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34th GTI Meeting, Worthersee

Our European correspondent, Vojtěch Dobeš, is at the 34th Annual GTI Meeting in Worthersee this week. Hopefully he will have some interesting stories to share if he isn’t too distracted by Austria’s fräuleins.

Here’s your news from overnight.

[Photo: GTI Treffen am Wörthersee]

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20 Comments on “While You Were Sleeping: Worthersee GTI Meeting, Gilles Sits at Head of Drawing Table and Jeep Wants to Build a Range Rover...”

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    There are some really good people leading FCA. Leadership makes all the difference (contrast Chrysler’s post-bankruptcy trajectory with GM’s)

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    You did his name wrong, it’s Vojta!

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    Well FCA, let’s see if you can make the Grand Wagoneer work before you try for something at a price bracket $30,000 higher, m’kay?

    Also, this would likely be based on the Maserati Kubang (I bet). What happened to that thing anyway? Or is that one of the things we’re not talking about – as Sergio opens a Maserati dealership with no high end SUV but promises a high end Jeep SUV.

    Edit: I notice it’s been renamed the Levante now, which is better than a Kubang, but sounds like a dish washing liquid.

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      Isn’t the Levante based on the Grand Cherokee bones?

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        No. It’s going be related to the Ghibli and Quattroporte I think. Now we are going to have to play FCA platform bingo again.

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        Nope. And I don’t think this is gonna do well, either. Look at it, it’s basically a modern AMC Eagle.

        “The test mule confirms Maserati is sticking with its own platform rather than relying on Jeep Grand Cherokee running gear, as previously planned. The platform is a modified version of the rear-wheel-drive underpinnings found in the Ghibli and Quattroporte sedans, complete with Maserati’s own Q4 all-wheel-drive system.”

        Hot mess.

        Which means the GC platform has to hold the GW AND something larger? Sounds like we need a new platform here. Perhaps the GW can take over on the Durango one, and then use some RAM platform for the Ascent Platinum or whatever they end up calling it. The Jeep Ascent sounds nice though.

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    Love the 510 article. Buddy of mine had one when I lived near Portland. Drove it every chance I got.

    Dont care so much for the lowered ones, just never have liked that look.

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      My second car was a ’71 510. Excellent mechanicals for its day, quite peppy, liked it a lot. Sadly, the body was VERY prone to rust.

      When GM started downsizing in ’77, I sniffed that my own car had been downsizing itself for a few years, so I was well ahead them.

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    Also while I was sleeping: omygawd

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