Crapwagon Outtake: R63 FOR SERIOUS BUYAER

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
crapwagon outtake r63 for serious buyaer

It’s said that only 5 R63 AMGs ever made it to Canada. They all must be in Toronto. I know of two in the neighborhood I grew up in, while another one was for sale a few months ago in Oakville (and still is). Meanwhile, this one just popped up for $31,000. According to the ad “ONLY SERIOUS BUYAER FOR MORE INFO PLEASE ONLY CALL. ANY TIME”. So, go do that. I would, if I had the extra cash. Then again, financial responsibility is overrated.

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  • Schmitt trigger Schmitt trigger on Jul 03, 2013

    Spelling mistakes I can tolerate, I make my fair share too. What is appalling is the "texting" know, no punctuation, no capitalization, and unrestrained contraction of words. i hav car 4 sale nice lol pls serius calls only lol if u want see it dont come erly i slip late lol

  • Numbers_Matching Numbers_Matching on Jul 03, 2013

    Having briefly lived and worked in Toronto, I would say adds like this are the norm - especially for euro cars. 1 out of 2 people in that city cannota-speaka-di-hinglish very well.

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    • Sgeffe Sgeffe on Jul 05, 2013

      @Fordson I'm OCD to begin with. (Sorry for that grammar faux pas, but we're talking spelling..! ;-) ) I also had a high-school English teacher who was cooler-than-cool (including being a huge Far Side fan), who made it fun to be a grammar snob!

  • MoDo MoDo on Jul 03, 2013

    I use to work for MB. Anyone interested in the V8's gets pushed into an AMG. They usually bite too, because unless the vehicle just debuted they'll give massive discounts to move them. Any one of the R63's (and equally rare older E55 wagons, only 4 or 6 of those in Canada too) was sold with a massive, sometimes $20,000 discount. It was nothing to see them give $100K+ in discounts to move those SLR's too. Mainly because they were sick of them sitting around for YEARS on end.

  • -Nate -Nate on Jul 04, 2013

    What the heck ? . I was born & raised in America and went to public schools but my grasp of the English Language as spoken & written in America, is tenuous as best . Couple that with fat fingers and never enough time to go back and proof read , of _course_ there's going to be spelling errors . KwitcherbellyakinandSMILE ! =8-) . -Nate