We're Taking the Rest of the Day Off for This…

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
we re taking the rest of the day off for this

Up here in Canadia, home of your humble associate editor, today marks the country’s Civic Holiday — a day where Canadianites from far and wide bundle into the country’s best-selling car ( 20 years running) and head to Alliston, Ontario.

Why Alliston? Honda, silly.

As laid out by our forefathers (they reached an accord), the Civic Holiday unites countrymen in their love for Japanese engineering, high-revving four-cylinders, and mods, mods, mods. At 6 p.m., we assemble in the parking lot of the Alliston plant to mark the return of the Civic hatch, the volume knob, and give thanks for the Type R, so long denied to us by the powers that be in Tokyo. There’ll be Labatt 50 on tap and government-mandated Uber rides.

Actually, it’s just a simple mid-summer holiday that doesn’t correspond with a similar day in the United States — and a rather scattershot one at that. Still, we’re planning to rest up, tip a glass to Archibald J. Civic, and return tomorrow with all the things you need to know to live an informed, fulfilled life. Until then, here’s another Civic.

[Images: Honda]

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  • Damon Thomas Adding to the POSITIVES... It's a pretty fun car to mod
  • GregLocock Two adjacent states in Australia have different attitudes to roadworthy inspections. In NSW they are annual. In Victoria they only occur at change of ownership. As you'd expect this leads to many people in Vic keeping their old car.So if the worrywarts are correct Victoria's roads would be full of beaten up cars and so have a high accident rate compared with NSW. Oh well, the stats don't agree.https://www.lhd.com.au/lhd-insights/australian-road-death-statistics/
  • Lorenzo In Massachusetts, they used to require an inspection every 6 months, checking your brake lights, turn signals, horn, and headlight alignment, for two bucks.Now I get an "inspection" every two years in California, and all they check is the smog. MAYBE they notice the tire tread, squeaky brakes, or steering when they drive it into the bay, but all they check is the smog equipment and tailpipe emissions.For all they would know, the headlights, horn, and turn signals might not work, and the car has a "speed wobble" at 45 mph. AFAIK, they don't even check EVs.
  • Not Tire shop mechanic tugging on my wheel after I complained of grinding noise didn’t catch that the ball joint was failing. Subsequently failed to prevent the catastrophic failure of the ball joint and separation of the steering knuckle from the car! I’ve never lived in a state that required annual inspection, but can’t say that having the requirement has any bearing on improving safety given my experience with mechanics…
  • Mike978 Wow 700 days even with the recent car shortages.