It Takes Two: Ford's Ranger FX2 Is (Mainly) an On-roader With Off-road Looks

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
it takes two fords ranger fx2 is mainly an on roader with off road looks

In all fairness, the newly announced FX2 Package does boost the off-road cred of the two-wheel drive Ford Ranger, albeit modestly. If memory serves this writer correctly, RWD trucks can be a load of fun in the rough, assuming that backcountry trail isn’t too slick, greasy, or soupy.

An obvious ploy to capture the hearts and minds of those enamored by Ford’s popular (4×4) FX4 Off-Road Package, the FX2 seeks to slightly improve the off-roadability of rear-drive Rangers while elevating the truck’s visual brawn.

While Ford admits the FX2 has urban buyers in its sights, the physical alterations that come with the package — mainly, a front underbody guard and air dam delete — should lower the risk of Ranger owners scraping their chin whilst tackling inclines. Seventeen-inch wheels shod in off-road-rated rubber come standard, with 18-inchers optional.

Chunky mud & snows will have to be purchased separately, assuming you’re really keen on playing the part.

Further nodding in the direction of the Oregon Trail comes in the form of a standard electronic-locking rear differential and a suspension setup tweaked for off-road use. When you’ve only got two drive wheels, you’d best make full use of the available traction. Inside the cabin, drivers can check out (and perhaps Instagram) the pitch and roll angles displayed on the off-road cluster screen — another transplant from the FX4.

According to the automaker, two out of every three Ranger buyers springs for a dressup package, making the FX2 a no-brainer. Cost for this package is $595.

“We’re seeing sales trends that tell us to grow Ranger’s capability and appearance options even further,” said Chad Callander, Ford Ranger consumer marketing manager, in a statement. “The FX2 Package is a result of us listening to our customers and what they’re demanding from their trucks.”

Don’t expect the FX2 to be the final word on Ranger customization. Recent trademark applications point to further Ranger variants.

[Images: Ford]

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  • Gearhead77 Gearhead77 on Aug 14, 2019

    I've never liked the whole "Faux by Faux" of the PreRunner and now this thing. A 2wd truck appeals to me more for its lower (and simpler) aesthetics, slightly better economy and ingress/egress. If I want a 4x4, I'll buy a 4x4. Of course, I live in western PA, where you can live without 4wd, but its hard to find a truck without it. You have to go fairly far away to find less 4wd trucks. I'd like to have a simple truck for around the house. 80's-90's Toyota, Nissan or even (non Ranger) Mazda or Mitsubishi 2WD. Air is the only thing it must have. Hard to find now and/or priced exorbitantly, or the truck is a basketcase rustbucket. I had a rental RAM 1500 "Classic" 4x4 V8 recently and if I was going to buy a full-size truck, it'd probably be that, because 2wd is lot/resale poison here. I was really tempted, but the thought of dealing with that much bulk daily didn't appeal to me. But the new Ranger and GM twins aren't that much smaller or efficient.

  • Art Vandelay Art Vandelay on Aug 14, 2019

    I feel like Ford hobbled this truck to not take future sales from the Bronco and to not canabilize the F Series. I don't like that and I am a Ranger fan going all the way back to my first car. I am not a midsized fan but if I had to grab one, it would be the Colorado right now. I have driven them all extensively while I'm not a fan of the exterior, I think its the best midsize truck though I havent driven a USDM Ranger, only international ones. I get to drive alot of the "forbidden fruit" midsizers too and while they may become more refined in USDM trim, that holds pretty much true factoring them in as well. I hope Ford does better on the next gen.

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  • SPPPP This rings oh so very hollow. To me, it sounds like the powers that be at Ford don't know which end is up, and therefore had to invent a new corporate position to serve as "bad guy" for layoffs and eventual scapegoat if (when) the quality problems continue.
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