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Has the crossover craze taken another victim? Or is it just simply a case of a rare body style not drawing sales?

It’s not like wagons (with some exceptions — ahem, Subaru) were selling like gangbusters before the current crossover trend took off.

Still, the BMW 3 Series wagon has garnered attention from enthusiasts in search of utility. But, alas, it appears that the next-generation 3 Series won’t be sold with a wagon variant, at least not in these United States.

A BMW spokesperson had this to say to Autoblog about the possibility of a wagon variant of the upcoming G20 3 Series: “There are no current plans to bring a Sports Wagon version of the new BMW 3 Series to the U.S.”

That does leave the door open if the company changes its mind. After all, Volvo still offers premium wagons, and Jaguar launched its XF Sportbrake just last year. So there may be a market for premium wagons – but BMW probably figures its brand intenders will be just as happy with an X2 or X3.

We’re not counting the Regal TourX here – while Buick is an entry-luxury brand, the TourX might not be cross-shopped against the 3 that much. Still, Buick’s decision to launch that car not too long ago suggests that OEMs at least think there is still a wagon market. OEMs except for BMW, apparently.

That said, automakers rarely sell a car that’s not helping the bottom line, and it’s possible that 3 Series wagon sales were too low to justify the cost of selling it here, crossover fever or not. BMW doesn’t break out the sales numbers separately.

The 3 Series wagon will remain on sale through the 2019 model year, with one version available. That will be the all-wheel-drive, turbocharged four-cylinder 330i xDrive.

Wagon now, or forever drive a crossover, apparently.

[Image: BMW]

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35 Comments on “Pour One Out for Another Wagon: BMW Will Not Renew the Stretched 3 Series...”

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    Kyree S. Williams

    Buick is an entry-level luxury brand? Buick is barely premium these days, and I say that as a general fan of the brand. If the Regal TourX was the type of wagon I was going for, I’d consider taking increased ground clearance and buying an Outback, or stepping down a size and getting the Golf SportWagen/Golf Alltrack. Anyway, with the new PSA arrangement and GM pulling out of Europe, I’m sure that the TourX’s days are numbered. I’ve never seen one in real life.

    But your point stands, and I’m sorry to see the 3 Series Wagon go. I guess we’re down to the Volvo V60/V60 Cross Country and Audi allroad (yes, it’s really lowercase) in that arena.

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      Does the 5 series offer a wagon?

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        Kyree S. Williams

        Not in the US, not since the switchover to the F10 body style, circa 2011.

        In the larger class of luxury wagons, you have the E-Class Wagon, V90/V90 Cross Country, and XF Sportbrake. Those are it, to my knowledge.

        You also have the Panamera Sport Turismo, which is a psuedo-wagon in that it’s a regular Panamera with a squared-off rear section and a flatter roof…but that isn’t much more practical than said regular Panamera.

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          MRF 95 T-Bird

          I saw a new non AMG E400 wagon the other day. It stood out among the bevy of GLC, GLK GLE’s and other luxury brands that you see on the road here in the Northeast. It looked fine, quite stylish with a low and lean haunch. For most buyers who don’t need a third row it’s more than functional enough but we’re in the era as some have called “CUV arms race” so wagons wither.

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            “For most buyers who don’t need a third row it’s more than functional enough but we’re in the era as some have called “CUV arms race” so wagons wither.”

            The E-class wagon does have a third row though; it has the old school rear-facing station wagon third row that folds into the floor.

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      Local Buick dealer finally got ONE TourX. It’s beautiful and it’s sitting inside the showroom in Rojo Red with ebony interior. Sights and sounds package, driver confidence package 1 & 2 – it would be perfect except… it’s just a Preferred model meaning all that goodness with a cloth interior and no heated seats.

      To summarize it’s a loaded mid-trim version. Makes me want to cry.

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        I was just looking at the TourX on Cargurus the other day and the ones that do exist at dealers seem to be pretty heavily discounted already. Probably not a good sign. :( They’ll probably be quite the bargain in 1-3 years.

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          The one I’m speaking of has a $37K MSRP but is currently listed for $30K if financing through GM.

          That’s almost cheap enough to make me overlook a cloth seat Buick.

          FYI same dealer finally sold his last new 2017 Lacrosse.

        • 0 avatar

          Quite a few new ones on CarGurus around here (North Texas), all the way from $27,619, to $41,600. One used one, in New Jersey.

      • 0 avatar

        Had a TourX pull up next to me at a red light a couple weeks ago. Was stunned to see that the rear headrests appeared to be within an in or so if the headliner when they were fully retracted. Made me a little claustrophobic just looking at it. I guess ithats a product of that sloping roofline.

        • 0 avatar

          “I guess ithats a product of that sloping roofline.”

          Dodge Magnum was the Fort Sumter of the War on Wagons and established that trend.

          Whether for CAFE, styling or both, wagons have devolved into merely stretched hatchbacks which themselves have been shortened to the point of uselessness compared to the better CUVs.

          But CUVs have sustained collateral damage from that war as evidenced by the wretched HR-V and CH-R.

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          Sloping roofline ? That isnt a TourX ,which is a wagon, but the sedan-liftback version

    • 0 avatar

      MINI Clubman?

    • 0 avatar

      Its only 2 in of extra ground clearance on the Outback- are you really going to use that on highways and most gravel roads ? Plus the TourX gets a turbo engine which ranks up there with the flat 6 on an Outback

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    Think of the tens of sales they’re giving up!

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    Buick cars are nice near premium vehicles.

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    But BMW will be happy to sell you a lame FWD crossover (X1). Stick a fork in them – they’re done.

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    The stretched 3 series is actually the Gran Turismo. The sedan and wagon are the same length.

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    Side question. Has readership completely dropped off this website? A story about the demise of a euro wagon used to garner 100+ comments within hours. Now, it’s a measily 14 comments.

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    It would be interesting to know how many GTs they sold/sell compared to Tourings.

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    I still see a few BMW wagons running around – and not just the ol’ E46. Someone is buying them but they are comparatively rare compared to the sedan, and as about as common as the coupe.

    It used to be – when dinosaurs still roamed the world – that the BMW / Mercedes wagon was rich soccer mom vehicle of choice. Now they need a Denali.

    • 0 avatar

      If you watch the entirity of the Sopranos, they start off with Carmela driving a Mercedes wagon, by the end she’s in a Porsche Cayenne

      (Tony himself was always in a big SUV – he upgrades from a Suburban to an Escalade)

      Brilliant car casting all round

      • 0 avatar

        I remember the episode when Tony bought her the Cayenne. She exclaims “Oh, is this the new Kiy-ANNNNNNE!” That line alone told me everything I needed to know about the target market of that car.

        Meanwhile, Paulie soldiered along in successive beige Cadillac sedans–first an Eldorado and later a CTS. Brand loyalist right there.

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    Only a few really old people who buy Japanese left on this site.

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    I bought my first little 3 Series wagon in 2004.

    IIRC, BMW sold just over 1,000 of them in the USA that model year.

    So I understand the decision, but still lament it.

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    open country

    I have been tempted by a 2013-15 328i M-Sport wagon many a time – they can be had around me for mid-low $20’s with sub-50k miles. But then I snap out of it after imagining owning a BMW out of warranty. (An extended warranty on them is a gamble on coverage reliability as well as cost prohibitive).

    • 0 avatar

      Meh, the whole “BMW out of warranty” scare is overrated. Do some research on common failures and budget accordingly. You should be good until 100k, when you will have to replace some costly parts due to wear & tear, but then you’ll be good for another 100k.

      I have 120k on my 2006 550i. Yeah it costs me $2k-$3k a year in repairs, but that still beats a lease on a new Accord, and this is way more fun to drive!

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    Currently own a 3 series sedan. Next vehicle will be a wagon, so it looks like either Volvo or Audi.

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    Art Vandelay

    I have already owned the greatest BMW wagon anyway…Euro Spec LHD E30 chassis wagon. Nothing to improve on.

    I drove a current gen one. Was a nice car, but not worth the price of admission.

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    I made 2 purchases in 2005. My first house and a new Mazda 6 Sport Wagon. It had one option, a body color grill. V6, 5-spd, it was the perfect choice for the first time homeowner. I didn’t have a job when I bought it and paid 19k for it. We had just moved to another state and I was still job hunting. It was a fun car for the time.

    It was bare bones and I wanted something a bit more luxurious once I found gainful employment. I traded it for a new 2007 XC90 V8 as we were planning on starting a family and I didn’t want to drive them around in that tin can. We had twins in 2010 and my wife still drives the XC, now pushing 110k on the clock.

    Since then, I’ve purchased 5 new cars since 2012, all sedans. Every time I shop I look at the wagon offerings and decline. I would have loved a 3er wagon but not with a 4cyl. I shopped the E400 wagon when I was buying this summer but it was about 10k more than I wanted to spend with the options I wanted. I guess I’ll just drive sedans from now on. Oh wait.

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