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There was a time when all of Porsche’s mid-engined offerings came with the distinctive growl of a six-cylinder engine. However, with the 718 opting for a more economical turbocharged four-cylinder, some enthusiasts complain there’s something missing in the noise department.

While we already knew that the company is working on a new 4.0-liter flat-six for the returning GT4, rumors arose that the engine could make its way into less-hardcore variants of the 718 after a basic-looking Boxster was spotted during cold weather testing earlier this year. Porsche has apparently kept at it, as another 4.0-liter Boxster test mule was spotted at the Nürburgring along with a non-GT4 Cayman, according to autoevolution.

If the displacement sounds familiar, its because it’s already available in the 911 GT3. Porsche is simply planning on making it available inside the 718, albeit detuned, to get that sexy sound and linear oomph. Reports suggest that the naturally aspirated 4.0-liter engine in the GT4 will produce somewhere around 425 horsepower. Lesser 718 models, which are expected to roped into a “Touring” trim, are expected to get by with fewer than 400 horses — with four-cylinder models remaining available.

While this author doesn’t have a problem with a gently muffled four-banger, so long as there is plenty of turbo spool and intake noise, adding a more attainable six-cylinder seems like a smart move. Purists will be pleased and Porsche will probably be able raise its margins on the — hypothetical and presumably more popular — Touring models.

Porsche is expected to make an official announcement regarding the vehicles later this year.

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17 Comments on “Porsche Working Hard on Six-cylinder Versions of 718 Boxster, Cayman...”

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    Porsche? I thought they only made SUVs.

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    It’s never too late to see the error of your ways. The turbo 4 in the current Cayman has turbo lag like a mid nineties Saab and all the aural charm of a cement mixer.

    A naturally aspirated Cayman T would be a great idea and may even tempt me to trade my first gen Cayman S.

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    I expect Porsche to detune the 6s for lesser models, then un detune them for some silly “sport package”.

    Why not just give them all the same output and leave it be eh?

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      because if the cheap/light models were fast, some rich people wouldn’t buy the more expensive models and Porsche wouldn’t make so much money.

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        And the car magazines would have to go an issue without an article about how this month’s new trim package addresses all the glaring flaws they ignored during last month’s Porsche feature while finally delivering the true driving nirvana that they always knew Porsche was capable of.

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          With apologies to the missed by some Baruth: “The previous generation Canyonero sucked (even though we said it rocked when it came out), but the new Canyonero totally rocks (although we will say it sucked when the new one comes out three years from now).”

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      Reminds me of James May’s “Tesco’s Own Taste the Difference” rant on Top Gear.

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    There was a time when practically all of them came with a flat four – the 914.

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      For some reason, autocorrect changed 356 to 914, right?

      Once upon a time, even Ferrari gave the I4 a try:

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        No, he said mid-engined. The 356 was rear-engined, the 914 mid-engined. Sure, there were a few 914/6 and 916 cars, but the vast majority were four-bangers.

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          Ack – the 356 was mid engined…in prototype form. Production converted to rear engine, as you correctly noted.

          Still, the 4 cylinder definitely has a long history at Porsche, going back to the beginning.

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    cimarron typeR

    it seems this is only the limited edition variants, but the 4cyl is probably here to stay for the ace of base models. Why not low displacement 2.5l 6 cyl turbo?

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    Maybe Porsche could change the gearing and lightly retune the engine to make the base 4-cylinder reasonably fuel efficient? There are plenty of buyers who are buying for the looks and status and have no intention of driving it with vigor. This goes double for the Boxster.

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    I’m not a porsche geek or expert. I’ve driven a few, and the wail from the six is the whole point of the car, that, and it’s basically a go kart where you sit in the middle and the engine is behind you. I preferred a Cayman because it got the Porsche front steering right but the engine wasn’t a counterweight.

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