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Image: Ford

It’s been a long hibernation for the Bronco nameplate, but fans of Ford Motor Company’s midsize off-roader don’t have all that long to wait before laying their eyes on the resurrected model.

Ford has announced the public will get its first glimpse of the reborn Bronco next spring.

Much speculation surrounds the returning nameplate, though it’s generally believed that the Bronco will sport two-and four-door bodystyles, a removable roof and doors, and perhaps solid axles from the same supplier tapped by Jeep’s Wrangler. The body-on-frame vehicle might also sport a base, turbocharged four-cylinder powerplant, which isn’t surprising given its Ranger underpinnings.

In a video released Friday, the automaker cranked anticipation to “11,” showing us snippets of past Bronco glory while citing a spring 2020 world premiere. Perhaps attendees of the New York Auto Show will be first to see it? Sadly, there’s no glimpse of the new model to be seen in the video. Past reports, including a source contacted by TTAC, have claimed a fall launch date, though that same source said Ford was attempting to push ahead both the launch and on-sale date. While there’s still no confirmed availability date, the video’s mention of the “2020 Bronco” implies earlier-than-expected deliveries.

A variety of new products launch next year, making for a crowded calendar at Ford. Those new offerings include a Mustang-inspired electric crossover, the next-generation F-150, and a Bronco-inspired, Escape-based compact crossover believed to carry the Bronco Sport name. None of these products are unimportant to Ford, though the Bronco carries the most buzz, to say the least.

[Image: Ford]

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25 Comments on “Ford Bronco Pushes Up Out of the Ground Next Spring...”

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    I wish they would stop saying “inspired” products, wasn’t the Blazer suppose to be Camaro inspired? It’s an ungodly mishap of horrible styling, but none of it is Camaro.

    Using decent products that haven’t had their reputations ruined by years of half baked products just brings down the good products that still exist. It’s certainly not making the EV crossover any more interesting.

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    >>Ford Bronco Pushes Up Out of the Ground Next Spring<<

    so, do they have a Living Dead Edition?

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    It’s a sequel just like Hollywood does….and generally speaking sequels are never as good as the original.

    Oh, and call me crazy, but given the original Bronco’s fame as terrible rusters, the last thing I’d do is bury one before showing it to the press….

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      “ It’s a sequel just like Hollywood does….and generally speaking sequels are never as good as the original.”

      It’s not like it HAS to be that way, we just have a good feeling Ford will create a product that is 7/10s perfect. The only thing in the way of Ford making a successful relaunch of the Bronco, is Ford.

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      @Lokki – I’ve ridden in early era Bronco’s and Jeeps. Current Jeeps are better than early Jeeps. it isn’t going to be much of a stretch to say that the odds are that the new Bronco will also be better.

      The question that needs to be asked, “Will the new Bronco live up to the hype?”

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        Like the Ranger, the real version will lag the anticipated version in appeal.
        It will sell, but moderately.

        Here is the current Ranger deal in my ‘hood
        0% APR for 60 mos.
        Ford Credit Financing
        $500 Bonus Cash
        $1,000 Conquest Cash
        $500 Ford Credit Bonus Cash

        I assume Ford (and peers) price these new vehicles in anticipation of deals later on to inspire the buyers.

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      “It’s a sequel just like Hollywood does….and generally speaking sequels are never as good as the original.”

      the “sequel” would have been in 1978 when the Bronco became little more than a really short boxless F-150 with a cap.

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    Have we established what the USP of this product is? Serious question.

    • 0 avatar

      You mean MSRP?

      Good question but wait a year or so for the dealer markups to die down if you are serious about it.

      Personally I’d rather have the Everest that they sell in Australia.

      • 0 avatar

        I mean USP – Unique Selling Proposition.

        [The pricing guys *hate* it when the marketing team wants to publish pricing before the specs are finalized.]

        • 0 avatar

          Does everything have to have a USP?

          Here’s the elevator pitch: “FCA is making too much profit off of Jeep. We need a piece of that.”

          • 0 avatar

            ‘Jeep with a Ford badge’ is certainly one possible USP. (Possibly not the best one. It might appeal to Ford fans. But for the rest of the buying population, if the Jeep can do everything the F-W-A-J-B can do, why not just stick with Jeep?)

            “Does everything have to have a USP?” It depends on how successful you want to be?

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    Richard Chen

    The Bronco seems to have taken a while to gestate. Or did they just start product development after pre-announcing its return?

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    Nobody is going to buy this silly vehicle. It’ll be just another crossover blending into the crowd of all the other ones.

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    Hopefully, dealer price will be at MSRP and not a giant MAP like they do for “hot” vehicles like when the F150 Raptor first came into dealerships with a MAP around $25K!

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