The World's Best Sports Car Drivers All Run Into Each Other

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth

Hoo, boy.

The Baltimore Grand Prix is famous for big-money wrecks but this one stands out, insofar as it’s the worst kind of crash a racer can have: one that happens before you get to do any racing at all. The Sunday-evening quarterbacking’s been intense, with various people being assigned blame. One name being thrown around is Scott Tucker, primarily because he’s the most high-profile pay driver in the melee. Jalopnik wrote a long story about Mr. Tucker’s business practices in the past. As a former manager of a check-cashing store, your humble E-I-C pro tem has a thorough and visceral distaste for that miserable, repulsive business, so the less I say about that the better. Let’s just say that Mr. Tucker can certainly afford to buy himself a new prototype. The question will be: are the rest of the participants in the crash just as well-off? In high-end sports-car racing, you never really know.

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  • "Your humble E-I-C pro tem has a thorough and visceral distaste for that miserable, repulsive business" - I like Jack more and more. Check cashing businesses and payday loan shops are leeches on America's struggling working class. Mr. Tucker can drive off a cliff for all I care, especially if that puts more talented drivers into the arena.

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    • P___mill P___mill on Sep 05, 2013

      I am not a fan of Tucker. I deplore the payday lending business. I hate that after racing in professional series for years, he went back and proved you can buy an SCCA championship. I root against him on track. I think ALMS would have vastly better ratings if they portrayed him as the heel instead of the hero. All that said, he is the team owner not just a pay driver. So if he drives off a cliff the two car team, talented co-drivers, mechanics, engineers, etc are going home and not entering the arena.

  • AoLetsGo AoLetsGo on Sep 01, 2013

    This story reminded me of the high school where my kids went to school. Lots of fender benders with rich brats in high priced cars they did not deserve. "Biased Dad Comment" my son had the clapped out 1991 Explorer 2 door 5 speed manual at the time and was proud that it was both his money into it and our sweat and blood that kept it on the road.

  • Corey Lewis Corey Lewis on Sep 03, 2013

    Upon seeing the title in my inbox, I assumed this article would be about a BMW dealer service department.

  • Jacob Jacob on Sep 06, 2013

    This "race track" is a massive fail. Does anyone still doubt this after having watched the HORRENDOUS IndyCar race the following day? Oh yeah! It's really fun to watch million dollar open wheel cars and prototypes bounce around on uneven pavement like a porno star's fake boobies, and then catch some air at the chicane. The IndyCar even spent like half of its time under full course cautions. So did the ALMS race. Isn't this fun? I hope this event doesn't return in 2014.

    • Aristurtle Aristurtle on Sep 06, 2013

      I only saw the ALMS race, so I can't speak to the IndyCar event, but it seems like they've got too many cars on too narrow a track. Also, some of those streets need resurfacing, but then it's Baltimore. At least the course didn't run over Orleans St; they'd need to use rally cars for that one. I'll miss it if they get rid of it next year; it's nice to have a race event right there in the city. I don't think I'd bother driving all the way out to Summit Point or VIR or wherever to see a race, but going a couple of miles to the Inner Harbor is different. But I wouldn't be surprised if they got rid of it; I can't deny that it was a fiasco.