2017 Toyota Highlander: Start-Stop For (Almost) All

Chris Tonn
by Chris Tonn
2017 toyota highlander start stop for almost all

Toyota unveiled a refreshed 2017 Highlander in advance of next week’s New York International Auto Show. The only external clues appear to be a wider, deeper grille, hiding a host of mechanical and interior upgrades. A new, direct-injected 3.5 liter V6 is paired to an equally-new eight-speed automatic.

The new V6 also features a fuel-saving start-stop system on all but the “only on the lot to advertise a low lease payment” LE model.

The Highlander will also be offered in a sporty SE model, with dark trim replacing much of the brightwork, black leather seating, a tuned suspension, and 19-inch wheels to differentiate the sport model from the Highlanders that spend the weekends at the off-road park.

Connected passengers will be thrilled that four more USB charging ports have been added to the luxurious interior, for a total of five.

[Image: Toyota]

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  • VW4motion VW4motion on Mar 16, 2016

    This new Highlander will break its sales record. Not to many vehicles beat its reliability ratings and resale value. Compare this to a Nissan Pathfinder which somehow is a competitor. You lose about $10k driving off the lot in a Pathfinder and the Highlander has one of the highest resale values out of any vehicle.

  • Kosmo Kosmo on Mar 16, 2016

    Ugly? Yes. Maybe a different color? But I'll probably buy an SE if it can get around a corner without flopping over on its side like a fish out of water. I need a CUV, and live in the sticks. I can buy a more interesting one in Portland, but have really tired of driving into/through Gotham for service. I can buy a Highlander 15 miles away from home. Getting old and boring, I guess.

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