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2017 Honda Civic hatchback & 1977 Honda Civic hatchback, Image: Honda Canada

Up here in Canadia, home of your humble associate editor, today marks the country’s Civic Holiday — a day where Canadianites from far and wide bundle into the country’s best-selling car (20 years running) and head to Alliston, Ontario.

Why Alliston? Honda, silly.

As laid out by our forefathers (they reached an accord), the Civic Holiday unites countrymen in their love for Japanese engineering, high-revving four-cylinders, and mods, mods, mods. At 6 p.m., we assemble in the parking lot of the Alliston plant to mark the return of the Civic hatch, the volume knob, and give thanks for the Type R, so long denied to us by the powers that be in Tokyo. There’ll be Labatt 50 on tap and government-mandated Uber rides.

Actually, it’s just a simple mid-summer holiday that doesn’t correspond with a similar day in the United States — and a rather scattershot one at that. Still, we’re planning to rest up, tip a glass to Archibald J. Civic, and return tomorrow with all the things you need to know to live an informed, fulfilled life. Until then, here’s another Civic.

2016 Honda Civic Sedan - Image: Honda

[Images: Honda]

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37 Comments on “We’re Taking the Rest of the Day Off for This…...”

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    I want to “like” this just for mentioning 50.

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    That picture tells it all… When I first saw the new Civic from the front, I did a double-take, wondering if it was the new accord. It’s (relatively speaking) huge.

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    Just call it like the rest of us do. Its August long.

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    I owned that original Civic. Several times.

    (Actually, mine were silver and green. My then-girlfriend-now-wife, hers was copper.)

    Great car, it was.

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      I had 1983 Civic S. Unbreakable!

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        Arthur Dailey

        The original Civic was indeed a ‘micro car’. By 1981 they were an acceptable size to the general public.

        And as you mentioned their engines, as long as you changed the timing belt as required, were almost unbreakable.

        Had an ’81 4 speed with zero options (manual choke) and an ’82 5 speed with an AM/FM radio and both were reliable and fun vehicles that compared most favourably to available cars that were both larger and more expensive.

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        1983 1300FE.

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    Looking at that picture I made side by side comparo of ’92 Civic to current. LX sedan that is

    92 – $11,585
    17 – $18,740

    92 – 32 mpg 30/36
    17 – 32 mpg 31/40

    92 – 102hp over 1.5L
    17 – 158hp over 2L

    92 – 5MT/4AT
    17 – 6MT/2CVT

    92 – 173x67x54 — Wheelbase 103.2
    17 – 182x71x55.7 — 106.3

    92 – fuel 11.9gl
    17 – 12.4 gl

    92 – 17

    Head Room:
    Front 39.1 inches 39.3 inches
    Rear 37.2 inches 37.1 inches

    Leg Room:
    Front 42.5 inches 42.3 inches
    Rear 32.8 inches 37.4 inches

    Shoulder Room:
    Front 53.7 inches 57.0 inches
    Rear 53.3 inches 55.0 inches

    EPA Passenger 86.6 cu.ft. 97.8 cu.ft.
    EPA Trunk or Cargo 12.4 cu.ft. 15.1 cu.ft.

    Some things seem never changed in 25 years. Others seem changed too little.

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      What about weight?

      The picture for the article makes the 1st gen Civic look like it was the size of the original Mini. Its micro sized! Imagine doing an engine swap with a modern Civic on that little thing.

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        Scary thing was the original Mini was even smaller than the original Civic. Not by much but still…

        I don’t think any version of the Civic had 10″ wheels either.

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          That would be the Honda N600 and Z600 coupe sold here before the Civic was introduced. They were Kei cars we could legally buy here, air-cooled 2 cylinder motorcycle-based engine, with a stick shift sticking out of the dash (a trait Honda has used many times since).

          I want a Z600, make it avocado green, please. They make a CRX look like a Continental.

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        I’d also be interested in the performance. If MPG, power and acceleration are improved, added weight doesn’t bother me. It might make it less tossable and light on its feet than a’90s Civic, but improvements in safety, comfort and features make that a decent trade off in what really is an economy car.

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      Also consider the safety improvements. If we’re going to crash, give me the 2017 any day. I can deal with the ugly bumpers to keep from *becoming* part of an ugly bumper on a Traverse.

      It isn’t so much size as it is outstanding improvements in safety technologies, from how the car is designed to absorb the impact while protecting the passgener cabin, to the advanced airbags* that protect during the impact.

      *Don’t even think about mentioning Takata, I’d rather take my chances with airbags than without them. That doesn’t mean I refuse to drive a car without airbags, because I often do, but would I rather have them than not? Bet my life on it, I would.

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        Good point. Now, I, in fact, did crashed in 1990 Civic. I was driving on 55 mph road in rainy weather. some young idiot decided to turn left from opposite lane. The funny part was, I was still only getting up to speed from previous light, and I saw this guy, and I was thinking, “you can still do it, you can do it, you can do it, NOT anymore, you can’t do it…”, and then he went. And then he saw that in the right lane, little behind me, was another car and he just hesitated, nearly stopped right on my way. So, he was positioned about 45 degrees and I directed the right side of my car into his passenger door. This saved me. It was pretty soft offset impact. I only banged my knee pretty badly – the key penetrated my knee cap. So, here goes “key in the dash design”. The Civic was bent in half. Roof, everything. But I lived to tell this tale.

        And BTW, I didn’t have the airbag. And even if you had early airbag, there was good chance to get hurt by it. They were too strong, single stage

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    30-mile fetch

    Even the wikipedia page doesn’t solidly tell me why you get this day off. Pfft. How do you expect to become the miserable overworked superpower we are if you’re allowed to steal 8 hours of your life back from feeding the insatiable corporate and executive coffers?

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    Arthur Dailey

    As alluded to, at least in Ontario Civic Holiday/Simcoe Day/August Long Weekend is not a statutory holiday but instead one that most employers voluntarily provide.

    Yes here in Soviet Canuckistan, thankfully the heritage of our ties to Europe help to offset the sway of geography exerted by the USA.

    In fact we have a governing party that actually proudly calls itself ‘Liberal’ and another party the NDP that was founded by a coalition between unions and evangelical Christians and which for most of its existence espoused a ‘social democracy’ stance.

    The concept of social collectivism is particularly strong among the Quebecois.

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    I love the Civic, I’m probably going to buy both of those cars up top, actually.

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    1st gen: Awesome
    2nd gen: Awesome, but MMC was a downgrade
    3rd gen: 10 years ahead of its time
    4th gen: Still 10 years ahead of its time
    5th gen: Best tiny car ever built
    6th gen: All right
    7th gen: Sucked
    8th gen: Bigger but better
    9th gen: Sucked
    10th gen: Haven’t driven one yet

    Edit: I see Wikipedia and the forums don’t agree with my division of second and third gens. Fixed.

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    I realize that the 2017 Civic is one of the best driving small sedans on sale.
    Unfortunately the tail light design is so atrocious that I will look elsewhere for my drive.

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    cimarron typeR

    Our 1st car, mine and my older bros car was an 80 Accord cream over cream beige. We both learned how to drive a manual with that car. We were spoiled with that gearbox/clutch engagement, as compared to later cars we would both own.
    It died a good death, premature bearing failure from previous owners infrequent oil changes, with the exception of the one performed just before she sold it to us, I suppose.

    I do like the styling of the soon to be replaced Accord and current CRV , but I’d only be interested in said Accord with the Type R drivetrain , including magic strut or whatever they’re calling they’re FWD setup

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    Will little fun to drive hatchbacks like the old Civic ever make a comeback?

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      Only if gas gets expensive again.
      Right now the masses are purchasing bulk.

      A Honda Civic that looks like a modern day takeoff on a late 50s styling fail.

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      I test drove Civic hatchback sport, it felt noisier and pickup wasn’t all that great I think it’s 0-60 is about .6 secs slower than sedan. However it does good deal if cargo space so not a bad option .

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        No great pickup, no great brakes, no great clutch, no great steering, no phone integration software. May be dealer filled 87 petrol. Sport delivers more juice only on Premium.

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    …learned how to drive a standard in a rusted-out second generation civic; never much cared for hondas, but for those two weeks in the hills of connecticut during the summre of ’88, that car did alright by me…

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    Take note, that in the French Republic of Quebec, we do not get this holiday.

    As a transplanted Ontarian, I’m still a little mad about it.

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    No Nickname Required

    Jeff: Happy holidays!

    Walter: Screw you! It’s merry Civic day!

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