Mobileye. Good luck Ford.

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    My job retrofitted some of Mobileye’s aftermarket “solutions” and they’re awful. They pick up cracks in the road as lane lines and bark at you for leaving your lane, it thinks pedestrian crossing signs are actual pedestrians and I’ve also had it issue deafening forward collision alerts when there were no cars anywhere near me. I’ve also had it read a 20 mph speed limit sign as 70 and a 55 sign as 35. Yeah. Color me unimpressed.

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