Rare Rides: A Horrendous Monte Carlo is Your Year 2000 Nightmare

Corey Lewis
by Corey Lewis
rare rides a horrendous monte carlo is your year 2000 nightmare

Our last couple of Rare Rides have been special limited edition vehicles. Last week we saw a GMC Spectre which, upon viewing, my friend declared, “That interior looks like an old Taco Bell!” Prior to that, a Nissan Desert Runner made all your Zima-beach-toting dreams come true, even with its sketchy and unclear history.

But today’s limited edition is more rare and more ugly than either of those two prior examples. It’s also newer, which makes its styling all the more egregious and offensive. By the year 2000, we were supposed to be beyond such gaudy nonsense. But the Monte Carlo SS Jeff Gordon Signature Series Commemorative Edition is as ridiculous as its name is long.

Fortunately, this special edition was extremely limited in production, with only 24 examples screwed together. The one for sale here is number 19 of the run. The seller must really think the number 19 is quite special, because he’s priced this dated front-wheel drive coupe at $49,900.

Maybe he’s banking on the fact that this particular Monte Carlo was produced toward the end of the bygone Personal Luxury Coupe era, where the Monte Carlo was a willing participant for many years. Though this generation ran from 2000-2005, there was another version after that, from 2005 to 2007. Then, Chevrolet finally decided to call it quits on the model.

And by the way, this Monte Carlo is the V6 one (though a majestic 3800 Series II), not the full-fat 5.3-liter LS4 version.

The interior is nothing special, either. There are some red bits sewn onto the wheel and the automatic shift lever, for extra NASCAR reality and sportiness, and stuff. The interior is in as-new condition, as you’d expect for a car with 112 miles on the clock.

In addition to the shocking five-shade and graphically enhanced paint job, you get some special wheels, dual exhaust, cladding, and the signature of Mr. Jeff Gordon right on the back of the car. There’s another signature there too, but he must not matter because he doesn’t get a mention.

It’s certainly a Rare Rides qualifier, but I think I’d wear a bag on my head if I had to be seen in it. That way, my mullet could flow freely out the back, undisturbed.

[Images: MSM Global LLC, via Hemmings]

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  • Prisoners Prisoners on Apr 12, 2017

    That would make a nice vehicle for a certain parade. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  • Azfelix Azfelix on Apr 12, 2017

    Regarding the headlights on that model: Kermit the Frog called. He wants his eyeballs back.

  • Fred I don't know about those big screens. Is there a way to minimize the display, so it's not so distracting? Especially at night the glow doesn't make it easy for me.
  • Arthur Dailey Toronto Blue Jays' games are only available on AM radio. As I am 'on the road' quite often when the Jays play that is my only option for listening to the game. So an AM radio is something of a 'must have' for me.
  • JMII My brother tracked one of these for several years... it will embarrass other sports cars. He sold it to someone who still rips it around on track days. Given my previous VW experience I wouldn't touch it but these are surprising quick and handle well for hatchback credit going to a decent AWD system. $16k seems crazy, but Rs aren't that common and this one appears to be in great condition and seems well sorted.
  • Arthur Dailey I meant the grille and the profile along the passenger area. Look closely and it is reminiscent of the Journey.
  • Daniel 16500 pesos