By on June 22, 2015

2016 Ram 2500 Heavy Duty Laramie Limited

FCA isn’t content with taking the horsepower crown with the Dodge Charger Hellcat. They also want to win the torque war amongst the heavy-duty pickups and grab a first place towing trophy in the process.

Say what you will about Best In Class claims when it comes to pickups, but Ram keeps pushing the torque envelope. The HD truck is now pushing 900 lb-ft of torque, up from 865 lb-ft in 2015, when equipped with the 6.7L Cummins diesel I6. That means it will also best the competition in towing capacity – by a margin of more than two tons – with a rating of 31,720 pounds based on the SAE J2807 standard.

Engineers were able to make the gains through improvements in fuel delivery and turbo boost calibration while reinforcing the rear axle ring gear with 16 bolts (up front 12) to handle the additional torque.

The new trucks will go on sale in the third quarter of this year.

[Ram 2500 pictured]

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52 Comments on “2016 Ram 3500 Looking to Win in Torque War with 900 lb-ft...”

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    “Horsepower” i how hard you hit a wall.

    “Torque” is how far you take the wall with you.

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      I do wonder what tune you’ll be singing when FCA is sold or “merged”.

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        It gives me no pleasure to see Chrysler passed around like a cheap whore. They make a competitive product which I thoroughly am satisfied with. So long as SRT exists, I’ll be rolling SRT.

        If something happens and Chrysler is dissolved, I’ll sadly just go back to Mercedes S-class leases.

        This company is being mismanaged and if I were in charge, I’d personally bring them to the gates of Valhalla – chromed out and supercharged for eternity – while everyone else accepts lesser cars, lesser engines and lesser excitement.

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          So, in other words, you’d go out in a two-year blaze of glory and then have no plan and no ability to satisfy CAFE.

          Sounds a lot like what’s already happening. Are you sure you’re not Sergio carefully disguised?

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          “It gives me no pleasure to see Chrysler passed around like a cheap whore.”

          I find it rather amusing.

          Your metaphor has me thinking, Awww……….. poor pimp Marchionne.

          All he has to do is pimp FCA to the Japanese and the WW2 Axis of evil is complete.

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            “All he has to do is pimp FCA to the Japanese and the WW2 Axis of evil is complete.”


            I hadn’t thought of that.

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      Great, now I have the ability to turn my normal home into a trailer.

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    Not sure who is buying these for the towing rating. 30,000 is well into CDL territory. Though I’m sure there are plenty of people who ignore the cdl / dot number requirements / etc.

    Like most people don’t know that you need dot numbers on your pickup if your over 10,001 lbs gvwr or gcwr and going out of states. Quite a few states even require the numbers for interstate travel as well.

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      Ranchers hauling cattle trailers? The only kind of people who can afford to get these kind of trucks are those who write the cost of the vehicle off on their taxes… or oil bros…

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      Onus – more and more places are toughening up licencing to HD pickups. There are some huge recreational trailers and toy haulers out their. In some cases companies are buying these to avoid tougher licencing requirements. In many jurisdictions all you need is a regular driver’s licence with a large RV tow licence or max tow licence. They are easier and cheaper to get and don’t usually come with the need for physicals.

      I know a guy who works for an electrical contracting company. They purchased a Ram to tow 30k. He says it scares the sh!t out of him when he does tow since he has towed with”real” tractors.

      Ram just needs to build a heavy duty 1500 to compete more directly with Ford or GM. Coils, air ride and baby diesels don’t live up to Ram’s hype. Air ride was thought to be the “be all end all” but it does not provide the same LOADED ride stability as available in Ford or GM 1/2 tons. The VM diesel aka ecodiesel is rated to tow/haul much more in Europe and similar displacement engines are used commercially.

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        It’s not that its air ride its that they have a crappy control arm set up/bushings designed for unloaded ride. As you know air bags are very common on HD trucks and trailers.

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          Scoutdude – The Ram 1500’s are the ones that are reported in some magazine/Ezine tests to be having less stability and composure under load. The Ram 2500 coil spring truck seems to get decent ratings. The last test I read with HD’s the GM was picked over the Ford or Ram despite having a lower tow rating than either competitor.

          I do find these ratings and this max tow race to be very stupid. Get a commercial tractor if you want to tow heavy. Most can be factory ordered with nice interiors or run through one of many upfitters if you want all out interior bling.

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      Here in CT towing over 10,000 pounds for a business requires a class A CDL but there is no weight restrictions if your doing it for pleasure here. You could buy a full on tractor trailer with a huge camper and be OK in CT as long as it’s only for personal use.

      Other states are different I know boat movers from Florida like these kinds of rigs.

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    bumpy ii

    I kinda wonder about who actually uses something like this. The tow rating is well over the limit for a CDL, and I would think that somebody towing that much weight with any regularity would just buy a medium-duty truck to begin with.

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      Carlson Fan

      You ever seen the size of some of 5th wheel travel trailers people pull with FS PU’s?. And it’s not about the weight always, it’s about pushing the air/wind out of your way. Often the weight, is the easy part to move.

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      I certainly hope the brake system is up to the task, as well as the transmission.

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      Anecdotally I feel like I’m seeing a lot more PU towed car haulers vice full size tractor trailer car haulers. With the power that modern HD trucks have and internet based scheduling it might be an easy way to be self employed. Buy a mid 2000’s diesel, start towing used cars all over the country, bank your profits and move up to a newer truck. I won’t rebut any challenges to this guess because it’s just that.

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      Around where I live, the many ladies (and some gents) running horse farms, towing gooseneck or fifth-wheel (horse) trailers. Still mostly F-250/F-350, but after Ford destroyed its diesel reputation, more and more Rams.

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      I’ve seen plenty of small to medium sized contractors towing well over 10k lbs with their 3/4 and 1 ton PUs. One guy I talked to used to have a Medium truck and just went to having a 1ton PU and towing a larger trailer.

      In California having a commercial vehicle adds all sorts of regulatory, insurance and tax headaches. If you’re a smaller roofer or masonry operator its easier to have a smaller truck.

      You can do the start a biz with a used 1 ton PU, but you are pretty handicapped as your truck has almost as much overhead but only 1/4(weight) to 1/2(cube) of the capacity of a proper long haul 5 axle flatbed for van. IMHO you’re better off finding an older ugly ducking semi-tractor and running it.

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      “I kinda wonder about who actually uses something like this.”

      Well, I’d say the bulk of the sales go to a guy like this…he’s about 50, is a middle manager in some corporation, “uses” it to haul his new 60-inch TV home with, and isn’t real happy with the state of his man parts. Plus, he needs something more badass to plaster all those Obama-hater stickers on.

      Or at least that’s the prime candidate where I live.

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        FreedMike – in some cases yes.
        An acquaintance of mine is a manager for a small forest resource company. He managed to get a Lariat F150 due to deep factory discounts. The big boss to prove he was top dog purchased an F450 Platinum. The guy never towed or hauled anything. After a year of having the fillings rattled out of his head he got a Platinum F150.

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    Cummins Diesel V8?


    Edit: V6 is still a type

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    So can I delete that ridiculous grille and get the current one or are we stuck with RAM?

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    You need 900ft-lb to haul a 45lb child to day-care?

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    I’m looking forward to people complaining about poor tire life on this truck.

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      bball40dtw – those who aren’t used to owning HD’s are gonna sh!t themselves having to replace 6 ten ply tires. On highway use one can get decent life but gravel road use stock tires can be completely toast well under 30k miles. My brother has gotten a new HD in the spring and by winter needed new tires.
      My F150 even though I don’t spend a large amount of time on gravel roads needed new tires at 50,000 km/31,000 miles. The stock Wrangler SR/A’s found on most 1/2 ton pickups are pretty much useless for anything other than smooth paved roads.

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    Only Ram still makes pretty trucks. Everything else is dumpster-grade Legos.

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      Mid-Indiana isn’t exactly the Buffalo/Cleveland/Detroit/Chicago salt belt, but I’m seeing what I think are fairly late model Rams with major lower perforation. Not talking panel edges/seams rust, but wind whistling thru the lower cab type rust.

      Certainly not on par with Ford and GMs.

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    Great. So now the giant trailers will come flying by at 100 mph rather than 95 mph on I-5.

    It really seems like there is a large subset of the people who buy these things who think they have a constitutional duty to tow as fast as the engine will allow, trailer tire ratings, ability to stop, and the safety of others be damned.

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      dal20402 – I’ve seen that during prime time tourist season. You have morons with 1 ton diesels pulling 10 k trailers like nothing is there or guys in 1/2 ton pickups that are overloaded with a 10 k trailers. I also see 90 year old types with a nitro bottle in one hand and a coffee in the other driving Greyhound bus sized motorhomes pulling trailers doing the bucket list trip to Alaska. Truckers get extremely pissed off at all of these civilians driving way over their skill levels.

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      I once experienced this first hand. I was passing through an intersection with a clear green light and one of these rigs blew right through the red, maybe four feet in front of my car. This was on a 50-mph road, so this guy was probably doing 60 so he could get through the intersection.

      I was driving a 2005 Focus at the time…with my kids in the back. He’d have killed us all.

      I followed him with my cell phone on, taking pictures of his license plate and trying to report him to the cops so they could do something about this incompetent boob. At a red light, he stopped, got out and atarted yelling at me. I yelled at him that I had pictures of his license plate and was on my way to the police station to turn in a report. He got back in.

      Guess even the heavy duty crowd doesn’t like dealing with five-oh.

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    Did FCA sponsor an “Ugly Grille” contest and this was the winner?

    Only a matter of time, folks…

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    I hope for Fiat’s sake this won’t end up like the Navistar engines in the Fords. They hop up the output, then are surprised when they start blowing up.

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