Something Crucial This Way Comes: The Actual Genesis GV80 Breaks Cover

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
something crucial this way comes the actual genesis gv80 breaks cover

Not in the way Genesis would have liked, however. While the fledgling Genesis brand’s first utility vehicle isn’t expected to debut until early in the new year, a pair of images posted to Instagram gives us a pretty good impression of what to expect.

That said, the brand’s 2017 GV80 concept vehicle (seen above) took us a good part of the way there. Clearly, Genesis’ designers didn’t stray too far from the camp.

Instagram user allcarnews posted the fuzzy images depicting a midsize crossover with a distinctively Genesis-like design. It appears the photos were taken inside the confines of a corporate facility.

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The grille retains the overall shape of the concept’s, but leaves the glitzy diagonal crossbars aside in favor of a uniform look and the creation of a lower air opening. Headlights are now much larger, with an LED light strip bisecting the array in a manner seen on the updated G90 sedan. Those earlier stacked strips screamed “concept car!” Flanking the lower air opening are a pair of side vents with greater depth and definition.

From what we can see, the radically revamped 2020 Sonata’s taillights provided some inspiration for the GV80s’ lamp designers. Slight bulges over the fenders are another carryover from the concept, as is the upward-sweeping window line aft of the rear doors. What isn’t carried over from the concept’s flanks is that deep (and pointless) lower-body gouge.

While the appearance of yet another premium crossover might not stir your soul quite as much as its creators would like, the GV80 is nonetheless a vastly important product for Genesis. Still in its toddler phase, the Hyundai-born brand is finishing up its dealer separation from Parent Co., readying a new series of products to flesh out its lineup. On the eve of 2020, a mainstream brand without a utility vehicle, let alone several of them, is nearly unthinkable. Genesis needs the GV80 (and eventual GV70) to boost volume and profits that can’t be cultivated by its current lineup of three sedans.

In creating such a product, Genesis has to walk a fine line. Too racy and out there, and the brand risks turning off consumers who might be swayed by Genesis’ traditionally elegant looks and sort-of value pricing. Too anonymous, and the brand risks being overlooked by buyers in a crowded segment — buyers who don’t have much time even for established brands like Infiniti.

Despite its complete lack of utility vehicles, Genesis just recorded its second-best sales month, with November volume topping 2,100 vehicles in the United States. Year-over-year sales of all three Genesis products rose significantly last month — a statistic that loses its punch when you consider the G70 was only just coming online this time last year. Meanwhile, the brand had sold down its MY2018 stock in preparation for a launch of its still-growing dealer network with only 2019 models on hand.

Having been afforded this less-than-ideal sneak peak, buyers will be able to see the thing up close and personal in short order. The GV80’s on-sale date arrives next summer.

[Image: Genesis Motors]

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