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When Porsche submitted a VIN decoder guide to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for its 2019 model year vehicles, AutoGuide noticed a new addition — the 718 Cayman T — back in July. Details were spartan, with most specifications listed as TBD. However, the guides did specify a 2.0-liter powerplant and some weight savings over the standard model.

New details have emerged since then, suggesting the engine may be bigger and more powerful than initially assumed. 

According to AutoExpress, the Porsche Cayman T will wedge itself between the ($79,800) GTS and the ($67,700) S models using a tuned version of the 2.5-litre flat-four that develops roughly 360 bhp. Based on that output, it slides right in between them — and without much wiggle room, since there’s only a 15-horsepower difference separating the two.

From AutoExpress:

Weight saving features such as thinner glass, fabric door pulls and sports seats will feature, along with more extreme measures such as the removal of the audio system. These moves should trim around [44 pounds] from the car’s [curb weight].

A collection of Porsche’s most popular add-ons will also be fitted as standard, such as a sports exhaust, the sport chrono package (lowering the ride height by 10mm) and 20-inch alloy wheels.

It sounds like a blast to drive, but perhaps a little less enjoyable to commute in than a vehicle that retained its radio. Consider this Porsche’s last hurrah for the fourth-gen (928) 718 Cayman, much like the Speedster will be for the current 911. Porsche is rumored to be readying an official announcement for the not-too-distant future.

[Image: Porsche]

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9 Comments on “Porsche 718 Cayman T Likely on the Way for 2019...”

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    If you really want a drivers Cayman then saving for the GT4 is really the only option. Both the 2.0 and 2.5 turbo fours have really bad turbo lag due to the single turbo configuration combined with the longer distance between the two banks of intake valves of boxer engines. The PDK is good as masking it but if you drive the manual it is very noticeable. You’d think that for around $80K they could have afforded the second turbo like they did on the 911.

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    Oh, so it’ll sound like a slightly larger sewing machine.

    The Cayman died when they got rid of the flat-6.

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    Every time I see the right Porsche I think….”The most perfect car I can ever conceive of is right there…why am I even bothering with anything else? Just get one…”

    And then I remind myself that a mid-engine Corvette is coming…..

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    My 987 Cayman S was probably the most perfect car I’ll ever own. I never understood why people love the sound of the flat 6 so much though. I never cared for the sound of any boxer engines. I haven’t driven a 718 yet. I’m concerned about steering feel. The 4 though doesn’t bother me.

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    The 911 T has an upgraded base engine. I expect the same for the Cayman T. So, the 2 liter it’ll be.

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    Wonder if upcoming respective platform replacements will actually reflect the prices this time, or if Porsche will still need conscious Cayman crippleware(s) like four-popper motors and no lsd to keep 911 on top.

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