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The NHTSA is looking into whether GM is doing the right thing with cars it has recalled. According to Reuters, “the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it has opened what it calls a recall query to look at whether a stress test GM is using on a portion of the recalled cars is good enough, because a fire occurred after the procedure that was meant to catch the problem.”

In May, GM recalled 42,904 2012 and 2013 model Buick LaCrosse and Regal cars, and 2013 model Chevrolet Malibu Eco cars equipped with its “eAssist” mild hybrid system, after circuit boards did overheat and would “lead to a loss of battery charge or, in extreme cases, a fire in the trunk,” as the report says.

Of the recalled cars, about 22,000 are getting their battery packs replaced. The rest undergoes a screening test to see if the control module needs to be replaced.

Says Reuters: “NHTSA questioned the effectiveness of the screening test because the fire in March occurred in a car that had already gone through the testing as part of a service procedure before the recall.”  The NHTSA said that the fire drew “into question whether or not the procedure can effectively identify a defective control module.”

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12 Comments on “NHTSA Probes GM’s Screening Test After Fire...”

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    Injuries or deaths?

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    doctor olds

    From Reuters: “If the warnings are ignored, the engine may stall. There may also be a burning or melting odor.” “…GM remains unaware of any injuries or crashes related to the issue.”

    NHTSA would be extremely likely to publicize any injury they know of.

    The YouTube video above was “Uploaded on Apr 19, 2010” and certainly does not relate in any way to this post.

    Typical nonsense about GM.

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    I get the whole GM Death Watch thing built this site (and I can provide a link to doubters where I wrote, in electrons, that I felt GM was on the ropes and on the path to bankruptcy in early 2006 – so there).

    But I also seem to remember that the official TTaC position after the Toyota debacle was not to report on investigations or recalls. Any such person guilty of violating this “policy” would thus be forced to list every recall and investigation opened up for that month (admittedly only being the 9th and the 4th was a holiday a short task).

    I also get editorial discretion, have at it.

    But the last I checked:

    1) GM went bankrupt (hooray we were both right!)

    2) GM got bailed out (feel about as you want)

    3) There is a growing stack of evidence that GM is actually building good cars, and no I don’t mean the JD Powers initial quality survey

    4) The Treasury is liquidating the government position in GM, at a loss admittedly

    5) GM stock is up for the year and trending better than Ford and Toyota (no it can’t be!!!) making those losses a bit less painful

    6) GM is a dominate force in China, and TTaC was wrong after their month after month after month prediction of a Chinese collapse

    It is just getting old.

    Why not run a story on the 4 vehicle Chevy Volt recall yesterday? The headline could be…

    Tax Payer Bleeding Volt Recalled for Brake Systems of Certain Death

    You could show a picture from a completely unrelated incident for the story. Say the red Chevy Volt that got destroyed in Washington state a couple of weeks ago when a motorcycle rider decided to ride head on into it at highway speed.

    I read great pieces and then I see stuff like this and just go, ugh. So can we get a list of all other recalls and open investigations for the month of July? Or did GM get special treatment.

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      doctor olds

      The site is mis-named.

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      Kevin Kluttz

      You GM fanbois will see. You’ll see. Maybe YOUR steering wheel will be in your lap soon. Better check those front brake pads, too. The Cruze will end up being as good a car as the LeMans from the late 80s.

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        I’ll take the troll bait – just this once.

        ONE steering wheel on hundreds of thousands of cars comes off – no injuries lets add – and GM does an immediate recall. The impacted vehicles were literally a handful that had the steering wheels installed off of the production line due to a parts shortage.

        Nissan just recalled almost a million vehicles over a 6 or 7 year period for steering wheels that fall off – where is your outrage?

        Or your outrage at crappy Honda brake pads on the Accord, also under recall?

        Or the fact that Toyota apparently couldn’t design the shape of a gas pedal properly and had to modify hundreds of thousands of cars accordingly.

        Ya, that’s what I thought.

        Fanboi? Go look in a mirror and drink some more haterade.

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    Kevin Kluttz

    I see all these GM cars (abominations) on the road and I have to wonder why all these total idiots are still buying them. Same bunch of idiots that were there before the bankruptcy.

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      I find it interesting that you decry fanbois and yet you have such a strong view yourself.
      A unbiased person would acknowledge that GM (along with most car companies) make some good vehicles and some poor vehicles. They would also accept that reliability, across the board, has improved over the past few decades. But that differences between brands still exist.

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      They’re there because we’ve abandoned Darwinism to cull the lesser masses from the population, so we have to rely on rebadged Daewoos instead.

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      Athos Nobile

      I drive a GM car. It drives well and has served us good so far. OK, I didn’t buy new, but based on this experience, I would repeat. I had a GM derived car (Japanese) and currently have another one (Swedish) sitting at home. I would consider buying GM or GM-based product again based on my previous experience.

      I am stupid because of that? What car brand do you recommend then? Enlighten us!

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    Buy this guy a Manta already!

    Seriously, I have been in the business close to 30 years now (no, not advertising, automotive), and my peers and I never cease to be entertained by this website. Unfortunately, sometimes we are laughing at it, not with it………

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