When Will the Chevrolet Bolt Glide Into Your State? Find Out Here

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
when will the chevrolet bolt glide into your state find out here

Chevrolet has released the state-by-state distribution plan for the Chevrolet Bolt, with the all-electric subcompact gradually trickling inland from the coats from now until the third quarter. Nineteen states will see a preliminary wave of deliveries completed by summer’s end. That’s assuming, of course, that dealerships ordered the EV in a punctual manner and production keeps pace.

The manufacturer was careful to call this an “approximate” timeline.

According to a distribution plan originally snagged by GreenCarReports, every state should have at least one showroom with a 238-mile Chevrolet Bolt in it by September of this year. However, General Motor’s rollout is already underway on the Pacific coast.

The first deliveries of the Bolt began right before 2016 came to a close, with 579 vehicles delivered — primarily in California. Oregon dealerships should receive their remaining cars later this month and a quick inventory search shows that some dealerships have Bolts already.

Following the model’s western launch, the next states to see the rollout are Massachusetts, Maryland, and Virginia. Those states should have the EV by the end February. By March and April we should see the Bolt cropping up in New York, New Jersey, and Washington.

The above distribution plan shows the rest of the rollout schedule for the United States.

Keep in mind that some of the initial volume could show up as 2018 model year vehicles, since the Bolt plant in Orion Township, Michigan has a model year changeover scheduled near the start of summer. Interestingly, Michigan will be one of the last states to see the new EV go on sale. However, Chevrolet has prioritized Bolt distribution for markets where it perceives the greatest demand for its Volt plug-in hybrid and for electric cars in general.

[Images: General Motors]

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  • Stingray65 Stingray65 on Jan 17, 2017

    Schedule might be adjusted based on whether anyone in the Blue states actually buys them, and how much GM can afford to lose by ramping up production while losing $9K per unit. Even in "super green" Norway with its big EV subsidies, the EV market is weakening as indicated by ever bigger discounts being offered - 30+% off sticker.

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    • Thinkin... Thinkin... on Jan 20, 2017

      @Vulpine Do you have a source? Every article I've read says some variation of the following: "according to an anonymous source familiar with the matter, GM could stand to lose up to $8-9000 on the base model Bolt..." There is a LOT of speculation in "up to" $8-9k" and "base model" and "according to anonymous sources." So if you've got an article quoting a GM rep directly, I'd love to read it. Until then, $9k sounds like a sensational headline worst-case-scenario, and misses that even at that level of "loss" on the production side, there's still a $7000 profit per car.

  • Tandoor Tandoor on Jan 18, 2017

    So I may be wrong about the Bolt. I've been calling it a compliance car all this time (and GM would be stupid to not get the credits first) but just maybe I can consider buying one in early '18. That is, if it's not supremely uncomfortable to sit in like most Chevys. Can't wait to meet my knowledgeable Bolt salesman. Maybe he won't believe it's a perpetual motion machine like my Leaf salesman did.

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