Chevrolet Kills Off Equinox Diesel Due to Lack of Demand

Chad Kirchner
by Chad Kirchner

Just as quickly as small diesel engines in vehicles in North America saw a resurgence, they appear to be going away. Earlier this week we shared the tragic news that Ford wouldn’t be putting the diesel engine in the Transit Connect. Today we’re sad to report that the Chevrolet Equinox diesel is also going away.

The Car Connection reports that the Equinox is going away for the 2020 model year. Chevrolet told them that the canceling of the oil burner is a result of “slow demand.” While we might all think that we want small diesel engines in our cars and crossovers, we’re not actually shelling out the money to buy them. At least not in the quantities required to make them profitable for the automakers.

Cost plays a role. The Equinox’s non-gas engine was a $2,400 upsell over the base engine. It would take a decent amount of driving to recoup those costs, especially when in many parts of the country diesel is more expensive than gasoline. The 16 road warriors who would love the Equinox diesel are now going to have to settle for the gas engine.

They could also wait for the upcoming Mazda CX-5 diesel. It’s finally going to go on sale in the States, but it’s only available on premium models that start at well over $40,000. The higher MSRP makes it easier for buyers to justify the cost. At least they aren’t priced like the more capable engines in trucks. To get the 1,000 HP high output Cummins in the Ram 3500 it’s over $11,000 extra. That’s the price of a Nissan Versa.

It’ll be interesting to see how customers take to that engine in the CX-5 when it goes on sale. It also depends on how much fuel costs when it does. Some states significantly increased the price of fuel taxes to pay for infrastructure.

[Image: Chevrolet]

Chad Kirchner
Chad Kirchner

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  • Dal20402 Dal20402 on Jul 15, 2019

    RIP, clattery noise and stinky particulates (yes, still). Exactly no one will miss you. Passenger car diesels are done. The only market where they mattered was Europe, and now most of Europe is on the road toward banning them.

  • Luke42 Luke42 on Jul 18, 2019

    This was actually a vehicle I wanted badly 5 years ago. For the record, that's two kids ago (I have 3) and one Volkswagen emissions scandal ago. Yes, I know GM != Volkswagen, but they have a similar stature and size when viewed from their home countries. Two houses, alike in dignity, in the global automarket where we set our scene. If VW f*cks this up, what are the chances that GM will do any better? This will be the two hours traffic of our stage. I want no part of that drama. It's EV or bust for me, though I might compromise on a 3-row plugin hybrid. A Pacifica Hybrid or Ford Explorer Hybrid is likely in my future.

  • Socrates77 They're pinching pennies for the investors like always, greed has turned GM into a joke of an old corporate American greed.
  • Analoggrotto looking at this takes me right back to the year when “CD-ROM” first entered public lexicon
  • Alan My comment just went into the cloud.I do believe its up to the workers and I also see some simplistic comments against unionisation. Most of these are driven by fear and insecurity, an atypical conservative trait.The US for a so called modern and wealthy country has poor industrial relation practices with little protection for the worker, so maybe unionisation will advance the US to a genuine modern nation that looks after its workers well being, standard of living, health and education.Determining pay is measured using skill level, training level and risk associated with the job. So, you can have a low skilled job with high risk and receive a good pay, or have a job with lots of training and the pay is so-so.Another issue is viability of a business. If you have a hot dog stall and want $5 a dog and people only want to pay $4 you will go broke. This is why imported vehicles are important so people can buy more affordable appliances to drive to and from work.Setting up a union is easier than setting up work conditions and pay.
  • El scotto I can get the speedometer from dad's 72 Ford truck back. I can't get dad back.
  • El scotto BAH! No dividers in the trunk for bags of onions or hooks for hanging sardines! Hard Pass.