Junkyard Find: 2005 Scion XB, Devil Vampiress Edition

Murilee Martin
by Murilee Martin
junkyard find 2005 scion xb devil vampiress edition

Toyotas mostly don’t show up in the big self-service wrecking yards until about age 15, so discarded Scion xB s are just beginning to appear in U-Wrench-It inventories. Here’s a Scion Toaster covered with totally brutal airbrush murals, spotted in a Denver-area yard a few months back.

I can’t tell whether the front body parts got wrecked prior to junking, or just sold off to junkyard customers after arrival. These cars are rare enough in the cheap yards that they tend to get picked over very quickly.

The Scion story — Toyota’s not-so-successful attempt to make a “youth brand” — would be an interesting topic of discussion by itself, but what’s going on with the airbrush murals here? The image of some sort of blue demonic woman with bat wings, devil horns, and pupil-less eyes adorns both sides of the car, for starters.

The flames play over heaps of skulls, no doubt wailing in a thermonuclear and/or frostbitten Hell.

There’s an aftermarket “carbon fiber” hood with bulge and racy latches, too, plus sporty wheels.

You’ll find one in every car. You’ll see.

It’s no “Bite The Banana” Pontiac Aztek, of course, but I do have many questions about this car. If you can find some mention of its pre-junkyard existence online, let us know.

The kids must have gone crazy for this ad, a decade ago. Or not.

Perhaps some Devil Vampiress murals might have saved this poor xB.

The Japanese-market ads for the Toyota bB were similarly frantic.

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  • R Henry R Henry on Nov 02, 2018

    These gen1 xBs were fantastic. Scion's problem was GII. Toyota took all the things that made gen1 great---small size, small engine, good fuel economy, and cuteness....and engineered those things out. GenII had 2.3L instead of 1.5L, was larger in size, more thirsty, more expensive, and fugly. To understand the failure of Scion, one need only understand the points listed here.

  • Glwillia Glwillia on Nov 07, 2018

    Man, this junkyard find makes me pine for the good ol' days of CrabSpirits backstories..

  • Jeff S I haven't seen one of these since the 90s. Good find.
  • William Piper Ditch the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance for starters….Mitzu has probably benefited less than the other two partners and it has shackled any brand creativity moving forward.
  • Tassos I knew a woman in the area, a journalist (at least she claimed to be a reporter of some kind) who owned one of these tiny pickups with a manual transmission. SHe was only 40 at the time, but she must have been hard of hearing, because she would routinely forget to shift and we would go at fairly high speeds in very low gear, which made a huge racket, which did not seem to bother her (hence my deafness hypothesis). Either that, or she was a lousy driver. Oh well, another very forgettable, silly car from the 80s (and if my first and LAST VW, a 1975 Dasher wagon, was any indication, a very unreliable one too!)
  • Tassos Now as for the Z specifically, Car and Driver had a comparison test of the new Z400, a car that looks good on paper, with plenty of HP etc, but, despite the fact that the cars that win in those tests are usually brand new models that are more up to date than their aging rivals, the Z finished DEAD LAST in the test, to my ovbious surprise.
  • Arthur Dailey Sorry but compare that spartan interior to the Marks that Corey is writing about. 'A cigarette lighter'. Every Mark had 4 cigarette lighters and ashtrays. And these came standard with 'a 3.4-liter, 182-horsepower straight-six in the engine compartment and a five-speed manual transmission'. Those do not tick off many of the luxury boxes aspired to by 'the greatest generation'.Not sure about the 7 series but one of My Old Man's associates showed up once with a brand new 5 series circa 1977 and they gave him such a bad time that he traded it for a Fleetwood within a week.