Car Comes to Screeching Halt on Landmark Newfoundland Cliff (Video)

Mark Stevenson
by Mark Stevenson

I dunno, I think I’d get a bigger truck. @VOCMNEWS

— Earl Noble (@Noble41) April 3, 2016

Newfoundland: it’s where to visit when you want to meet locals who seemingly speak unintelligible English. It’s also a place where you can park a car halfway down the side of a landmark cliff.

One woman was sent to hospital in serious condition in the yet-unexplained incident that’s left a car dangling half way down the face of Signal Hill and tow-truck operators are currently trying to recover the mangled wreckage.

From local news station VOCM:

A woman is in serious condition after a bizarre situation unfolded this morning atop Signal Hill. She was ejected from the car just before it plunged over the cliff and part-way down where it remains at this hour. The woman, who was rushed to hospital, was driving the car when it lost control and went through a rough area. The vehicle sits just above the walking trail, so walkers are being asked to stay away from the trails.

Neither drugs nor alcohol have been mentioned as a likely cause.

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