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When I saw the TTAC alias “gimmeamanual” the first time, I thought the guy wanted a stick. Today, I received an email from someone called  JustGiveMeTheDamnManual. Again, I thought he must despise the automatic, and must want a stick shift real bad.  Then, I visited his website.

According to the email from TTAC reader Jay Pisty, his website  has “a little over 2,000 owner’s manuals online.” The fruits of Jay’s manual labor will be more plentiful down the road: “I don’t have everything yet but I am working on it,” Jay says.

If you are one of the many used car buys that did not find the damn manual in the glove box, this site is worth a visit.  It will give you PDFs of owner’s manuals from Acura all the way to Volvo.

Just be a little careful.  What looks like a navigation menu at the bottom is cleverly packaged advertising that leads you to less useful parts of the Internet. Also, I was not allowed to investigate the site further. At the top, it clearly states: “No registration, no B.S.”

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    Nothing your car specific forum won’t have answered already. Sometimes they include torque specifications where the paper manuals don’t.

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      These are OWNERS manuals, not repair manuals. No ft lbs in owner’s manuals, just general confusion, written by lawyers.

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        Exactly! I can understand not having time to search the respective car bulletin board, most of the searches get bogged down with peoples signatures, even googling a few source will give you insight.

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        and about 100 pages on how to work the infotainment system

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          Exactly, but they hide the important things! I spent about 15 minutes going through the manual for my rental Cruze trying to figure out how to open the fuel door. No release lever, it wasn’t a pull, and it wasn’t in any obvious place in the manual. You push the door, in case anyone was wondering.

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            Kyree S. Williams

            I also had a rental Cruze (two of them, in fact), and had this same issue. The push-to-open system (which is linked to the central-locking system) is the same as that of our 2005 Nissan Murano, and that’s the only reason I figured it out. Likewise, on our rental 2013 Malibu, I kept using the key fob to open the trunk, only later realizing that the tiny black button on the trunk itself was how it opened from the outside.

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      I’ve had the opposite experience the FSM is the best source of proper repair info. Never seen one that doesn’t have torque specs.

      Forums are full of repeated misinformation and people that have no clue how to read a wiring diagram.

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        I’m with this guy. I got a service manual for my pickup on cd. It has pictures on how to do everything, and i mean everything. Including torque specs. How to take apart the entire engine, the tolerances, oil capacity, suspension, etc.

        Ford just doesn’t include wiring diagrams but, i can get those for $15.

        I bought the cd from bishko books on ebay. Licensed ford product. They don’t shows the cd’s on their website but they do offer reproduction print manuals ( update the cds are shown on the website now ). Officially licensed too. But, they only carry old stuff for the most part.

        New repair manuals. Helm inc. is the place to get them but they can be spendy.

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    Nice project. I have been always irritated by the manufacturers who demand that you create an account, give up your email address, and sell your soul before they let you see the damn pdf manual.

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    Which car’s shifter is on the picture? I noticed it has this unusual pattern where the odd gears are at the bottom and even at the top.

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    A free website called JustGiveMetheDamnWiringDiagram would very possibly become my home page.

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      The Service manuals are a copyright issue, the makers want big $$ for them, though many have online access portals where you can buy brief access as you need it. There is a decent trade in PDF copies of service manuals illegal as it may be. Another benefit of old cars I have the paper manuals for my old Lexus bought off EBay for cheap.

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    Was very greatful to the site when I bought my Solstice two months ago. For as often as I dig thru the manual, a .pdf file is just fine.

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    The Internet is full of free stuff, as long as you’re willing to play dangerous. I go to zasshiko dot com for the latest Japanese magazines, but they try to bait you into downloading trojans along the way. Men’s Club and Men’s Ex finally become available in iBooks a month ago, so legitimate distribution is finally catching up with organized crime.

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    How is anyone supposed to have a hand dedicated to the shifter when they need it for their smartphone, their makeup, their iPad, their newspaper or their girlfriend/wife’s leg?

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    Had to pay $200 for an owner’s manual for the wife’s Porsche 996. Good on ‘um for providing this service.

    Paid $2-3 grand under market for a good looking and sounding but under-maintained example. After three years it has been about a wash – extra (deferred) maintenance versus lower initial cost.

    I think (with a newly installed proper IMS bearing) the little beast is now about up to snuff and good for another five years as a daily driver with just ordinary maintenance. Almost comically over-engineered, these things are f**king amazing as a used car. Top end new was 172 mph, maybe just a meager 160-65 mph now.

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