By on November 13, 2019

It’s no secret that Ford routinely cleans up in the muscle- and pickup-related segments, often to the chagrin of General Motors. The Blue Oval routinely outsells GM in both fields. Eager to change a few minds, Chevrolet began offering a $2,500 discount to Mustang owners (or lessees) interested in purchasing a Camaro. That rebate rose to $3,000 last month.

This month, the General is making another offer. As part of its Black Friday Sales Event, Chevy is willing to part with the Camaro at a 12-percent discount below MSRP. The only restraint is that it has to be a V8-powered SS model, making this catch feel like more of a perk — as we wouldn’t mind seeing more of them on the road. 

Quick on the trigger, GM Authority did some hasty math to calculate the savings, but it all shakes down the same. For example, the 12-percent Chevrolet Camaro discount reduces the price of the 2019 1SS model from $37,995 to $34,430 (including a $995 destination fee). That’s roughly $4,560 off and the by-the-dollar discount climbs the more you spend upfront.

It also allows the Camaro SS to be priced roughly one grand under the Mustang GT it’s trying to bury. Considering the Chevy’s 455-horsepower 6.2-liter V8 boasts specs very near to the Ford’s 5.0-liter V8, the savings might encourage more than a few to make the swap over to GM.

Since it’s really a matter of taste, you can’t truly go wrong either way. This author has found the Mustang to be easier to live with on the daily, whereas Camaro offers a certain special something (excitement) the Ford doesn’t exude at lower speeds. Personally, I’d probably settle on the comfier Dodge Challenger R/T — or splurge for the Scat Pack — so my opinion is already invalid and objectively wrong. Fortunately, you don’t have to be coming off a Mustang or Mopar to take advantage of this particular discount. Unlike earlier incentives, GM says it’s available to anybody interested in buying an SS — even someone who shares my awful taste in cars.

Assuming you’re buying within the United States, Chevrolet will give you until December 2nd to lay your hands on a discounted Camaro. Would you make the V8 swap for 12 percent off?

[Image: General Motors]


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45 Comments on “Better Buy the V8: Chevrolet Updates Incentives on Camaro SS...”

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    Too bad the ’19 SS looks like a wincing sphincter.

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    Art Vandelay

    “…as we wouldn’t mind seeing more of them on the road.”

    Well then I assume you don’t drive a Camaro. If you did you wouldn’t see much of anything on the road.

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    Count me as another who would go for a Challenger. Not sure what spec I’d want, probably the V6 AWD. I’ve not been bitten by V8 fever having only driven 2 for short periods of time. The first was a 98 Mustang GT and the second was a 17 Mustang GT.

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    Interesting that it is only on the V8, I’m guessing they must have a glut of those on their hands. Meanwhile the recent Mustang V8 incentives were not as good as what was available on the EcoBoost.

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    GM should be embarrassed the Challenger is eating the Camaro’s lunch, that shouldn’t even be a possibility yet here we are.

    Inevitably I have to mention how horribly executed this car is, the interior room makes an 1980s compact feel spacious, and the visibility is only comparable to the CSS Neuse.

    Even at $34k it’s priced much too high for the content. The longer GM treats the V8 option as something overtly special when realistically it should be offered in half the companies vehicles, the longer GM will continue this slide to obscurity.

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      Kyree S. Williams

      The Challenger is the last spacious two-door this side of an E-Class Coupe. I’m glad it exists, and it feels pretty current. The 2015 updates really helped.

      • 0 avatar

        Honestly I was just behind a newer 15+ Hemi in the creamy primer gray color, and damn if it doesn’t look fantastic. The driver probably had a slight exhaust kit on his car as he stepped on it and subsequently produced a fantastic roar.

        • 0 avatar

          “The driver probably had a slight exhaust kit on his car as he stepped on it and subsequently produced a fantastic roar.”

          Since the 2017 model year, all V8 equipped Challengers and Chargers get the dual mode exhaust that used to be exclusive to the 6.4/SRT vehicles. Adds a certain fun factor for sure.

    • 0 avatar

      Ahhh … the great fiction of GM’s slide to obscurity…
      Let’s see … 192,000 GM cars sold in China per month
      vs 158,000 cars sold per month in the USA.
      The only thing a fiction is that GM is still
      an American company.
      The mighty has not fallen. The mighty has merely
      switched allegiances.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    Visibility on the current ‘16+ model was already poor, and they absolutely ruined the front and rear fascias with the ‘19 refresh. Even the emergency ‘20 changes don’t fix it.

    My money would go toward the Mustang GT 6MT. The interior is a bit downmarket compared to the Camaro SS and the chassis isn’t quite as good at 10/10 (but I am not a professional race driver); however it is otherwise the superior car IMO, especially on styling.

    • 0 avatar

      Don’t forget build quality – I don’t know who set up the jigs in the Ford shop but they were either drunk or responsible for the googly eyed guy in the leather pilot helmet meme.

      I’ll have to check out another 6th gen Camaro to see how well the panels fit but Ford really needs to look into this. Overall my GT350 is pretty rattle free going on 3.5 years with a few track days (mostly due to mag-ride I think) so its screwed together nicely just the panel gaps and alignment leave something to be desired.

      Still I agree, just a better overall day to day car and despite not coming from an upscale chassis like the Camaro has with alpha Ford has done a remarkable job with the Mustang.

      And of course the better styling even if its the ubiquitous coupe shape fathered by Ian Callum.

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    I don’t think the ’19 update is that bad?

    But I do think the Camaro is bad, in general, because of the visibility. Somehow with this generation GM slipped into a weird spot where they compromised too much usability for styling reasons, and yet the styling wasn’t different enough from the previous gen to make people pay attention.

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    The logical approach would have been to bring out a modern second gen looking a lot like the gorgeous early 70s Camaro. And the basic LS motor is dirt cheap to manufacture (certainly cheaper than the complex DOHC V6) so spread it wide.

  • avatar

    If I didn’t have to look at it, drive it, insure it or get it serviced, I would seriously consider one of these.

  • avatar

    The SS sedan got 20% off a couple of times and was far better looking (if a bit bland). I’d hold out for better deals ahead especially as winter drags on and the 19s become even more lot poison than they already are.

    There’s no reason a stripper 1SS shouldn’t sell for $29,995 in this sales environment and I think we will get there.

  • avatar

    GM was foolish to double down on the cartoon stying and ridiculously ineffient packaging when they redesigned this car.

  • avatar
    Jeff S

    Would have been better for Chevy to do what Dodge did with the Challenger and made it more like the 69 Camaro without the small windows and the cartoonish features. The 2010 Camaros were close but they went a little overboard. The 69 was beak Camaro and the 70 1/2 to 71 Challenger was what the current Challenge is modeled after with just enough of an update to keep it modern and relevant.

    My pick of these type of cars would be the Challenger with more rear seat and trunk space and it just has better styling. Even with a Penstar V6 the Challenger is still a nice car with plenty of power.

  • avatar

    You have to love GM. Earlier this year they announce they are cancelling the Camaro in 2023, and yet they want people to still buy it. Trust me nobody wants to buy an orphaned car.

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    I wish GM would go back and survey past Firebird and Camaro owners and ask me “Why didn’t you buy a Camaro last time(s)?( 2010 and 2018)”. I would love to tell them why.

    1. Ugly inside and out.
    2. Horrible interior.
    3. bad visibility (I could and would overlook it, IF it looked good at all.
    4. So damn ugly it needs repeating!

    Advise for the next gen, if there is one:

    Hire a new design team, and make the car look like a takeoff on a 2nd or 3rd gen car. Simple. Keep the price sane, and I’m there. Skip the temptation of going anywhere towards the present “Hot Wheels” look. Think Challenger.

  • avatar

    I rather like the styling, and the interior isn’t bad. But I’m not buying a car I can’t see out of.

    Too bad, as I understand the Camaro’s an excellent driver.

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    It’s interesting to me that the 5th generation Camaro took the segment by storm and handily outsold the Mustang for quite a few years. Then the 6th gen car came along, which in all measures gave buyers a better version of the 5th gen car, and sales crumbled.

    It’s hard to explain. The the 5G car had all the flaws of the 6G. Perhaps another few Transformers movie/commercials are in order.

    • 0 avatar

      Has GM promoted the 6th generation Camaro at all? it’s almost like they don’t want to sell a car which hurts their CAFE score without being massively profitable and low content.

      Smokey and the Bandit was the key to moving Screaming Chickens. GM could probably boost 6th generation Camaros if they cared to.

      • 0 avatar

        You bring up a good point. The Smokey and the Bandit effect on the late 2nd gen cars was the only other significant period where the Camaro/Trans Am handily outsold the Mustang.

        Perhaps GM should get back into the movie business as it seems to be the only way they can move these things.

        • 0 avatar

          While true, the Mustang did suck at the time, both times, with looks, styling and performance.

          • 0 avatar

            That fact didn’t inhibit sales at all for the Mustang II. They outsold their predecessors and the 2G F-bodies every year until Smokey and the Bandit.

          • 0 avatar

            The Mustang II did great at first, despite its Pinto platform, but it was getting old by mid cycle, Bandit or no.

            With the Fox Mustang arriving late ’78, you had to wait.

    • 0 avatar

      The 6th Gen Camaro is almost 20% more cramped than the 5th – I don’t think that’s a factor that can be written off (Challenger sales seems to back up interior size mattering).

      • 0 avatar

        I agree, the 5G and 6G Camaro do both have the same packaging issues but they are even worse on the 6G car.
        Also, aside from making the front end uglier the styling between the 5G and 6G cars is probably too close. The 5G was pretty radical when it debuted and I think that excited people.

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    The irony of this is that these deeply discounted Camaros make the 2020 LT1 V8 model pointless. Your upcoming “Cheap No Frills V8” model is now the same price as a discounted 2019 SS model.

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    Cadillac is dead last in CR’s New Reliability Index (30th out of 30).

    Chevy and GMC are also horrid.

    Go Guangzhou-Guadalajara Motors!

    Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac among least reliable in Consumer Reports rankings

    “General Motors brands Chevrolet, Cadillac and GMC were among the least reliable in annual Consumer Reports rankings.

    By Tom Krisher, Associated Press | Posted: Thu 12:54 PM, Nov 14, 2019  |  Updated: Thu 12:55 PM, Nov 14, 20”

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