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Yes, dear reader — that cartoon family from Springfield turns thirty today. A brief list of items not yet invented or discovered in 1989 include the internet, reliable anti-lock brakes, and the ineptitude of Rick Wagoner.

The Simpsons have gifted us not only with plenty of great one-liners over the years (“Uh, no, they’re saying, ‘Boo-urns! Boo-urns!”) but also a parking lot full of automobiles.

We’ll kick things off with the rig whose name is dropped in reviews of the Expedition and Suburban when the author is addled on OEM-provided shrimp and cannot think of another pun. Can you name the truck with four-wheel drive? It smells like steak and seats 35. Canyonero!

Who can forget The Homer, a brand new car from Powell Motors! Complete with rack-and-peanut steering, it equalled only the Aztek in tone-deafness (which also had about forty bucks worth of steel in it).

Actually, the unveiling of The Homer went about as well as the media event when Bentley debuted it concept of the EXP 9 F.

Speaking of auto shows, I’ve seen this type of stereotypical crap still happen on occasion, especially when some fossilized journosaur dips into the free booze and suddenly thinks they’re clever.

There’s plenty of debate as to the model on which Homer’s pink car with a wrinkled fender is based, but most point to it being a 1973 Plymouth Valiant. Every family member has driven it, including Maggie, and it was apparently made in Croatia out of old Soviet tanks.

Speaking of Simpsons cars that have been around the Bloc, no one forgets the rig Crazy Vaclav tried to sell Homer. “Put it in H!”

Like all good red-blooded Americans, Marge drives a station wagon. Did good in the derby, too.

Ned Flanders had problems outrunning Homer in his Geo.

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon enjoys listening to Cheap Trick while washing his Firebird, as we all do.

Either the creators of The Simpsons really like American muscle or they’re totally trolling us with a commentary on the type of people who drive the things. Lil’ Bandit belongs to Snake, even after Homer bought it. “She needs premium, dude!”

Unsurprisingly, Moe drives a piece of crap.

There are plenty of others — from Burnsie’s fleet to Fat Tony’s limo — but, given the cold and misery falling from the sky outside your author’s window at this hour, we’ll end with Mr. Plow. Now, if you lot will excuse me, I’m off to play Hungry Hungry Hippos.

What’s your favorite car from The Simpsons? There are plenty more than shown above! Chime in below.

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32 Comments on “Cars of The Simpsons – 30 Years of Vehicular Mayhem...”

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    “Is there a chance that the track could bend?”

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    I’m on the lookout for a maroon 1936 Stutz Bearcat. But I can only find them in burgundy.

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    Land Ark

    “What advantages would you say this motor car has over say, a train? Which I could also afford.”

    “Zhese are speed holes. Zhey make zee car go faster.”
    “You want my advice? I zhink you should buy zhis car.”

    “Do you find something comical about my appearance when I’m driving my automobile?”
    “Everyone needs to drive a vehicle, even the very tall. This was the largest auto that I could afford. Should I, therefore, be made the subject of fun?”
    “I guess so.”

    I have a Hot Wheels Homer sitting on my desk here at work along with the Chevelle from Talladega Nights.

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    Superintendent Chalmers’ 1979 Accord should make the list. “I used to think a car was just a way of getting from point A to point B — and on weekends, point C. That man died the moment I laid eyes on the 1979 Honda Accord.”

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    Still waiting on Ford to steal the Elec-Taurus name.

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    Matt Foley

    The Saturn SL2 owned by Homer’s mom’s hippie friends was pretty funny, especially when they painted it in psychedelic colors like John Lennon’s Rolls and drove around Springfield freakin’ people out, man.

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    Around 1996-98 I often watched the Simpsons with school friends whom I was sharing a place with. None of them were car guys. Also note this was before the era when everyone carried a smartphone with Google to instantly produce an image of whatever you wanted.

    Before the ’68 Firebird shown above, I remember Snake driving a red 1969 Charger R/T. I was quite excited the first time I saw that. Everyone else thought I was full of it. They didn’t believe that the Simpsons animators would draw a car so realistic that I could ID the make, model and year, when most Simpsons cars were just blobs. (None of them were Dukes fans as kids either.)

    Marge’s sisters drove a VW Thing. My friends didn’t believe me when I told them that was the actual model name. Then they didn’t believe that any manufacturer would make an actual car that looked so weird. (This was before the Aztek too.)

    I remember a few others, but those are my favorites.

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    Way back in the 90’s Bart and his buds want to reclaim the Lemon tree out of the of car impound in Shelbyville

    “The impenetrable fortress of Suburbia” ..Such an apt description of such a business .

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      Land Ark

      That reminds me of the road trip they took to Knoxville to see the “Wod Fir?” Where they saw the Sun Sphere which was filled with thousands and thousands of wigs.

      I believe the car they rented was based on a Mercury Grand Marquis.

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    I seem to remember Marge driving a Gremlin at around the time she met Homer, which was a great piece of vehicular casting. But not quite as scathingly, cuttingly spot-on as Hans Moleman’s Ford Contour.

    Edit: At one point, Hans Moleman had a Gremlin too, it seems.

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      Matt Foley

      I think you’re right. Was Marge’s Gremlin in the episode where Homer took Marge to the prom? I think Homer had a rusty green ’68 or ’69 Plymouth (Road Runner? GTX? or just a Belvedere?).

      The first ten seasons of the Simpsons were probably the Best Sitcom Ever (Comic Book Guy voice).

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      Otto! There’s a Gremlin on the side of the bus!

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    Mo: The “garage”? Hey fellas, the “garage”! Well, ooh la di da, Mr. French Man.

    Homer: Well, what do you call it?

    Mo: A car hole.

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    “Speed holes”
    (What I call the embellishments on aughties-decade product from certain GM nameplates)

    Also, Burnsie’s car is identified as the Bugatti Sexarosa.

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    Homer took part in a self-driving car program in a recent episode.

    I believe Principle Skinner had a Camry, that spent time at the bottom of a lake, and was burned by a disgruntled artist/ex-con. Seemed ideal car for him. Bland, tasteless, no personality whatsoever.

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    In season 28 episode 11 “Pork and Burns”, the car wash attendant calls Homer’s car a 1986 Plymouth Junkerola.

    At one point, Abe Simpson had a Studebaker Starliner Commander.

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    There is the episode at Disneyland or wherever with the electric car exhibit sponsored by the gasoline producers of America.

    Little pink car “Hello I’m an electric car. I can’t go very fast or very far. And if you drive me people will think you’re gay.”
    Animatronic gays chant “one of us, one of us, one of us…”

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    You, there! Fill it up with petroleum distillate and re-vulcanize my tires…POST-HASTE!

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    There have been so many real life cars in The Simpsons i probably couldn’t list em all out here, but i can try. sauce at the imcdb.

    Acura NSX
    AEC Routemaster
    1982 Airstream 345
    1967 Alan Mann Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    Alvis FV 601 Saladin
    AM General HMMWV
    AM General M-35
    1973 AMC Gremlin
    AMC Pacer
    1977 AMC Pacer Wagon
    1962 Amphicar 770
    2004 Audi A6 Stretched Limousine C6 [Typ 4F]
    Austin FX4
    1959 Austin-Healey 3000 Series I
    Autocar AT-64F
    Bentley Continental GT
    1992 Bentley Continental R
    1978 Bentley Corniche Drop Head Coupé by Mulliner, Park Ward
    Bentley S-Type
    Blue Bird All American
    BMW 3 [E36]
    BMW 3 Coupé [E46]
    BMW 5 [E28]
    1978 BMW 7 [E23]
    2014 BMW i3 [I01]
    BMW R 75
    Bugatti Type 50
    1971 Buick Estate Wagon
    Buick Regal
    1981 Buick Regal
    1987 Buick Skylark
    1959 Cadillac Ambulance Eureka Hi-Boy 54”
    1959 Cadillac Ambulance
    2004 Cadillac CTS-V
    1965 Cadillac DeVille Convertible [68367F]
    1969 Cadillac DeVille Convertible [68367F]
    1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz
    Cadillac Escalade [GMT435]
    2003 Cadillac Escalade ESV [GMT830]
    Cadillac Fleetwood
    1964 Cadillac Fleetwood 60 Special Stretched Limousine
    1981 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham
    1973 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado
    1955 Cadillac Funeral Coach Superior [8680S]
    1967 Cadillac Funeral Coach
    1980 Cadillac Funeral Coach
    1973 Cadillac Sedan DeVille Custom Convertible
    1978 Cadillac Sedan DeVille
    1959 Cadillac Series 62
    1956 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible
    1958 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible
    1959 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible
    Cadillac Stretched Limousine
    1959 Cadillac Stretched Limousine Six Window
    1969 Cadillac Stretched Limousine
    Checker Taxicab
    1974 Checker Taxicab [A11]
    1949 Chevrolet Advance-Design 3100 [3104]
    1957 Chevrolet Bel Air
    1975 Chevrolet Bel Air
    1971 Chevrolet Camaro Z28
    1980 Chevrolet Camaro Z28
    1986 Chevrolet Caprice
    1992 Chevrolet Caprice
    1992 Chevrolet Caprice
    Chevrolet Caprice Wagon
    1968 Chevrolet Chevy II Nova
    Chevrolet Chevy Van [G-20]
    1962 Chevrolet Corvair Convertible [967]
    1956 Chevrolet Corvette C1 [2934]
    Chevrolet Corvette C2
    1970 Chevrolet Corvette C3
    1984 Chevrolet Corvette C4
    1998 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible C5
    Chevrolet El Camino
    1983 Chevrolet El Camino
    1961 Chevrolet Impala
    1965 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe
    1967 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe
    1967 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe
    1964 Chevrolet Impala Convertible
    1968 Chevrolet Impala Convertible
    2011 Chevrolet Impala NASCAR
    1941 Chevrolet Light Delivery [3104]
    1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
    1996 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
    Chevrolet Suburban
    Chevrolet unknown
    Chevrolet Veraneio [C-1416]
    1990 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible
    Chrysler M4 A3 ‘Sherman’
    2004 Chrysler Sebring Convertible [JR]
    Citroën DS
    1968 Citroën DS 19 Cabriolet
    1971 Citroën DS 21 Pallas
    1973 Citroën Dyane
    Datsun 620
    1981 De Lorean DMC 12
    1956 De Soto
    1978 Dodge Aspen
    1991 Dodge Caravan
    1996 Dodge Caravan
    1992 Dodge Caravan C/V
    2006 Dodge Charger [LX]
    Dodge Charger NASCAR
    1969 Dodge Charger R/T
    1969 Dodge Charger R/T
    1968 Dodge Coronet
    1970 Dodge Coronet
    1957 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer
    1996 Dodge Grand Caravan
    1974 Dodge Monaco
    1996 Dodge Neon
    2000 Dodge Neon
    2002 Dodge Ram
    1981 Dodge Ram MaxiWagon
    Ducati 999
    Duesenberg J
    E-Z-Go Royal Ride
    Ferrari 360 Spider
    Ferrari F40
    1965 Fiat 850 Spider [100GS]
    1947 Ford
    1988 Ford AeroMax
    1992 Ford Aerostar Stretched Limousine
    Ford C-Series
    1968 Ford Country Squire
    1992 Ford Crown Victoria
    1998 Ford Crown Victoria
    2003 Ford E-350
    2008 Ford E-Series
    Ford Econoline
    Ford Econoline
    Ford Econoline [E-350]
    Ford Econoline [E-350]
    1995 Ford Econoline [E-150]
    1995 Ford Econoline [E-350]
    1997 Ford Econoline [E-350]
    Ford Excursion [UW137]
    1991 Ford Explorer [UN46]
    1995 Ford Explorer [UN105]
    1992 Ford F-150
    Ford F-350
    1968 Ford F-350
    1992 Ford F-350
    Ford F-Series
    1967 Ford F-Series
    1971 Ford F-Series
    1962 Ford Fairlane
    1957 Ford Fairlane 500
    1957 Ford Fairlane 500
    1957 Ford Fairlane 500
    2006 Ford Fusion [CD338]
    2006 Ford Fusion [CD338]
    2011 Ford Fusion NASCAR
    1965 Ford Galaxie 500
    1965 Ford Galaxie 500 LTD 2-Door Hardtop [63F]
    Ford Gran Torino
    Ford L-Series
    1970 Ford LTD
    1971 Ford LTD
    1979 Ford LTD [54H]
    1973 Ford LTD Country Squire
    1973 Ford LTD Country Squire
    1988 Ford LTD Crown Victoria
    1928 Ford Model A
    1909 Ford Model T Open Tourer
    Ford Mustang
    1965 Ford Mustang
    1967 Ford Mustang
    1968 Ford Mustang
    1982 Ford Mustang
    1985 Ford Mustang GT
    1987 Ford Mustang LX
    1990 Ford Mustang GT
    1995 Ford Mustang [SN95]
    2005 Ford Mustang GT
    2010 Ford Mustang GT [S197]
    1977 Ford Pinto Squire Wagon
    1986 Ford Taurus
    1986 Ford Taurus
    1996 Ford Taurus
    1955 Ford Thunderbird [40A]
    1958 Ford Thunderbird
    1965 Ford Thunderbird [76A]
    1966 Ford Thunderbird [76A]
    1970 Ford Torino
    1934 Ford V8 De Luxe Fordor [40]
    2007 Freightliner Cascadia
    Freightliner FLB
    1989 Geo Metro [SF310]
    1995 Geo Metro
    GM ‘New Look’
    1960 GM C/K-Series Panel
    1992 GM CV200
    1996 GM EV1
    GM G-Series
    1971 GM G-Series
    1978 GM G-Series
    GM PD 4106
    GM PD 4107 ‘Buffalo Bus’
    1967 GMC B-Series
    GMC C-Series
    GMC General
    1995 GMC Suburban
    1973 GMC Transmode [TZE]
    1985 GMC Vandura
    Harley-Davidson Chopper
    Harley-Davidson Electra Glide
    Harley-Davidson Fat Boy
    Harley-Davidson Fat Boy
    Harley-Davidson FL
    Harley-Davidson FLHP Road King
    1955 Harley-Davidson Hydra Glide
    Harper Invacar
    1979 Honda Accord [SJ]
    2006 Honda Accord
    1973 Honda Civic [SB1]
    Honda Monkey
    1999 Honda Odyssey [RL1]
    1953 Hudson Hornet 4-Door Sedan
    2003 Hummer H2
    Hummer Stretched Limousine
    1995 Hyundai Accent [X3]
    1984 Hyundai Pony
    International 4000-Series
    International 4700 Armored Truck
    International DuraStar
    1950 International Harvester M
    Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8B
    2006 Isuzu NPR
    Jaguar XJ-S [XJ27]
    Jeep Cherokee [SJ]
    Jeep Cherokee [XJ]
    Jeep CJ-5
    Jeep Grand Cherokee [WJ]
    Jeep Grand Cherokee [ZJ]
    1992 Jeep Wrangler [YJ]
    2018 Jeep Wrangler [JL]
    John Deere Model A
    Kawasaki KZ 1000 Police
    Kenworth K-100
    Kenworth unknown
    2006 Kia Rio [JB]
    2017 Kia Sportage [QL]
    1983 Lada Riva [2105]
    1986 Lada Samara [2108]
    Lamborghini Countach
    2003 Lamborghini Gallardo
    2006 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder
    1971 Lancia Fulvia Coupé 2a serie [818]
    1971 Land-Rover 109” Series III Station Wagon
    Land-Rover Defender 90 Station Wagon
    Land-Rover Range Rover Series III [L322]
    Land-Rover Range Rover Sport [L320]
    2002 Lexus IS 300 SportCross [XE10]
    1965 Lincoln Continental (with a 1963 Buick Wildcat trim) [53A]
    1975 Lincoln Continental
    1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III Barris Kustoms
    1972 Lincoln Continental Mark IV
    1976 Lincoln Continental Mark IV [65A]
    1961 Lincoln Continental Presidential Limousine SS-100-X Presidential State Car Hess & Eisenhardt
    1978 Lincoln Continental Stretched Limousine
    Lincoln Futura Batmobile by Barris Kustoms
    2005 Lincoln Navigator Ultimate [U228]
    1981 Lincoln Town Car
    2003 Lincoln Town Car
    1989 Lincoln Town Car Stretched Limousine
    1940 Lincoln Zephyr Continental
    Made for Movie ‘Humungous’ Truck on Ford F-100 chassis
    Mazda MX-5 Miata [NA]
    MCI MC-7
    1965 McLaren M1A Oldsmobile
    MCW Metrobus Customised
    1968 Mercedes-Benz [W108]
    1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Coupe ‘Gullwing’ [W198 I]
    Mercedes-Benz Actros [Mp1]
    Mercedes-Benz C-Klasse Stretched Limousine [W202]
    Mercedes-Benz CLK [A208]
    Mercedes-Benz CLK [A208]
    Mercedes-Benz CLK [C208]
    2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse [W212]
    Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse [W463]
    2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 [X204]
    1998 Mercedes-Benz ML [W163]
    Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse [W126]
    Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse [W126]
    Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse [W140]
    Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse Stretched Limousine [V221]
    Mercedes-Benz SL [R230]
    1990 Mercedes-Benz SL [R129]
    Mercedes-Benz SLK [R171]
    1986 Mercedes-Benz T [S124]
    Mercedes-Benz unknown
    1970 Mercury Cougar
    1992 Mercury Grand Marquis
    1950 Mercury Station Wagon
    2001 MINI Cooper [R50]
    2001 MINI Cooper [R50]
    2014 MINI Cooper [F55]
    1932 Morgan Super Sports
    Nash Metropolitan
    2000 Nissan Altima [L30]
    2009 Nissan Cube [Z12]
    2004 Nissan Quest [V42]
    1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
    1979 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Luxury
    1962 Oldsmobile Starfire
    1958 Oldsmobile unknown Holiday Sedan
    1956 Packard Patrician
    Peterbilt 359
    Peterbilt 362
    2001 Peugeot 307
    Piaggio Vespa
    Piaggio Vespa
    1970 Plymouth Barracuda
    1971 Plymouth Barracuda
    1970 Plymouth Road Runner
    1951 Pontiac
    Pontiac Fiero
    1968 Pontiac Firebird
    1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am
    1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am ‘KITT’
    Pontiac GTO
    1966 Pontiac GTO
    1967 Pontiac GTO 55
    1963 Pontiac Tempest
    1994 Pontiac Trans Sport
    1983 Porsche 911 SC Cabrio
    1983 Porsche 911 SC Cabrio
    1974 Porsche 911 Targa
    Porsche Carrera GT [980]
    1967 Rambler Rebel
    1990 Renault AE
    Renault LeCar [5]
    Rolls-Royce Phantom VI
    Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud
    Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn
    2003 SAAB 9-3 Gen.2
    2002 SAAB 9-3X
    SAAB 900 Cabrio Gen.1
    1997 Saturn SC2
    1996 Saturn SL1
    1996 Saturn SL2
    smart Fortwo [450]
    1998 Spartan Gladiator
    1940 Studebaker Commander
    1954 Studebaker Commander Starliner
    1955 Studebaker E-Series
    1955 Studebaker E-Series
    1912 Stutz Bearcat
    Stutz DV32 Groening
    1998 Subaru Forester [SF]
    2000 Subaru Legacy [BH]
    2005 Subaru Outback [BP]
    2018 Tesla Model 3
    2013 Tesla Model S
    2017 Tesla Model S
    2008 Tesla Roadster
    1989 Tiffin Allegro
    1995 Toyota Camry [XV10]
    2002 Toyota Camry [XV30]
    2007 Toyota Camry [XV40]
    2011 Toyota Camry NASCAR
    Toyota Corolla Sport Liftback [AE86]
    1997 Toyota Hilux [N60]
    2004 Toyota Prius II [NHW20]
    2004 Toyota Prius Stretched Limousine Mk.II [NHW20]
    2001 Toyota Sienna [MCL10]
    Utilimaster Aeromaster
    Volkswagen [Typ 1]
    1968 Volkswagen 1500 [Typ 1]
    Volkswagen Campmobile [Typ 2 / T2]
    Volkswagen Convertible [Typ 1]
    Volkswagen Golf II [Typ 19E]
    1958 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Convertible [Typ 14]
    Volkswagen LT II [Typ 2D]
    Volkswagen New Beetle [Typ 1C]
    Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible [Typ 1Y]
    Volkswagen Panel [Typ 2 / T1]
    1964 Volkswagen Panel [Typ 2 / T1]
    1968 Volkswagen Panel [Typ 2 / T2]
    1980 Volkswagen Rabbit Convertible I [Typ 17]
    Volkswagen Sedan [Typ 1]
    Volkswagen Station Wagon [Typ 2 / T1]
    Volkswagen Station Wagon [Typ 2 / T1]
    Volkswagen Station Wagon [Typ 2 / T1]
    Volkswagen Station Wagon [Typ 2 / T2]
    1963 Volkswagen Sun-Roof Sedan ‘Beetle’ [Typ 1]
    1973 Volkswagen Thing [Typ 181]
    1986 Volkswagen Vanagon [Typ 2 / T3]
    Volvo 240 [244]
    1986 Volvo 240 [244]
    1979 Volvo 244
    1975 Volvo 245
    Volvo 740 [744]
    1990 Volvo 740 [745]
    Volvo 760 [764]
    1995 Volvo 960 [964]
    Volvo FM
    1999 Volvo S80 Gen.1 [TS]
    2000 Volvo V40 Gen.1
    2000 Volvo V70 Gen.2
    1950 Willys Jeep Pickup Truck
    Willys MB ‘Jeep’
    Winnebago Super Tram

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    Was watching an episode the other day where Homer forgets to pick Bart up from soccer, he looks out for a pink station wagon with a roof rack.

    I was thinking that if the Simpsons was started today they would be driving Canyoneros.

    Remember Homer got a loaner Cadillac?

    Skinner is mentioned as owning a Merkur (imported European Fords) and a Volvo at various points.

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    Mike Beranek

    There’s a Simpsons-themed driving video game from about 15 years ago called “Hit and Run”, it’s kind of like Grand Theft Auto but in Springfield. You can steal any car on the road and use it for all kinds of mayhem.
    For pure speed, nothing beats Martin Prince’s “Honor Roller”, but it handles like John Force’s car. Apu’s T/A is a much better choice, it handles well but isn’t as fast as you would expect- perhaps it has the dreaded 301 under the hood.
    The most useful car in the game, by a wide margin, is Snake’s “Lil Bandit”, which appears to be a Charger. Great balance of speed, handling, and durability. There is also a car that you get from Professor Frink, but it’s a special that is only available for one specific mission.
    Great game, and as is often the case, a driving game where you bash stuff and run over pedestrians is way more fun than a driving game based on realistic racing.

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    Don’t forget about Otto and the school bus!

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    Not related to cars, but… “You’ll have to speak up. I’m wearing a towel.” Is possibly one of my favorite lines of all time. Whether I’m wrapped in a towel or not, I try and use it whenever possible.

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    Homer being impressed with the Dodge Caravan Mel Gibson was chauffeuring them in, always sticks out in my mind

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