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Image: Ford

The 2020 Lincoln Aviator, a much-championed midsize crossover only just entering dealerships, has earned the second recall of its very short life. The crossover, along with the current- and previous-generation Explorer, the Ford Expedition, F-150, and Super Duty line are nameplates involved in a recall concerned with seatback strength.

According to Ford, vehicles may have left the factory “missing the third pawl required for seatback strength,” meaning that seatback may not stay in place in the event of a crash. The recall covers more than half a million vehicles sold in North America.

The recall divides vehicles potentially equipped with weak front-seat seatbacks from those with a problem in the rear. Models with a front-seat problem include the 2018-19 Explorer, 2019-20 Expedition, 2018-20 F-150, and 2019-20 Super Duty models, but only those equipped with manual seatback recliner mechanisms. The 2020 Explorer and Aviator are being called back for their rear outboard seats.

Again, only those with manual reclining mechanisms.

“A seatback with an improperly assembled recliner mechanism may have reduced strength and may not adequately restrain an occupant in a crash, increasing the risk of injury,” the automaker stated.

Some 483,325 U.S. vehicles fall under the recall, with a further 58,712 located in Canada. Mexico’s share is 8,149 vehicles. As some of these models are just appearing on dealer lots (or are on their way there), dealers will inspect their inventory before making any sales.

“Most vehicles are expected to pass the inspection and not require repair,” Ford claims. “If a repair is required, the dealer will replace the seat structure. There will be no charge to the customer for these services.”

The Aviator is a very new addition to Lincoln’s utility vehicle lineup ( shows just 920 vehicles currently available in the U.S.) but this isn’t its first recall. On August 5th, Ford placed a demonstration and delivery hold on the model after discovering some vehicles may have left the factory while still in “Factory Mode” — a setting that disables warning alerts and doesn’t show the selected transmission gear in the gauge cluster. It was also determined that the manual park release (MPR) cover could be missing.

[Image: Ford Motor Company]

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13 Comments on “Seatback Strength at Centre of New Ford Recall...”

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    Seven to 10 years ago, Honda was starting to be plagued by new vehicles battered by recall after recall.

    The Honda faithful declared it minor, normal, and/or not Honda specific (e.g. airbags, and no this post isn’t about Takata)

    A decade later Honda has serious issues with their turbo engines with no real fix beyond extending the warranty.

    Where there is smoke there is fire, and I’m seeing the same pattern at Ford. On paper the Lincoln renaissance is fantastic across the board – Ford can’t f this up because Lincoln has no more chances left.

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    only honda issues i know were 20-30 yrs ago. ignition switch and a faulty relay. relay was an easy fix and possible to resolder. ignition was from the american female tradition of having a keychain with 5 lb of crap dangling off it. mighta been a seatbelt recall in there too.

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      Do a search – the 2012 Honda Civic refresh had at least 5 recalls in the first 12 months, as one example.

      Twenty to thirty years ago? Gee, are we ignoring the 5-speed auto + V6 = hand grenade with pin pulled issue???

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        MRF 95 T-Bird

        My sisters 85 Honda Accord LX 5 speed had an issue with the fuel filler tube having a slight leak. One day she was at a gas station getting fuel where the attendant noticed it and told her that there was a recall on it. She brought it to the dealer where they replaced the entire filler assembly including the charcoal canister tubes free of charge. Quick thinking but you figured back in the 90’s when this occurred the folks at Honda would have contacted owners.

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        “Do a search – the 2012 Honda Civic refresh had at least 5 recalls in the first 12 months, as one example.”

        Do you mean at least five 2012 Civics were recalled?

        Fords are better entries in this game:

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      The Odyssey going for several generations has had numerous recalls, but the most glaring example of a Honda “issue” was the prematurely imploding 6 spd AT; there were other issues during this time such as cracking dashboards (which resulted in a class action).

      Issues w/ new/newer transmissions has continued for Honda/Acura, including for the ZF sourced 9 spd, among other things, which has resulted in Honda and (even more so) Acura’s reliability rankings having plummeted the past several years.

      Seems like they have gone thru the worst of their “teething period,” so expect reliability to be on an upward swing going forward.

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    I WANT to buy a Lincoln Aviator. I have been waiting since I first saw it and began reading up on it.

    This is why I am WAITING to buy a Lincoln Aviator. Give them a few months or so to work this crap out.

    Don’t mess it up Lincoln.

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    Built Ford Proud!

    2nd recall in a month for the “new” Explorer and MKExplorer.

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    How about Ford Recall Company? Seriously, they can’t f**k up Lincoln now.

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    Never doubt holiness of Honda vehicles. Scientific community firmly believes that Honda vehicles can have only few minor issues per millennium and only because of human induced climate change.

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    You guys are funny. As a long time Honda owner ( at times I owned two at a time) I can clearly say that Honda is not what it used to be. I will get my second airbag recall soon ( yes, the same exact airbags were installed so time and humidity will affect them again) but that recall I won’t hold against them but Takata. Their new Earthdreams gas in oil fiasco has no fix and that’s inexcusable. As for past recalls..yes there were two or three big ones. The automatic transmission one in most V6 from mid 2000s and another one for the latest generation Civic LX where they forgot to install some bolt in the non-turbo 2.0 engine.
    As for the latest Ford and Kia ones? Pretty minor, wouldn’t worry too much about it.

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    Ford and GM seem more interested in profitability than either quality or market share. We all know Wall Street is calling the shots.

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    This story isn’t about Honda, it’s about Ford. And this is exactly what I have come to expect from that company. Lincoln revival? Not likely. But the press junkets must be really good given the reception their latest vehicles all seem to get from the automotive media.

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