By on June 3, 2013

Our intrepid technical team will perform hardware maintenance tomorrow, Tuesday between  8am and 11am Eastern. TTAC will move to a standby server, while they replace hardware on the main server, vacuum the dust mites, lubricate the hard-drives, and whatever scheduled maintenance a server needs.

The techies “don’t expect it to cause issues,” but they want us to know nonetheless. Because the DNS is being switched, there may be timeouts and longer than usual lag times in some places. You have been warned.

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18 Comments on “Harware Meintence! Expect The Worst, Hope For The Best...”

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    Are the title typo’s intentional?

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    If you need a slight upgrade, you can call the LHS technical team.

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    I bet carsqa is having maintenance done, too, at exactly the same time.

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    I hope they realign the framistan dihedral circuits too.No point in doing stuff only half way…

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    While they’re at it get them to install a cold air intake. That should help with performance.

    We’re talking about a car, right?

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      I’ve read articles before that have suggested that if you use active cooling on a computer, you could overclock it with fewer consequences. YMMV.

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    Is this like a Toyota recall? Coffee and donuts complimentary?

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    Not sure your engine mech is real in that picture, the hands and fingernails are impossibly clean, and he no cuts and scrapes on his hands or arms.

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      He’s the “diagnostician”. The service manager NEVER allows photos of the grease monkeys with the battle scars, or customers would never let them work on their cars again.

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      A model, not a mech.

      In addition to the Cover Girl skin texture, there’s no development of the abductor digiti minimi nor any of the forearm muscles.

      A guitarist has tougher mitts.

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    Wish all mechanics were that cute.

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    You should get them to put a fartcan exhaust and a faux carbon fiber casing on those machines, instant increase of 10 horsepower, er, megahertz.

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    “Harware Meintence! Expect The Worst, Hope For The Best”

    That’s what I’m told everyday by my Golf. Das Auto Ya?!?

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    You should get them to put less crap on the main page, if you’re running an older computer or have a slow connection speed this site takes forever to download. I can sit here and watch my computer loading up all those Facebook plug-ins, and all the other crap at the top, side, and bottom of the pages and it’s ridiculous. Either you need a better graphics or website designer to streamline the main page layout, or you need to hide some of that junk on other pages. I don’t need to see a mfg’s logo for every car mfg listed under “Find car reviews by make”, and I don’t need to see the name of everyone who works for TTAC, and all that other stuff on the right side of the page, oh my God, seriously ?!. This post is #10, and it’s showing at the half way down point on the page, then I can keep scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling down the other half of the page past all that junk until I finally get to the bottom. Did your web page designers originally work on the Dead Sea Scrolls ?.

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