Final Piece Falls Into Place at Lucid Motors

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
final piece falls into place at lucid motors

First came the renderings, then the concept car, then the money, then the factory, then the braintrust. Now, Lucid Motors has a supplier to power it all.

On Monday the Silicon Valley electric vehicle startup, which hopes to shake up the premium EV market with its plush and powerful Air sedan, announced a partnership with a trustworthy battery maker.

“Full production of the Lucid Air is expected to start in late 2020 in Lucid’s new state-of-the-art factory in Casa Grande, AZ, with LG Chem battery cells exclusively powering standard versions of this luxury EV through 2023,” the automaker said in a statement.

“The advanced battery cells provided by LG Chem effectively allow Lucid to lock in core volume production forecasts for the Lucid Air for the next several years, with additional agreements to be announced in the future for special versions of the EV.”

Lucid broke ground on its Arizona factory late last year. After showing off an Air at the entrance to the New York International Auto Show in 2017, Lucid soon found itself the recipient of $1 billion from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund. With that cash, it was able to move forward with its production plans.

Lucis aims to tap both the wealthy and middle class with its Air, offering a variety of powertrain and battery configurations. A base, rear-drive, single-motor Air should deliver 240 miles of range and 400 horsepower for a price of $60,000. Well-heeled buyers can expect a 1,000-horsepower, 400-mile AWD offering.

“In conjunction with its proprietary battery architecture and flexible manufacturing technique, Lucid will optimize the LG Chem cells to meet or exceed all target goals for range, energy density, recharge/discharge rates, and more,” the company stated. “In this way, Lucid will leverage the specific cell chemistry of LG Chem’s batteries to develop the most compact, yet energy dense, battery pack form possible.”

[Image: Lucid Motors]

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  • ToolGuy ToolGuy on Feb 25, 2020

    Now all they need is a network of freestanding traditional brick-and-mortar dealerships scattered throughout low-population areas.

  • Highdesertcat Highdesertcat on Feb 25, 2020

    It's still a sedan..... in a world of pickup trucks and SUVs/CUVs. If I were a betting man, my bets would be on Rivian with their RT1 and RS1.

  • Inside Looking Out Enforcing laws? It is so yesterday! Welcome to California!
  • Lou_BC You'd think cops would have an understanding of the laws they are supposed to enforce.
  • Merlyn I’m on my second Spark and love it! I can pass any car I’ve never had a problem going up a hill it does just fine. As for cargo I can fit three suitcases, two book bags and still have the front seat for a passenger. Not sure what point this guy is trying to make. I have hand free phone service and Sirius radio plug in my phone and have navigation. I would buy another spark in a heartbeat.
  • Buickman I won't own one and I'll be happy!
  • Jeanbaptiste Ever since y’all started sending your damn geese down here we’re just been waiting for one of you to show up.