Junkyard Find: 1985 Dodge 600 Turbo

Murilee Martin
by Murilee Martin
junkyard find 1985 dodge 600 turbo

Once Chrysler’s K platform proved successful, the E (for “extended”) version of the K soon followed. First was the 400, which was then upgraded to the 600 for the 1983 model year. You don’t see many 600s these days, though you might see the occasional Hongqi CA750F version on the streets of Beijing. Here’s a once-luxurious brown 600 I spotted in a Denver wrecking yard.

This thing is covered with crystal pentastars.

You like brown cordo-velour and pleather for your interior? Good!

A vinyl landau top was still a relevant feature on crypto-luxury coupes in the mid-1980s.

This one hasn’t held up too well under the Colorado sun.

Because 1985 was the future, you got the Chrysler “Message Center” in your 600.

And, of course, turbocharging.

Even by the standards of early Post-Malaise Era America, it’s hard to imagine that the Dodge 600 convertible was the object of many yearning dreams.

Cheaper than a Buick!

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  • Mieden Mieden on Dec 03, 2013

    I had a good friend who was an EMT in the early 90s. When I asked why he quite, his exact words were "I couldnt stomach vacuuming what was left of people out of their K-cars anymore". Words to live by.

  • Armadamaster Armadamaster on Mar 05, 2014

    My used car dealer friend used to rent these off his lot well into the 1990's, loved them for rental beaters, & the later model Acclaims, Sundances, Dynastys too.

  • FreedMike “…former president Dmitry Medvedev recently took a trip to China and praised the country’s cars as being on par with Mercedes-Benz.”is that before or after the Tik Tok integration?
  • Pig_Iron I'm willing to bet most of these were improperly torqued. 🔧
  • Pig_Iron You can buy a focus sedan right in the USA. It's called a maverick. 😒
  • Pig_Iron Brown bag a ploughman's lunch. 💼
  • Pig_Iron I thought IBOC was supposed to bring about a renaissance in terrestrial radio? Too bad the FCC went with a proprietary standard. I listen to AM every day because it offers superior geopolitical current affairs news and analysis, and because it offers non-English language programming also. EVs and less choice make driving drudgery. 😔