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'96 Accord ad/Image: YouTube

It’s a running joke around here, but like the best humor, it comes from a kernel of truth: TTAC should always write about Hondas. Every article — Honda. Readers just can’t seem to get enough of the Big H.

California filmmaker Max Lanman knows what’s up. Either he’s been lurking in TTAC’s Slack, or he’s hacked our Google Analytics — but in the course of a day, nearly half a million people have tuned in to his commercial showcasing an eBay auction for his girlfriend’s well-used 1996 Honda Accord.

As expected, it’s working.

As of this writing — and with six days left on the auction — 87 bids have been registered, sitting (for now) at $20,400.

The power of social media compels you to bid, apparently. Kelley Blue Book gives this magnificent pride of Marysville a somewhat lower value:

One could even drive home a brand-new, Ace of Base-approved Honda Civic LX Coupe for but $540 more:

Overall, this Accord seems to be in reasonable condition for its age. The southern California location has helped, certainly — salt will destroy a 1990s Honda in short order. The leather looks to be well-worn, but serviceable. The bumpers show evidence of parking by Braille, and the Autocheck report provided by eBay shows evidence of two prior accidents. Still, when considering a collector’s item such as this beauty, those are minor data points.

It seems the port-installed front-seat coffee maker is not included in the sale, however.

So, intrepid car buyers of the B&B – at what dollar figure do you think this will top out?

[Images: eBay; Screenshots courtesy YouTube, Kelley Blue Book, Honda]

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15 Comments on “Crapwagon Outtake, Viral Sensation Division: 1996 Honda Accord Coupe...”

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    As the owner of a’13 V6 coupe this is wonderffully hilarious. Popcorn please.

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    I still miss my first 93. I’d love to have a new one as a side project car with a turbo kit.

  • avatar

    I am simultaneously:

    -Pleased at the quality of the video
    -Annoyed at the eBay stupidity and/or social media buzz effect
    -Thinking that the buyer at $20,000 won’t pay up
    -Wondering where the cat went when she reached her destination

    • 0 avatar

      -Thinking that the buyer at $20,000 won’t pay up

      Yup, it is a troll bid. The likely value for this car at this age is likely $2-3k max, assuming perfect mechanical condition. With the torn leather seat and the bumper scratches / rust spot I’d say around $2k.

    • 0 avatar

      Check the bid history…someone bid $65,000 and then retracted it.

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    A well-kept 2017 Accord coupe will be worth more than this in 20 years.

  • avatar

    Love the ad…

  • avatar

    “salt will destroy a 1990s Honda in short order”

    FWIW the ’96-’97 facelift of that generation got more body galvanization, the rear fenders are less rust-prone than on earlier Accords.

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    CKNSLS Sierra SLT

    You can have all the ridiculous bids you want-payment is another story.

    Write about that when it happens.

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    This is why I hate tan carpets. That looks filthy. I know my black carpet is likely just as dirty, but at least I’m not reminded of it every time I open the door. The seat is in surprisingly rough shape for 140k miles. My car has 150k and the seats look great.

    Maybe the pictures aren’t from the right angles to show it, but I’m surprised the paint isn’t completely sunburned. Though maybe it’s just the lighting, the hood looks like a different color than the rest of the car.

    I think they will get about $2,000 for it.

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    I wonder if eBay has to void this auction. The only info on the listing is the original starting bid. Listing of the many bids which I saw maxed out at $100,100 was deleted.

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    Matt Foley

    I loved everything about that generation of Accord except the stupid captive brake rotors. What the hell were they thinking? So unlike Honda to make something as simple as a brake job so damned difficult, for no apparent reason from an engineering standpoint.

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    Well done ad, and expensive if done “at work” – especially the aerials. I was thinking about the cat also, but not where it went after arriving at the destination. More of a “in case of a collision” type of scenario. I would agree with the $2K point – give or take.

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    $500? Sure
    $1200? Maybe
    $2000? No thanks
    $26,000? Either trollin’ or way too doped up on Honda

    I haven’t heard great things about the EX Accords if this generation. You get nice extra features, but the Vtec goes through oil if you beat on it too much.

    Btw Is that 26mpg hwy estimate accurate?

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