Hyundai Should Build This 'Vision G' Coupe Yesterday

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole

Hyundai will show off its “Vision G” concept coupe at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance next week, and holy crap just make it already.

The Korean automaker showed the car off Tuesday to media in Los Angeles and detailed the concept’s theoretical specs. Its 5-liter V-8, which it shares with the Genesis Sedan and Equus, would provide motivation for the presumably rear-wheel drive car.

Mine eyes see Wraith in back, tall Aston up front. Wonderful. [You need vision correction, Aaron. -Mark]

Curiously, the car doesn’t sport ridiculous concept garb. There are no comically large wheels or cameras for windows. The car’s 20-something inch wheels look somewhat normal in the wells, and it appears that the doors don’t open in strange ways. (Hyundai says that the doors do open automatically, “as if being opened by a valet.”)

Peter Schreyer, president and head of Hyundai design speaks:

“The design is our interpretation of the idea that Hyundai breathes into all of its vehicles – a DNA that balances design and performance with the idea that you don’t need to be over the top in terms of glitz and stereotypical luxury cues.”

Nope. All you need to do is look like expensive Brits and cost one-third as much.

Aaron Cole
Aaron Cole

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  • Bd2 Bd2 on Aug 12, 2015

    Prefer the HDN-9 Venace concept but that's a totally different type and size coupe. This basically has the same hexagonal shape/rendition that is on the current Genesis sedan and previous concepts (like the Intrado) and headlights reminiscent of those on the previous Sonata hybrid (except, better shaped - actually the oversized hexa grill and stretched headlights are a commonality with the Sonata hybrid). Does look a good bit better in the live shots but could use some nip and tucks here and there (but those taillights are awful).

  • Corey Lewis Corey Lewis on Aug 13, 2015

    "(Hyundai says that the doors do open automatically, “as if being opened by a valet.”)" That will just break and be slow in the rain. Option delete please. Also on any production version that door handle won't be such a distance from the door. It's silly.

  • JK I grew up with Dodge trucks in the US, and now live in Turin, Italy, the home of Fiat. I don't think Italians view this as an Italian company either. There are constant news articles and protests about how stalantis is moving operations out of Italy. Jeep is strangely popular here though. I think last time I looked at stelantis's numbers, Jeep was the only thing saving them from big big problems.
  • Bd2 Oh yeah, funny how Trumpers (much less the Orange Con, himself) are perfectly willing to throw away the Constitution...
  • Bd2 Geeze, Anal sure likes to spread his drivelA huge problem was Fisher and his wife - who overspent when they were flush with cash and repeatedly did things ad hoc and didn't listen to their employees (who had more experience when it came to auto manufacturing, engineering, etc).
  • Tassos My Colleague Mike B bought one of these (the 300 SEL, same champagne color) new around June 1990. I thought he paid $50k originally but recently he told me it was $62k. At that time my Accord 1990 Coupe LX cost new, all included, $15k. So today the same car means $150k for the S class and $35k-40k for the Accord. So those %0 or 62k , these were NOT worthless, Idiot Joe Biden devalued dollars, so he paid AN ARM AND A LEG. And he babied the car, he really loved it, despite its very weak I6 engine with a mere 177 HP and 188 LBFT, and kept it forever. By the time he asked me to drive it (to take him to the dealer because his worthless POS Buick Rainier "SUV" needed expensive repairs (yes, it was a cheap Buick but he had to shell out thousands), the car needed a lot of suspension work, it drove like an awful clunker. He ended up donating it after 30 years or so. THIS POS is no different, and much older. Its CHEAPSKATE owner should ALSO donate it to charity instead of trying to make a few measly bucks off its CARCASS. Pathetic!
  • RHD The re-paint looks like it was done with a four-inch paintbrush. As far as VWs go, it's a rebadged Seat... which is still kind of a VW, made in Mexico from a Complete Knock-Down kit. 28 years in Mexico being driven like a flogged mule while wearing that ridiculous rear spoiler is a tough life, but it has actually survived... It's unique (to us), weird, funky (very funky), and certainly not worth over five grand plus the headaches of trying to get it across the border and registered at the local DMV.