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Morgan 3 Wheeler (2014) Front Side

When word started leaking that Charles Morgan had been fired by the family owned traditional British sports car maker, one of the reasons given was that Mr. Morgan had, in an unauthorized manner, told a group of Morgan owners that an improved version of the 3 Wheeler would be launched.


Few things are more traditional in the automobile business than “we can’t discuss future product plans” because no matter what’s in the pipeline, you don’t want to do anything to discourage potential customers from buying what is currently in the showrooms. Now it turns out that if Charles Morgan had indeed told a Morgan owners group that the 3 Wheeler was to be upgraded, he was telling them the truth. Over the weekend at the Motorcycle Live show in the UK, Morgan 3 Wheeler Ltd., the company subsidiary that markets the Mog reverse trike, introduced the first major revision of the 3 Wheeler since Morgan bought the rights to Ace Cycle Car’s spaceframe replica of the original 3 Wheeler and put it into production in 2011. Since then, the company says that it has delivered 1,000 3 Wheelers. That’s a large enough sample to get user feedback from and Morgan has responded with a number of significant changes to the vehicle.

The spaceframe has been upgraded for better torsional stiffness and improved handling, the center drive unit is said to be more durable, the bevel box that drives the back wheel has been isolated to improve NVH, and changes have been made to the steering geometry and relatively primitive front suspension to eliminate bump steer and improve high speed stability. On the outside, new colors and graphics are offered and and the body is now vented for driver and passenger comfort. Cooling of the air-cooled S&S V-twin that powers the 3 Wheeler also gets attention with an optional Urban Cooling Pack.

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16 Comments on “Charles Morgan Was Apparently Fired For Telling The Truth: Morgan 3 Wheeler Indeed To Be Upgraded...”

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    Of all the problems I could imagine having with a Morgan 3-Wheeler, a lack of cabin ventilation is not one of them.

    Being fired for letting brand faithful know of product improvements seems petty at best, if true.

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      juicy sushi

      Depends on the size of the owner’s group and the wording of the suggestion.

      i.e “Don’t buy a 3-wheeler until the new one comes out next year” to a group of say 500 Morgan owners could be a bit of a bad move…

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        …or if they already own 3 wheelers could convince them to upgrade to a newer model or at least let them know they are addressing concerns with the product. I think we still don’t have enough information, we’ve really only heard one side of the story.

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        It’s all about cash flow, make hints but no time-lines.

        Obsoleting a techy / niche product before you have sold the existing inventory is the kiss of death for a small business.

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      Revealing Product Development plans is hardly trivial. It’s no wonder he got fired for it.

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    Interesting. As a car buyer you’ve always got to assume that the next model will be better than the current model. With the super-rich perhaps it would be best to just convince them that they should by one old one and one new one. :P

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    “…to improve NVH”

    I thought excessive NVH was the whole point of this vehicle … “Stiff upper lip chappy, the sleet will stop hurting after 100 miles and your hearing will return to normal in two or three days”.

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    My only experience with Morgan vehicles was around 1988 when a buddy in high school drove one up after class , I had no idea what it was other than some obviously British car and that it wasn’t his.

    His dad ran a restoration business and although my buddy was more into 60s impalas than foreign iron, he figured someone would like it and had driven a customers car between lovations and detoured to the high school lot….as he got ready to leave he pulled up to the speedbump in the lot and started a burnout.

    Although he had done this a dozen times in his 64 Impala with no ill effects, this ended VERY badly when he released the brakes and the car hopped over the bump and promptly exploded the ring gear in the rear end when it caught traction.

    We helped him push it out of the main lot and decided to leave before his dad got there with the flatbed.

    I remember two things about the Morgan, 1-you have to call the factory in Old Blighty to get rear axle innards and they apparently ask a lot of questions about why you’re buying parts, which vehicle you own, etc etc. and 2- it had something strange and esoteric like seat belts from a WWII bomber in it.

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    With any other car model, it would be assumed that a new, improved model was coming.

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    johnny ro

    This is one vehicle I don’t have to worry about wanting. I cannot get in it, at six feet with long legs. Its pretty cool item, friend has one.

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    That must have been a real dilemma sacking the cars name sake!!

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    87 Morgan

    I suppose I would agree if we were talking about a mainstream auto builder regarding revealing future product. As my wife calls them/me ‘Morgan Dorks’ tend to overlook the shortcomings of their car knowing the next version will be better than the next. Similar with most autos, only slower with the updates at Morgan.

    They essentially brought the same. Are to the U.S. From the 70’s through 2003 which was the last year for the +8, I believe.
    As a tradionalist I find that what makes Morgan so neat is the family heritage behind it. If they are going to move to more of a, for lack of a better term, Ferrari type Co. Then they need to bring better product to market with less quirks that people are willing to forgive. Which, they can’t do in reality.

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