Volkswagen Tops Its Name Game With I.D. Roomzz Concept

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
volkswagen tops its name game with i d roomzz concept

While Seat works on bringing Volkswagen Group’s most-affordable EVs to market, the company’s namesake has devised a concept vehicle aimed the swelling electrified crossover segment. Adhering to the I.D. sub-brand’s absolutely terrible naming scheme, the “Roomzz” is another semi-autonomous concept aimed at generating excitement at automotive trade shows — specifically, Auto Shanghai.

However, it would be wrong to discount it entirely. While Volkswagen’s I.D. sub-brand hasn’t started selling cars, the scope of its hypothetical lineup rivals some established automotive brands. Now it’s adding a sizable e-crossover to the mix, which is something every automaker seems to want these days.

Rumored to be roughly the same size as VW’s Touareg, the MEB-based I.D. Roomzz is said to be a three-row, seven-seat crossover with Chinese aspirations. Asian sales are said to be targeted for 2021, with North American and European deliveries to follow. Automotive News claims the United States might have to wait until 2022, with Europe potentially being forced to bide its time until 2024. Assembly details are anyone’s guess, but the outlet suggested manufacturing could take place in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

As the largest vehicle in the I.D. stable, the Roomzz will likely serve as the company’s flagship EV until something flashier comes out. Thus far, VW has only confirmed the Crozz crossover, the I.D. line’s introductory Golf-sized hatchback (coming to Europe in 2020), and the microbus-inspired Buzz for future assembly. While it has also shown the I.D. Vizzon sedan, Buggy beach bomber, and R prototype racer, none of those models are earmarked for mass production.

“The I.D. ROOMZZ [sic] shows us what we can expect from full-size electric SUVs in the future. The puristic look emphasizes the clear function and the user experience is intuitive and natural,” said Klaus Bischoff, chief designer at VW.

Details will be thin until Volkswagen officially unveils the Roomzz on April 16th, though the company has already said versatility is an essential aspect of the vehicle. VW referred to it as a “multi-variable all-round model,” and its name seems to suggest it could incorporate the lounge-like interior designs we’ve seen on other concept vehicles of late. VW offered additional hints of that being a possibility in its release:

The I.D. ROOMZZ has a number of innovations on board: as its name suggests, the concept car sets trendsetting impulses when it comes to variability of the vehicle interior, boasting completely new seat configurations, high-quality materials and customizable light. What is more, the IQ.DRIVE systems are brought together in the I.D. ROOMZZ: in I.D. Pilot mode, the vehicle can be driven autonomously without an active driver (level 4).

Other than that, all we have is a teaser image. While only a rendering, it’s more substantial than the heavily shadowed images favored by other automakers. The overall shape of the vehicle is clearly visible, but we doubt it’s an accurate representation of any upcoming production model. The Roomzz Concept will likely undergo significant changes before it graces an assembly line.

[Images: Volkswagen Group]

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  • SCE to AUX SCE to AUX on Apr 03, 2019

    Another day, another VW EV concept. If these concepts actually materialize, it will be interesting to see how the dealers sell them, and whether VW will begin to choke off the supply of ICE vehicles. Given the big talk and the billions VW is pouring into EVs, they'll *have* to make radical changes at the dealer level in order to justify the expense. My point is this: traditional mfrs & dealers have almost no incentive to sell EVs, but that will need to change if VW is going to actually move these products into buyers' hands.

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    • Inside Looking Out Inside Looking Out on Apr 04, 2019

      @SCE to AUX Oh, forgot - they also promote Chevrolet Bolt.

  • Dukeisduke Dukeisduke on Apr 04, 2019

    Naming convention fail. How many rappers, hip hop artists, and Instagram influencers will buy their I.D. cars?

  • FreedMike Bicyclists.
  • FreedMike But will it have a badge?And maybe I don’t understand this whole truck thing, but isn’t 430 hp out of 7.3 liters a bit low? That’s not a whole lot better than the Coyote engine in the Mustang. I don’t see that as a selling point.
  • Goatshadow My favorite Lambo ever. It's gorgeous..
  • DenverMike Column shifter in all trims? Thank god someone is listening. The console shifter is just the stupidest thing ever. Frick just make the whole area useful utility. Luxury means something different in trucks. Definitely removable and I’ll make my own work station.
  • Joh65689020 1. Drape/ Masking-tape paint.2. Blue Coral (or any brand) chrome polish on PowerBall with cordless drill-driver.3. Buff lightly with microfiber towel to crystal clear finish.