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BMW M Coupe

As should be quite clear from my previous Crapwagon ramblings, I like weird cars. My current garage, however, is quite boring, with a domestic minvan and SUV, and a rusty/immobile Miata. For the last four years, my automotive wanderlust has been mostly sated by writing for Bring A Trailer. I’ve been able to stave my funky automotive cravings by writing about the cars rather than inviting a call from a divorce attorney.

There are a few cars that make me consider that tradeoff. Near the top of the list: an E36/8 Clownshoe, otherwise known as the M Coupe. Those massive flares, the short wheelbase, and the MGB GT-aping hatch make me feel all tingly. I followed a trailered, caged M Coupe last weekend for a while (I’m assuming it was headed to a trackday at Mid Ohio) and it gave me rather dirty thoughts.

This one is in Estoril Blue, my second favorite (behind Technoviolet) BMW hue of all. It has less than 60,000 miles on the odometer and is basically stock. The limited production numbers seem to be driving prices up, sadly out of reach of my meager wallet. I doubt these will reach 1M levels of insanity, but I can see $45,000 for a clean, low-mileage example like this one in about five years.

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38 Comments on “Crapwagon Outtake: 2000 BMW M Coupe...”

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    I see an M clownshoe driving around town occasionally that always stokes my interest in these cars, but finding one that I’d be willing to own always proves impossible. Cool cars, though.

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      I’ve always liked these, but this happened near me last year and I’m not the same since:

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        I was internet-shopping these a few months ago. Very few for sale nearby and those that were had been driven long and hard, questionably modified, and had asking prices in low 5 figures.

        I started looking at Z4 coupes instead, there are some nice examples out there, but prices are still in the 25k neighborhood. With the aftermarket support available to MX-5s, I couldn’t justify getting rid of mine in favor of the Z4.

        They are beautiful cars and I6s are magic. I may never own one, but I’d damn glad BMW made them!

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      You can see pretty much every one in the country currently for sale at this page:

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    Most phallic car design of all time?


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    BMW used to sell cars with a naturally aspirated I6?

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    These things used to be cheap. Looked into em ~6yrs ago and nice M52 ones like this were <<$15k, and S54s weren't much more.

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    Didn’t Neidermeier buy himself one of these a few years ago? And didn’t he report that it was easy to get the back end unstuck?

    I agree that the MGB-GT aspect of these is appealing.

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    Definitely a cool looking car, great lines!

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    A lovely little bread wagon and a right handful on slick roads… Would love to have one… And, yes, in that blue or the violet.

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    I should have gotten one of these new when I had the chance, instead of waiting for the stupid Z4 that I went for.

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    Nice greenhouse. A 360⁰ view of every truck’s drive shaft.

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    I had a 2001 3.0 Z3 coupe. Yellow with red leather interior. The combination worked better in person than it sounds lol. That engine’s output wasn’t too far off the pre 01 M. It was a fun car and got a lot of looks, whether thats good or bad IDK. For the 3 years I owned it only ever so one other coupe and it was an estoril blue M. The driver actually passed someone just to get behind me and wave!
    Sometimes I wish I still had it. I would consider the s54 M in the future.
    I loved it, but ultimately sold it as I didn’t drive it very often.

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    The owner of my local BMW Indy shop has one of these with all the Dinan goodies and a supercharger. Takes insane to a whole new level. And yes, they can be pretty tail happy little beasts.

    krhodes1 BMW news of the day, the 2016 BMW 2-series order book and price list finally dropped, so my Estoril Blue M235i order is now officially official. 2.5 months to Munich! And amazingly enough, $2500 *cheaper* than a 2015 would have been thanks to them re-jiggering the options and packages! I’m so happy I could spit!

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    Yay ! Nothing like having one built exactly the way you want it. That exact car was in my work lot, big brakes and all. Nice……..

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    I enjoyed a silver on black/red 1999 M Coupe for four years as a weekend car. The stock suspension is surprisingly soft and makes the rear challenging to control, once I installed custom coilovers and 255/18 front 275/18 rear tires & wheels it was amazing, loved driving in the canyons and mountains as often as possible. The S54 engine would have been even better but the S52 never gave me one issue and had a great mid-range pull. The best part is I sold the car for $4k more then I paid for it after four years of ownership! Definitely goes down as a favorite car of mine, even in with all the cool cars around it attracted a lot of interest.

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    I wonder what the aero is on these things. They look like they’d actually have good downforce…

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      I’m no Adrian Newey, but I’d guess that it actually has some lift at both axles, like most street vehicles. There are no spoilers, wings, diffusers, winglets, or tunnels through the bodywork, and ride height is too great to block flow under the vehicle. The profile is more similar to that of an airplane wing cross-section rather than the sort of inverted wings that promote downforce.

      I didn’t find any numbers for the M Coupe, but its successor – the Z4 Coupe – has 28kg of front lift and 43 kg of rear lift at 200 km/hr.

      A few more on here, with a bunch of race cars too:

      Still, I always thought the M Coupe was a beauty.

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        Maybe it’s faster. I dunno.

        F1 dudes in the late 60s had to be getting some benefit out of their experimental Kammback cars, and this is sort of a Kammback.

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    I wish there were more ‘shooting-brake’ designs offered at affordable pricing. Instead of Ferrari and Mercedes, how about a Scion FR-S?

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    johnny ringo

    This thing reminds me of a clown show…all it needs is a bright orange paint job to complete the effect.

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    Estoril Blue is my favorite BMW color, but if I could afford an M3, I would be rocking Yas Marina Blue.

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    I love it. I like the 318Ti hatches, too. Something about a BMW in hatchback form. A 318Ti is a much closer reality to me financially. Im not comparing the performance of the two, just to be clear.

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    Sine I wear size 15 shoes, I highly approve of the design of this car.

    No backup camera required.

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    I owned a 2000 M Roadster in Estoril Blue. It was the convertible version of this car. The engine and suspension in this car were lifted straight from the M3. I had some very minor mods that pushed this to 300hp. I was literally one of my most favorite cars I ever owned. It was quick, nible, and light.

    These cars are a collector car now in BMW circles and especially the coupe version above. Not surprising the prices on these are increasing.

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      I never liked these, and I remember around the time they were new I would see weird color 90’s green ones quite a bit, and also a yellow. I thought (at the time, as a child) that it was a modification to the convertible, like an option package to make it look like this.

      It’s too – I dunno, trying too hard for my tastes. And the windows never looked like they were supposed to be that shape by design; forced.

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