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Infiniti will unveil a new concept previewing its first electric car at the North American International Auto Show next month. On Friday, Nissan’s luxury division released a digitally shrouded image of the model to help build anticipation.

While Infiniti spent much of the past year showcasing interesting concept vehicles, precious few have a snowball’s chance in hell of reaching production. Instead, the autos served as an opportunity for Infiniti to dabble in a new design language while simultaneously proving that it hasn’t forgotten about electrification. Last January, the company showcased the Q Inspiration, announcing it would electrify its entire portfolio from 2021 onward, using either e-Power or pure EV powertrains. Seven months later, it unveiled the Prototype 10 at Monterey Car Week — which it said solidified the look of upcoming models, especially those of the electric persuasion.

While this upcoming crossover appears to do much of the same, there’s a chance it might be a precursor for a vehicle that might someday reach the showroom. 

Image: Infiniti

Rumored to be roughly the size of the QX30, nothing is known about its powertrain other than its fully electric status. Infiniti claims its platform is new, allowing for a “lounge-like interior,” in addition to an unspecified list of “welcoming and assistive technologies.”

We assume it’ll be the first vehicle to preview the new modular platform that will eventually underpin the majority of Infiniti’s fleet. The proposed vehicle architecture was announced earlier this year and is expected to bear fruit by 2021, when the brand launches its first battery electric vehicle. Considering current market trends, it would make sense for Infiniti to make it a crossover. This might not be the official template for that model, though it will almost certainly lay amount of groundwork for it.

“The concept car we will show in Detroit is the beginning of a new era for Infiniti, and an illustration of where we want to go with the brand. Electrification and other new technologies have given us the opportunity to evolve our design philosophy,” said Karim Habib, Executive Design Director for the brand.

[Image: Infiniti]

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11 Comments on “Infiniti Teases Electric SUV Destined for Detroit Debut...”

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    SCE to AUX

    Nissan can’t even get its 200+ mile Leaf out the door, let alone an Infiniti SUV. I’m not holding my breath.

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    Infinity, what a perfect brand name to use for BEVs, which all have charging times that are so EXTREMELY long it feels like infinity.

    • 0 avatar

      You let the EV charge while you sleep.

      If you don’t sleep, or if you don’t have electric service at your house then an EV may not be the right car for you.

      For everyone else you buy an EV with enough range to fit your daily needs, and charge it at night. Given the quirks of my.local geography, the magic number which makes an EV totally around 200 miles of range.

      For me though, charging time is a non-issue 361 says a year.. the other four days are road trips to to see Grandma, and Tesla’s Superchargers are good enough.

      • 0 avatar

        “Hi! My name is Luke42, and I am a retard”. That’s how you should have introduced yourself, as your post is just yet another example of how BEV ownership makes people retarded, because it makes people such as you point out IRRELEVANT things such as the possibility of charging BEVs at night, even though charging at night does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to decrease charging time.

        Here’s the thing – even if retards are able to find workarounds for a BEV defect, that doesn’t mean the defect disappears – it’s still there, and it’s still a defect.

        • 0 avatar

          I’d say the retard here is the person who can’t comprehend fueling up a car in any other way than going to a gas station. Personally I’d love to never go to a gas station again if possible; being able to fuel up a car at home is very appealing to me.

          Plus unless you drive hundreds of miles every day, even charging at home doesn’t take super long. Average American would use ~10kWh/day for their commute; a top L2 charger + capable car can do that in about 20-30 minutes.

        • 0 avatar

          “Hi! My name is Luke42, and I am a retard”

          Freud was sure right about Projection.

          • 0 avatar

            And I’d say that any hope for civility (what the heck ever happened to the site monitors) went out the door a long, long time ago. It’s becoming almost a chore to read posts on TTAC anymore. There are nuggets of good information out here, but dang…

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    Looking forward to a sedan or fastback version of this.

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    Great jack-o-lantern face. Gives me ideas for next Halloween: leave out logos and letters; see who can name the travesty.

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